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Title: 19 year old lad only pain while kneeling + pics
Post by: luke320 on August 07, 2007, 02:12:56 PM
hello i'm a 19 year old lad, pretty skinny, and i've got some persisent health problems buggin me for years - dunno what they are yet though, exercise makes me feel bad simply put so i have to stop doing all exercise (i am seeing doctors about it). anyways, i had recorded a video of me doing some boxing on a punch bag sometime last year and i couldn't help but notice something is not quite right about my legs when i watched it again and i figure i'll make a thread and see if anyone can offer any input. there's some pics below of one leg - both legs look exactly the same.

standing2 - slightly bent my leg and my knee looks more normal
standing1 - trying to keep my leg as straight as possible
last two pics - trying to keep my leg as straight as possible - two different angles - look at the last picture! freaky

something i noticed is that... my sister's legs look nothing like this! but hey... i'm not too concerned if it's.. normalish, or at least nothing to be concerned about.

i will say that i've never experienced any pain or discomfort with my knees when i used to do exercise, but, in the past when i've had to kneel down for a few minutes my legs usually become incredibly stiff when i try to stand up, and i could only kneel down for a limited of time before i'd have to stand up due to discomfort. these days when i've tried kneeling down it does actually lead to pain in my knees, and i feel kinda bad physically afterwards (could be related to something else though). also i'm very inflexible behind the my knees it appears... when i attempted to stretch my hamstrings in the past i could not feel a stretch in them at all, i just felt the stretch behind my knees. notice how my lower leg looks a little displaced, there could be a connection....

so is this of any significance? you think it could even cause blood circulation problems!? i doubt it but... i figure it's worth asking.

thx for ur time!
Title: Re: 19 year old lad only pain while kneeling + pics
Post by: luke320 on August 07, 2007, 03:24:05 PM
13 views yet no one has an opinon? if i saw those legs on someone else i would be like.... "whoa you're right bro, that does not look right... maybe you should get a second opinon??" i mean i'm a guy you don't have to worry about being sensitive around me. i was very tempted to bring this up next visit to the doctor, but i figure i'll ask on the internet and i won't have to worry about putting him in an awkward position.
Title: Re: 19 year old lad only pain while kneeling + pics
Post by: tanyap on August 07, 2007, 03:44:10 PM
hi luke,
ill refer you to your second post on this topic: get a second opinion!!!
if you feel something is not right and you have pain from kneeling and you think your legs dont look right - then see a doctor.
i looked at your pics but im no expert - but you are an expert in how your own legs look - did they used to look different?

what is it that prompted you to come to this site - is it just the pain from kneeling?
Title: Re: 19 year old lad only pain while kneeling + pics
Post by: luke320 on August 07, 2007, 04:22:41 PM
hello.. thx for the reply!

well you see, i was kinda vague in the first post but i'm having all kinds of health problems and well... i've looked up countless related diseases, being to doctors, specalists, got many blood tests, etc, and they cannot identify any condition (i got problems with fatigue, exercise intolerance, rapid heart rate, yada yada).

i'm not in any pain and blood tests seem normal, which is why doctors don't seem to be too concerned, even though i'm restricted to sitting on a chair all day staring at a computer screen since any kind of physical activity makes me feel even worse - walking around for short periods of time doesn't seem to affect me too much. i guess i'll need to do a better job explaining how bad i feel at my next visit.

anyways, i guess there is a tiny minute chance that my health problems could stem from, what i consider to be leg abnormality present in both legs, but maybe i'm just being crazy, but the fact that i do experience pain while kneeling down indicates something is not right, so that's why i'm here on this website, i've kinda run outta other options for the time being, this is the only part of my body where i experience pain from doing a normal activity like kneeling down.

i don't wanna go to hassle of booking an appointment, getttin my mom to drive me in, waiting around, and being told there's nothing wrong with my legs they're just a little funny looking heh.. so if someone could reply with a little more assertiveness and say there could very well be a problem i'd appreciate it!
Title: Re: 19 year old lad only pain while kneeling + pics
Post by: Berta on August 07, 2007, 05:29:48 PM
Hi Luke, how are you today?

The problem here is two fold, you haven't got many answers, because it's difficult to answer, remeber that for the most part the people on this board are knee sufferers, not knee fixers, so we become experts on our own problems, and try and help people along who seem to have the same.

The second problem is it's just about impossible to say if there is anything wrong from your photos, if I posted pictures of my sons feet, you would say 'funny looking feet, I'd get them checked out' in fact that's the feet he was born with, odd looking, but perfectly functional, and unique to him. Your knees are unique to you, you have lived with them for 19 years, and are the only living expert on them. If there has been a change in them, and it worries you, that is a very valid reason to visit the doctor and ask for advice, so don't woryy about wasting anyones time. If you're not sure if they have changed, and if they are not causing a lot of pain, then there is no rush on getting them looked at, just keep it in mind and get them looked at when you are next at the docs for any reason.

It's possible that your legs are changing because you can't exersise to much, so spend some time finding out what stretching and strengthening exersises that you can do. Pain, stiffness trouble kneeling could all be a fitness related issue

Title: Re: 19 year old lad only pain while kneeling + pics
Post by: poisson on August 07, 2007, 06:05:41 PM
Can't really tell anything from your pics - I presume that you took them yourself judging by the angle they are taken from . They don't give any real impression of any deformity. It would be better to get pics from a straight ahead and lateral view taken at a bit more distance and parallel to the legs rather than obliquely. To be honest to me they look pretty normal, but that may just be the particular views.
I would tend to agree with rm185 - if your knees have changed significantly then maybe it is worthwhile discussing it with someone professional, but I would wonder whether your knees are a side effect of your exercise problem rather than anything else more serious. I don't think you need worry about circulation problems anyway, and I don't think your legs are the cause of your other problems either.
Title: Re: 19 year old lad only pain while kneeling + pics
Post by: lisal11 on August 07, 2007, 07:26:31 PM
Nothing odd seems to jump out at me when looking at your pictures, but then I'm not a doctor. I would say to see an OS about your knees if you've been having problems with them for years.

As for other conditions (fatigue, etc..) I would see an endocrinologist to re-evaluate your blood work and perhaps a pulmonologist to check out your lungs. There are several endo and pulmo conditions that can cause those symptoms.

Could your knees and the other conditions be related? Perhaps... some auto-immune disorders can cause your knee and fatigue symptoms in unison. Once again... I would advise seeing a professional.
Title: Re: 19 year old lad only pain while kneeling + pics
Post by: luke320 on August 07, 2007, 07:37:47 PM
hi thx for the replies!

alright i gave things some thought and i guess it was just one of my paranoid moments earlier hah... i took some pics from more appropriate angles and it doesn't look as bad... my knee just seems to bulge at little at the bottom when i'm standing straight, and the tibia bone doesn't seem to be perfectly straight when as makes it's connection to the femur bone... but hey i shouldn't complain since i have no knee/leg related problems during exercise, and i could always move around better then other people when i used to do boxing... all i gotta do is... avoid kneeling.

this dang condition is making me think crazy thoughts hah... but hopefully the problem will be identified in the coming weeks.

but in any case, whatever is wrong with me has absolutely nothing to do with my knees or legs it would seem.... so therefore this thread is completely irrelevant to anyone so an admin should prolly delete it

see ya