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Title: just out of sugery
Post by: kaie10 on July 29, 2007, 02:18:11 PM
well, i had my fulkerson ostoetomy and scope done last thursday- its sunday and im still in the going home in about an hour. the doctor said that they surgery went excellent, they had to move the bone a little further than they anticipated...but he said it will be great once itis healed.  the pain coming out of surgery was bad- i cried, and then they hooked me up to a morphine drip and all i did was get sick for a day...then they put me on pain pills instead and ive done great ever since. i honestly dont have much pain other than when i actually get up and walk with the crutches or go to the bathroom. i mean i can feel pain all the time but for the most part, the pain pills cover it great...but i can tell when im due for another dose. i will have a nurse that comes to my house everyday and d0es physical therapy and helps me do things...

all in all, thus far, im glad i had this surgery...anyone who is having this procedure done and has any questions, feel free to ask.
Title: Re: just out of sugery
Post by: JMCDERMO on July 29, 2007, 03:20:21 PM

I'm a new member.  This is my first posting.  What is this surgery for?
Title: Re: just out of sugery
Post by: natureofall on July 30, 2007, 02:46:38 AM
Hi Kaie,
I am going to be having the fulkerson and a lateral release done on Tuesday... I am really worried and any advice would be good..  Are you bending your knee already?
Title: Re: just out of sugery
Post by: kaie10 on July 30, 2007, 05:43:17 AM
hello. well i had my surgery last thursday and its sunday now...i came out of the surgery and i was crying because i was really uncomfortable...i had a lot of pain meds while i was in the hospital...i was in the hospital until this morning- i will honestly say that the pain at first sucks but after like the first day its bad but not unbearable bad. i went into with so many fears and now i am at home, and im instructed to use my cructhes everwhere and i have but i find myself putting more weight on it than i was told to, its not so bad right now. i mean the uncomfortable leg brace that im in is the worst part...its hard to sleep with, but like i said, your fears going in are going to be a lot worse than what its going to turn out to be.  im not bending my knee right now, its impossible, but i do have a nurse who will be coming to my house everyday for therapy. it hurts to sit without it being propped up, so be sure you have footstools and your gonna have to ride in the backseat of your car...with your leg out next to you on the seat, and i bought this commode thing that goes over my toilet cause its not easy to sit that low down on a toilet, so i bought this and its sooo much easier, it goes in my shower too. if you have any other questions please ask...hope i can help.

Title: Re: just out of sugery
Post by: kaie10 on July 30, 2007, 05:46:20 AM
i just saw that you have an AIM name... instead of writing me back here, write me on AIM at rocknitblonde7    i am always on, sometimes have an away msg up, but im always on...
Title: Re: just out of sugery
Post by: lener on August 04, 2007, 02:29:48 AM
Hi Katie,
I am glad that your surgery went well. Sorry to hear that you were in pain for awhile until you got your meds straightened out.
I went today for my 6 week checkup and things are going real well. I am still on crutches, but can put 50 to 75 lbs. of weight on my right leg. Next week I will be on one crutch for three weeks with 100 lbs of weight on my right leg. I also start PT, so I can get back my full extension of my leg. I only have to wear my brace when I leave the house.