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Title: Cracked Patella
Post by: harrycornbread on August 26, 2007, 06:35:57 PM
Hello, 6 weeks ago I had an accident where I hit my knee. 4 weeks after the incident I finally decided to go to the doctor and it showed I had cracked my patella about half the way through. He did not put me in a brace or anything, and the pain has gradually gotten worse over the last 2 weeks. Sometimes when I stand for a long period of time I have a hard time straightening my knee. I went back to the doctor on Thursday and he sent me for an MRI. I had an MRI on Friday, and I got to see it and I could still see a definite crack in my knee, but I won't know the other results until Monday. Just looking for any thoughts or comments from all of you who may have had this happen to you. I'm 23 and I don't want this to turn into big problems down the road.
Title: Re: Cracked Patella
Post by: SuzanneT on August 26, 2007, 07:26:50 PM
Hopefully, yours will be able to heal without surgery.  Mine was not serious enough to require it.  I'm guessing that you will need to take some weight off of that leg & maybe even wear a brace for a while.  Good luck!