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Title: conflicting advice from doctors on on my knee problems
Post by: impulse on August 15, 2007, 11:05:40 PM
About a year ago my left knee started popping every time I extended my leg (not extending like kicking a ball, but rather like pressing a pedal in a car). I have no idea what caused it and I don't remember any injury to it. This popping wasn't painful until 6 months later, when it became more intense. During this time the fat pad in my knee was swelling quite often. I went to an orthopedic doctor and had x-rays and an MRI done of my knee. Being uninsured (I live in the USA), I went with the much cheaper open MRI, which I later found out isn't as good as a closed MRI.  The x-rays were normal, but the MRI report said that I had a medial patella plica. On the followup visit to the doctor, he said that there was a large piece of scar tissue in my knee that developed from the plica, and said that I need arthroscopy surgery. Surgery would be quite expensive, thus I decided to get a second opinion from another ortho docter. When I showed the 2nd doctor the MRI images, he said that he couldn't find any plica and that other than the swollen fat pad, my knee looked normal. He even showed the MRI to another radiologist who also couldn't find anything wrong. So he told me to take some NSAIDs and ice my knee for a week, which I did to no success.

During the next couple weeks my right knee started popping and swelling as well.  My kneecap will move up when my knee pops.  When I stand or walk, it often feels like there is something squishy in my knees. Could this be the fat pad? My knees will also tire and ache from standing for short periods of time. They have become a little creaky and will occasionally bounce backwards too. Whats weird is that I can run ok, but standing or driving will hurt.

I went back to the 2nd doctor and he had my blood tested for a whole bunch of things. All the tests came back negative. The doctor then said that my knees appeared normal and that surgery isn't necessary. He told me that a closed MRI would better help him determine if there is  anything wrong with them.

What should I do? Does this sound like something a plica would cause?
Title: Re: conflicting advice from doctors on on my knee problems
Post by: DeborahinNC on August 16, 2007, 03:04:30 AM
Hi impulse,

I don't know much about plica - I should I had some removed on my last surgery but I don't.  If you can afford to do it I would go ahead and get the second MRI done (didn't know the closed was better than the open) and if needed see a 3rd OS.  Maybe you can get two opinions that match.  You may not.  Knee pains can be very frustrating as can getting the right diagnosis.  Sometimes it takes several visits.  You also need to really trust what your OS tells you.  You don't have to take it blindly but you do have to trust them.

Whatever you decide good luck and I hope this gets resolved quickly for you.

Be well,
Title: Re: conflicting advice from doctors on on my knee problems
Post by: Determined2Succeed on July 08, 2014, 02:16:21 AM
Hi impulse,
Have you made any progress on this?  I have symptoms that are very similar.