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Title: knee dislocation recovery
Post by: scot steve on July 23, 2007, 06:14:29 PM
Hi there i'm new to this site and not really sure where to post my query!! I would like to hear from people who have had a similar injury as myself so i know what i can expect in the coming months or years.
I dislocated my knee on April 21st this year playing football(soccer), and was had surgery 10 days later to reconstruct my ACL and PCL which was by way of a hamstring graft. i have not long been doing light Physio but am away to step it up bit this week i believe.
It would be good if i could hear from anyone who has gone through this to give me an idea of what i can aim for. The physios have said the aim is to get back to work and to "some sort of sport" which is all well and good but when i ask about football seem to be a bit less confident.
I look forward to any replies which will be gratefully received!!!!!!
Title: Re: knee dislocation recovery
Post by: tanyap on July 25, 2007, 10:17:10 AM
hi there,
all i can say is - everyones knees are different, everyones recovery times are different, and everyone has different complications (or lack thereof!!).
so im so sorry - but its practically impossible to give you a 'recovery timeline'.

the physios are covering themselves right now - its early days, it wouldnt be fair if they said you could go back to football and then for it to turn out you couldnt. its probably too early for them to tell really.

one useful question for the physio is 'how am i doing compared to other people with similiar injury?' - that might give you an indication of where you are?

keep at it!! i hope you have a great recovery.
Title: Re: knee dislocation recovery
Post by: scot steve on July 25, 2007, 01:01:54 PM
thanks for replying Tanyap.I wiil ask that question(should have already i suppose!), although i believe its an uncommon injury(dislocation). Im just confused as i was told my op was a success and there wasnt nearly as much damage as there could have been and at my first ACL group therapy 2day others who had similar ops weeks after me have been at this group for weeks already,although their injuries werent caused by dislocation.Got to see my consultant next week so maybe things will become a bit clearer.
Thanxs again for replying!!!!
Title: Re: knee dislocation recovery
Post by: tanyap on July 25, 2007, 03:04:25 PM
so many different things can happen to knees - its very difficult to find someone who has had the same experience as you.

Ive had hundreds of dislocations. The first was the worst - but I didnt damage ACL/PCL like you did. If they think the surgery was a success then thats a good thing!! You can expect your knee to be sore for quite a while - your body doesnt like when your patella decides to relocate itself elsewhere - coming out of the capsule causes all sorts of sore bits. Then a surgery is going to create all sorts of other sore bits!!

Make a list of questions for your consultant.
Most important is to ask him - what kind of function should you expect to regain, what kind of timeframe does he envisage for recovery(but be aware that will probably be a guesstimate on his part), what should you NOT do. Also ask him about any other damage caused by the dislocation - besides the ligament damage - and if there may be any long term effects. 
Are you relatively fit and healthy otherwise? I think youll make a good recovery - a dislocation IS unusual - but in a lot of cases there is one and then it gets better and then thats it.

About your ACL group therapy - dont worry - how they manage the first dislocation is most important to whether or not it might happen again - it would have been very important for you to not do anything too soon or youd risk more damage.

If its any help to you I was 2/3 months recovering from my first dislocation (but I didnt have the kind of ligament damage you did) - youve probably gotten over the dislocation at this stage - its the ligament reconstruction/surgery that youre recovering from.

Have a look around this site - might give you some guidance as to what to ask the consultant.
Title: Re: knee dislocation recovery
Post by: scot steve on July 25, 2007, 03:43:01 PM
Thanks for taking time out to answer again Tanya :). Maybe there is a better medical term for my dislocation?? In actual fact there was no problem at all with my patella. it was a case of fibia/tibia slipping out in front of my femur.If theres a better technical term maybe i could find similar cases.

Cheers Steve.
Title: Re: knee dislocation recovery
Post by: tanyap on July 26, 2007, 09:44:06 AM
hi Steve,
all i can say is ------- OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that sounds very painful!!! you poor thing!!

i dont know what the technical term for that is - but here is a link you might find interesting:

That definitely sounds like a freak injury!!! Maybe if you search this site for PCL/ACL injuries you might get some interesting info?

I thought of another question for your consultant - speak to him about your goals (not on the football pitch :) - its important that he knows where you want to be when you are recovered - so that you both sing off the same hymn sheet as it were. Theres no point in him thinking youre going to be happy to be just able to walk when in reality you want to be able to play football - you know? Talking to him about goals will give him the oportunity to tell you where HE thinks youre recovery will go. It is still early days though - that was a nasty injury you had, and then with a surgery on top of it - you will need plenty of time to get better.

Title: Re: knee dislocation recovery
Post by: scot steve on July 28, 2007, 12:46:39 PM
HI Tanya,

Cheers for that, that link confirmed that there was to be no weight bearing for at least 6 weeks so thats put my mind at rest a bit at the length of time i was left without seeing someone. I was confused cos the day i was released from the hospital the physios were saying i should be walking unaided in 2 weeks then i was left without physio 8 weeks! lack of comunication between surgeon and physios but no one says "i got it wrong" so your left wondering a bit. But thats enough moaning from me cos im sure your knees have gave you far more probs than mine ever will, but hopefully not so much  in the future.

Thanxs again, Steve.
Title: Re: knee dislocation recovery
Post by: tanyap on July 30, 2007, 09:16:30 AM
hi steve,
sometimes they just gotta leave you alone to let the body heal for a few weeks before you need to see someone again.
hope your physio is going well, ive often found a dreadful lack of communication between different physios/doctors - it happens!!
hope you get on good with your consultant appointment this week - let us know how you go.