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Title: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: dmax5705 on July 20, 2007, 12:19:11 AM
been watching this board for everyone's feedback on their injections so thought I should post mine.
My history is 2 meniscus repair surgeries (rt knee) and 2 years of "rehab" have left me able to run  just ok
but not get back to playing soccer regularly without build up of pain and swelling that eventually forces me to stop
for a few weeks. Xray show I have good separation in my right knee. 45yrs old. male.

Doc finally recommended  orthovisc (or synvisc) to see how it works. Ordered orthovisc from canada to save major $$$.

1st injection was 2 days ago and I do notice a difference. I have not played soccer yet which will
be the toughest test but my knee now moves more fluidly running, pain is lessen as well. One other litmus
test has been the quad stretch [where one pulls your foot back toward your buttocks]. I can get a little
futher, maybe total 5-6in away, but the main difference is when I release after 15secs..... Up until 3 days
ago I would release and my knee would need to time to uncoil slowly with discomfort. Now, the knee
uncoils almost as easily as my "good" knee (good being a relative term). This is a definite difference
as I've never been able to do that. I have had on rare occasions felt good running but never uncoiling
from this stretch.

Overall I am very hopefully after only 1 injection. I do not know if this will do the trick for soccer or not
but we'll see.

The injection itself was barely noticeable and I did not feel in heaviness in the joint. I did run a mile on
the treadmill and 20min on bike about 3 hrs after. no issues. ran(20mins),bike(20mins) next morning and 2 days later and
still seems fine although had a slight pain below kneecap for about 0.25miles. run motion still much more fluid.

I'll post more over next few weeks.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: dmax5705 on July 23, 2007, 07:46:24 PM
7/23/07: Its been a very good 6 days. Rt knee seems to continue to feel good although I would not say it has improved much since Day 1 which means that the improvement I saw from the 1st injection happened within 24hrs and has stayed the same. However, I have been running 2-3 miles at sub8min/mile pace. biking for 20mins hard, and weightlifting including doing 420lb leg press. Quad stretches still remain very good as I now I feel like I am actually stretching my quad instead of hitting the wall of my knee's resistance to bending. Have not played soccer but hope to start around Day 10-12 (after 2nd injection but before 3rd injection).
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: dmax5705 on July 26, 2007, 09:25:23 PM
7/25/07: Had my 2nd injection and this time it was sort of uncomfortable but not too bad. Felt some pressure as it went in.

In the 36hr since my knee is still feeling good but perhaps not quite as good as day 2-6. Quad stretches are still going well. running still feels better.

Overall, a very good improvement since before the 1st injection but perhaps off of its peak improvement? Have not played soccer which will be the toughest test but plan to this weekend.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: dmax5705 on August 07, 2007, 07:51:47 PM
Prior to 3rd injection on 7/31 I played soccer and it did not go well.
I did not use any NSAIDs. Knee just hurt and did not feel comfortable
sprinting and cutting. Usually this meant my knee would get nice
and swollen by that night or next day but it didn' at least thats something?
7/31: had the 3rd injection. no pain or anything. Since then I continue to run,
bike, swim, wieghtlift.
Overall my knee does feel better and more fluid. It can bend more as well.
thats all good. If also never aches at night, thats even better.
I still don't know if it will ever really let me play soccer but so far for everyday
life and running, etc it has seemed to help during this 4 weeks.
I'll post again in another few weeks as hopefully the knee will continue to improve.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: dmax5705 on August 30, 2007, 09:28:27 PM
1 month has passed since my last injection of Orthovisc. My range of motion is much improved. My quad stretch is actually a quad stretch still and not limited by knee i think. My knee feels much more fluid than it ever has in the past 3 years when running hard. I have only played soccer 3 times since and while I have not been able to play discomfort free I have not gotten any swelling after either. In all, I still think I have seen some improvement over the past 1 month. My knee is at the point where I think the $250 out of pocket has been worth it. If I can play soccer better then it will be well worth it.
I'll check back in another month or so.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: DeniseC on September 01, 2007, 06:49:51 AM
Hi dmax - Good for you!  Sheesh, running and playing soccer.  Well done.  Glad to know that the injections were so effective.  Yes, well worth $250.  Keep doing well.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: whitey85 on January 16, 2008, 07:48:43 PM
hi dmax...
i know it's been awhile since you posted..but i thought i would check in to see how it was going?  i have a similar history...44yrs. old...runner, soccer...2 surgeries...but i know it is bone on bone...and i was going to have an osteotomy..but the lateral side was found to also be over 75% worn down...they told me the only option left was  a TKR...but for now, they suggested the orthovisc..
I have not been able to run a step for over a is out of the question :(...that is what i miss the most.  My damage might be worse than yours...but anyway..i am starting my series on the 24th..we shall see.
hope yours is still feeling ok!
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: dmax5705 on March 06, 2008, 02:51:14 AM
been a long time since I updated this. Pretty much the same story. I have been able to return to soccer & some running (I usually try spinning/biking in between more often). It certainly seems they have helped as this last 6 months has been much better than any previous 6 months the past 4 years. I also went back and had another round of injections in January just to be on the safe side. For those I did not notice much difference really but then again I was at a much better spot.

whitey85, as for soccer I try to not kick the ball real hard with my right unless I really have to. that also seemed to help minimize post game/practice swelling. however, i am slowly building that back up to no self imposed restrictions and maybe its going ok. Don't know if this will help you as running is a problem for you at this point. good luck w/orthovisc, hope it improves things for you.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: whitey85 on March 21, 2008, 02:16:49 PM
hi dmax...thanks for the reply.  i have not been back on the site in a bit.  I finished my injections a few weeks ago....not much difference yet :(  i've been trying to get to the gym 5 days a week but am limited to the elliptical machine...not quite the same as running...and  I still get pain.   I do not think I will ever see any running again...two steps of pounding and ouch!  oh well... i'll try to post here when  i get a chance.... i'm glad you seem to be having some success.  Good luck with soccer etc ;D

Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: moon on March 31, 2008, 04:07:10 PM
the one thing i would like to add about the injections( beside being a knee saver for me) is that my dr. knows me, all to well, after injections some go on with their day, he had me go home, , take the afternoon off, elevate, ice, let the goo set in and find a new home in the joints, i found as usuall my OS was right on the money, they seemed to last longer and give better results, hope the hint can help some of you who are going through the injections, moon
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: dmax5705 on July 08, 2008, 11:25:34 PM
After injections in Jan 2008, things went well. running, playing soccer. overall ok with knee.
in mid may is started to worsen however. kept on exercising but needed more advil, etc to manage pain/swelling.
Am starting a new round of Orthovisc treatments as they seem effective for me but I apparently need
to move from every 5-6 months to every 4-5 months.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: Plumb on July 09, 2008, 03:09:22 AM
:)  I am glad it is working for you.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: lady on July 28, 2008, 01:10:57 AM
Can you have orthovisc injects more frequently than synvisc injectins. I was told after 6months from last shot.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: dmax5705 on July 29, 2008, 12:21:04 AM
At my last visit I asked my doc if I can just show up every 4-5 months
to get the orthovisc injections and he agreed since they seem to be working for
me and I am now on my 3rd round. I don't know if synvisc should be any
different than orthovisc in that regard but I am no doctor  :D

anyway, tomorrow is my last visit for this series of orthovisc treatments.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: lady on February 18, 2009, 01:12:16 AM
I'm now trying the orthovisc injections. I had 2 series of synvics. The second series I had some strange reactions so my doc decided not to do the last shot. I had no relief infact I am worse off then I was last year. I'm crossing my fingers orthovisc works better. Has anyone had synvisc and orthorvics? And what was your experience if you had both. Thanks
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: SarahMN on February 18, 2009, 03:17:39 AM
I had Synvisc and not a good reaction.  The fat pad on the inside of my leg swelled by the 3rd injection, and stayed that way for 6+ months.  It did nothing for my pain, but made my knees hurt more.

My reaction did not show up at the first injection round.  But by the 2nd, and definitely after the 3rd, it went bad with knee and fat pad swelling and a lot of pain.

I am glad to hear that someone did get a good reaction from Orthovisc.  I know about 6 aging athletes like me, and none of us have had good results or luck with Synvisc.  Maybe Orthovisc is different. 

I have read that a few people get good results w/Synvisc, but for me it was a major pain problem and was long lasting in my knees.  It did wear off but took a long while.   
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: Lea50 on February 21, 2009, 07:11:54 PM
I had 1 synvisc and 1 orthvisc injection.  Neither worked.  Very bad reactions.  Did not have the 3rd.  I have had continued weakness in my leg, quad muscle and knee since the injections.  I was wondering if anyone has experienced this?  I just realized today I've had this and its been getting worse since the injections.  Any thoughts??? 

Thanks,  Lea
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: neuf350z on March 25, 2009, 10:38:02 PM
the one thing i would like to add about the injections( beside being a knee saver for me) is that my dr. knows me, all to well, after injections some go on with their day, he had me go home, , take the afternoon off, elevate, ice, let the goo set in and find a new home in the joints, i found as usuall my OS was right on the money, they seemed to last longer and give better results, hope the hint can help some of you who are going through the injections, moon

Good advice!  Wish my doctor had suggested this for me because I've been finding that I get the shot, go back to work, walk around, and am uncomfortable.  It makes sense to rest and ice it since a foreign substance was just shot into your body with a large needle.  Of course, it makes sense at this moment now that my knee is swollen and I've learned the hard way.  Sometimes I don't even listen to myself.  :D
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: lady on March 27, 2009, 02:06:09 AM
I go for my first shot of a series of 3 tomorrow at 8 a.m. Oh gee I can't wait. lol. I wish I could take the day off but I can not. I am prepared to take it easy as much as possible. I'm a preschool teacher and it is very hard to take days off and not leave the school short staffed, plus I'm a control freak. One good thing is I have an unloader and I'm hoping it helps, but I'm worried it one of the pads on it will rub the injection site and bother.

If I feel working was not a good idea (as I already think its not) I'm going to try to get the next one off. I did work it out so that the 3rd shot was on Good Friday and I already have that off. One big complaint about my knee is that it affects so much of my life including my job and responsiblities. Having to be late for work and possible not go in at all is so NOT OKAY with me. I also have soccer pracitce on these days but had to cancel and have 2 games the morning after 2 of the shots. Man its a bummer. God I hope its worth it!!! cross your fingers for me. Maybe your toes too! :)

Good advice as usual on this website. Thanks again.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: yzenabi on January 31, 2011, 09:49:46 PM
Dmax5705  Where from Canada did you get the Orthovisc?  My insurance does not cover it and I've found that its really expensive here in the states.  Thank you
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: KimmyZ05 on February 09, 2011, 12:09:15 AM
I am new here. I am 28 years old. I have had a total of 6 surgiers on my knee. My left I have had 5. You can see what I have had all done. My right knee is just fine. I have gone to a few doctors and I am keep getting told that It am too young for a replacement. And that really there isnt much more they can do for me. I just saw a new doctor today and he is letting me try the
Orthovisc. I would love to hear what everyone has to say about this.
I am 28 I am very active but the knee pain has been stopping me from being a normal active 28 year old. The whole knee hurts not just one area. I know that I have bone on bone.

Thanks for the help I cant to hear from everyone.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: skierboy on March 23, 2011, 04:52:11 PM
Since I've had three series of three hyaluronic acid injections ove the past 18 months or so, I guess I have some competence to respond here.  For me, the injections have been very helpful.  They have given me the extra lubrication I need in my left knee after two surgeries, including a microfracture.  I have been told that these injections are very helpful for some people and give others no relief at all.  And some people have an allergic reaction to them.  If you tend to be allergic to egg products, these types of injections are probably something you should avoid.  One of my orthopedic surgeons will not give Synvisc injections because of the increased risk of allergic reaction to this product, which is directly derived from chicken combs, I understand.  Other products, such as Hyalgan and Euflexxa, are made with synthetic hyaluronic acid and thus avoid the chicken/egg allergy risk.  But some of the results of Synvisc appear to be better.  Pick your poison.  I was able to get three Synvisc injections from another orthopedic surgeon I work with (hey, don't you have a "team" of these guys yet?), and I had no adverse reactions.  I had injections of Euflexxa a half year or more earlier, and that helped as well. So if you are some months post operative and your knee begins to grind a bit or feel "rusty", these injections are something you should consider.

For me, for example, glucosamine and chondroitin did no good whatsoever, even though I took them for several years.  Other people I know swear by them.  One of the keys here is figuring out what works for you--which may not be what works for others you know.

Final comment:  I agree with those who say take it easy for 24 hours after an injection.  If there is 6 months of "good" you can get out of these shots, don't screw it up by forcing the injection out of the knee before it can be properly absorbed & distributed.  Sometime we are our own worst enemy.
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: Lottiefox on March 23, 2011, 06:42:52 PM
Euflexxa works for me too. About 5-6 weeks post shot I find my knees feel way better - can bike longer, stand up in pedals, bend down more easily - etc. I have mild to moderate OA behind both kneecaps and on medial compartment left knee too. I get about 4-5 months out of them. I agree with the take it easy for 24 hours or so. I did too much too soon this time being all cocky, and my one knee went red and was puffy for a few days. After my first round I did very little in the way of exercise for 3 days. Pedalling hard 24 hours after dual shots this time was not good. I shall be redoing them around June this year. Definitely worth a try I think.  :)
Title: Re: Orthovisc injection story
Post by: skierboy on August 29, 2011, 10:24:01 PM
Well, it's time to update my earlier report done on this topic thread back in March of 2011.  Unfortunately the news is not good.

I did a series of Synvisc injections back in March.  I may have done an earlier series six months before that.  No problems, and they helped greatly in terms of lubricating the joint.  Several weeks ago when I had the first of a new series of Synvisc injections, I had to take a few aspirin that evening to sleep comfortably.  The knees had swollen a bit.  Last Thursday I got follow-on injections in both my knees, and by that evening I could barely walk.  I thought for awhile that I would be awake with the aching pain (particularly in my arthritic left knee) all night, but a couple of Aleve pills got me through the night.  I found, however, that I could only really sleep on my stomach.  For some reason keeping the knee caps pressed onto the bed really reduced the throbbing in the joint.

It is now the following Monday, and I can still barely walk around.  There is clearly a lot on inflammation in each knee joint, esp. the left one.  It is a different kind of inflammation than that caused by arthritis itself, but the net effect is much the same.

It appears that one can have no problem with Synvisc and then have an allergic reaction to the avian elements of the stuff come on months or years later when getting later injections.  What a shame.  I had taken Orthovisc originally and then switched to Synvisc since I did not think I would have any problems with avian byproducts.  That was true at the time -- but it ain't any longer!

Needless to say, I am not going to get any more of these Synvisc injections.  I only hope that I can return back to Orthovisc or an equivalent artificial hyaluronic acid product each six months to help keep my knees lubricated and w/o any adverse reaction to the injections.

What a bummer!

If you are taking Synvisc and are having no adverse reactions, lucky you.  But be sure to monitor your body's reactions carefully.  And if you find you are developing a sensitivity to the product, be very, very careful.  The body's adverse reaction to such an injection grows geometrically, not arithmetically, so your next experience with the product could be a whopper!