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Title: mri results
Post by: jennie-jack on August 28, 2007, 08:14:27 PM
i didnt get a copy of these so done remember most of it.
full thickness tear of the right acl
grade 1/2 sprain of the right mcl
then odeama and bruising to the bone surface or something. im sorry its vague.
am i in trouble.
Title: Re: mri results
Post by: jathib on August 29, 2007, 02:09:35 AM
You're not going to die if that's what you mean. The torn ACL is an issue that may require surgery. The other stuff will heal on its own.
Title: Re: mri results
Post by: jennie-jack on August 29, 2007, 12:32:16 PM
thank you for answering.
lol i know im not going to die.
i was thinking wether it would heal soon.
Title: Re: mri results
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on August 29, 2007, 12:53:38 PM
The ACL tear will not heal. You will have three options:

1. Go the conservative route - no operation lots of PT and training to build up the muscles around the knee to replace the function of the ACL. The ACL stabilizes the knee.

2. Wait and see - also involves PT and training then a decision is made based on your lifestyle, needs etc. Age alone has no relevance as to whether you are operated on or not.

3. Surgical replacement of the ACL. This usually takes place after the swelling has gone down so options 1 & 2 are usally your first steps. As to the type of replacement, there is a wealth of material here on the site which will explain the options. It depends on where you are in the world as to how many of the options are available, as well as the preferences of your surgeon and yourself.

The best advice we here can give is read up as much as you possibly can, prepare written questions for your specialist. Most important is not to despair as the injuries do not mean that you will have to undertake life changing decisions. You can return to sport - look at all the professionals who do that. Be positive but realistic, the recovery takes time and the path does not always run smoothly. But you will recover in the end.

The MCL will heal by itself but it also takes time. You'll probably have some meniscus trouble as well as the ACL/MCL injury usually involves some kind of twisting movement which results in some damage. This does not always show up on MRI and is only seen when they go in to sort out the ACL.

Welcome to the ACL Club - be prepared for a long haul and hope that it turns out to be shorter than some here. It isn't so bad and this site offers a lot of support and friendship from fellow sufferers.

Apart from the reference section, a poster here, Knee-Will-Be-Great, has a fabulous post op diary in the Cruciate Ligament section with loads of references and web links. I would advise reading through it sometime, once you know what your options are.

welcome on board

Sue  :D