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Title: Hyaluronic Acid / bakers cyst
Post by: momkelly on August 29, 2007, 05:43:41 PM
Hi all,

I have a rather large baker's cyst.   and have had a meniscusectomy to remove the shredded strings that used to be part of my meniscus...   

prior to this my OS tried Hyaluronic Acid shots, the first shot was not bad and in fact after a day or so felt better.   the second shot was okay.. not nearly so good but okay.    The Third shot nearly killed me and he only got about half of it in.  I mean pain that came close to matching the pain in my other knee post hip surgery and it had to be broken loose and the Therapist forced my heal to my butt.. it worked but I thought she broke my knee..    well I thought he broke something in my knee.   and I have a high tollerance for pain.. so to set me to tears ...this was serious pain.    I could tell you about the trip home getting in and out of the Van.. .but that would take too long..    it is a funny story though painful...LOL

after that when I told him where the pain was still intense,  he decided I should have the meniscus surgery..    the scope also showed that I have pitting on the ends of the bones. 
so  all that done...   fluid drained twice since the surgery and a cortizone shot two weeks ago.  As a result inflamation is down and the bakers cyst is improving.   knee feels much better but keeps locking up..   apparently because of the above mentioned pitting

he is now thinking of the shots again when my 6 months is up..   which should be about the end of the year...

questions..   how many others have had this much pain when getting the shots?   not the needle going in.. that part is easy.. but the injection causing that much pain suddenly...about half way through.   

second if there is a bakers cyst  (mine is pretty large about the size of a goose egg or so)   what prevents the Hyaluronic Acid from leaking straight into the cyst?   or are they in two different places.. or compartments?     I know I sound dumb..  but I don't want to have that kind of pain again... and   if it just leaks to the cyst, whats the point?   

and after the shots if he drains fluid (which he did) does the Hyaluronic Acid that he put in the week before come out too?    sorry I'm so confused.   this knee stuff is new to me...    Hips I understand..  knees, not so much...LOL

 thanks in advance for any help

Title: Re: Hyaluronic Acid / bakers cyst
Post by: jathib on September 02, 2007, 09:42:36 PM
My third Synvisc injection was, by far, the most intensely painful shot I have ever had. My quads went into a spasm and the doctor couldn't get the needle out. If that had happened the first time I would never have opted for the next two shots. And they ended up being totally useless. I wouldn't recommend getting a second round much less the first. After my doctor finally got the needle out he knew I was in intense pain. I had a full day of work ahead of me. He just said, "You're gonna want to go home, I'm going to write you a note to get off work". He knew he hurt me bad.

I had a Baker's Cyst when I had my shots. Nothing leaked into there.
Title: Re: Hyaluronic Acid / bakers cyst
Post by: momkelly on September 05, 2007, 11:39:07 AM
thanks..   for the reply.    yeah.. they knew I was in serious pain and all he said to me is, first "what happened?"   thinking you tell me.     and "will you need crutches?"    I don't know..     

I could stand on it.. but I couldn't bend it.   Thank God it was the end of my day.. and I only had to get home.   It was my left knee so driving was not a huge issue.... though getting in my Van to get home was interesting...LOL   

Getting out was however harder once I got home...    and getting dressed was a problem the next morning.     but by the weekend I was getting around pretty good.      anyway that pain is enough to dread him doing it again.

Title: Re: Hyaluronic Acid / bakers cyst
Post by: subail on September 25, 2007, 05:35:49 PM
I had Synvisc injections that were difficult for the first hour but settled down after that. I don't know if you can get Duralane where you are but I liked it a lot better. One shot does it. The stuff is like injecting toothpaste but it worked for me...Sue
Title: Re: Hyaluronic Acid / bakers cyst
Post by: momkelly on September 26, 2007, 05:48:36 PM
well on injection sounds better than tree...   but not sure he uses duralane...    but i will ask.

this week has been hard.   was standing last thurs. and had weight on my knee and twisted at the same time.   
wasn't thinking just moved..    I have tought about it every day since.   have an apt on the 3rd so we'll see what he thinks..
the fluid is bad again and not really going down..  bakers cyst is  full and hard again.

so much fun.. . 

Title: Re: Hyaluronic Acid / bakers cyst
Post by: subail on September 27, 2007, 03:48:59 AM
Good luck momkelly...let us know if anything helps.../s
Title: Re: Hyaluronic Acid / bakers cyst
Post by: momkelly on October 10, 2007, 05:20:43 PM
Sorry so long getting back..   apt was the  3rd.. but was at a reenactment event for the weekend and my son is in Iraq and I have been having issues..   

anyway he drained the bakers cyst.. ... and put some courtizone in it..   and that seems to help.   the cyst isn't swelling..  and today I woke up and my knee almost looked normal.   and still looked good after I did all my morning stuff.    and that is before I put the compression wrap/ knee support on.  so that is an improvement. 

he said the arthritis is so bad that the next step is the hyaluronic acid shots again.    but that can't happen until Dec.   so we have to limp it along until then.     

I told him I was up for the shots but we would have to talk about the 3rd shot.    it felt like he broke my knee and he only got half of the 3rd one in...    I can't willing subject myself to that pain again..   

the only thing I can compair it to is when the therapist broke my locked knee loose 29 years ago..    and yeah.. I have a really good tollerance for pain.. but  that hurt!!!     and I just don't want to go there again willingly...  LOL 

so that is where I stand..     I have seen some improvement this week.. but I am trying to be careful too... so not sure.     have an excercise bike in the basement.. I need to put together and find a place to put it...  I hear that is a good way to rehab a knee..    hope so...  wanted one a year ago.. was going to be my birthday gift to me...    so it is my gift this year...   plan to be a thinner mom when my son gets home from Iraq next summer.

thanks for the support and in advance... thanks for any hints you all may have..   ideas....   thoughts on the subject...   ya know what I should do for my knee...