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Title: Injection #1 done this week
Post by: DeniseC on July 13, 2007, 05:32:04 AM
Well, I'm going into my second series of 5 injections.  Last time it was Hyalgen, this time Supartz.  I have my 5 appointments set up, bright and early every Monday AM for 5 weeks, the first one this past Monday.  It seemed like it hurt more than before as the medication was going in - lots of unappealing pressure inside the joint, which gives me the willies.  Used ice in the car on the way to work that AM and kept some ice on it off and on for a couple of hours.  By the mid afternoon I already could feel the increased "cushion" between my bones.  By the next day I realized I was walking along and actually not thinking about my knee.  Still have creaky pain and glitchy stuff floating around that catches here and there, but generally I don't have the grinding bone on bone stuff.  This is good.  Makes it worth the needle in the knee trauma...or at least I'm focusing on the positive result and trying not to think about the shots.  I can barely stay in the room while waiting for them!  (weinie.)  Nice to have some hope.
Title: Re: Injection #1 done this week
Post by: Nettan on July 13, 2007, 07:11:16 AM
Denise, good to hear that you have gotten relief already. You have to think in a month no more needles. Good luck !!
Title: Re: Injection #1 done this week
Post by: lozzie on July 13, 2007, 04:14:12 PM
Hi Denise,

I'm like you, both times I've had the Hyalgan I can barely contain myself in the waiting room, and the period between the previous patient leaving and me going in for the jabs is an anxious nightmare! I'm so glad they're working for you though, and remember, if you're feeling this much relief after one, imagine how it'll be when you're finished!

Title: Re: Injection #1 done this week
Post by: DeniseC on July 15, 2007, 08:36:07 PM
The cushiony sensation is totally gone now - but it lasted for about four days.  Hope it happens each time.  Tomorrow is #2 and I plan to premedicate...
Title: Re: Injection #1 done this week
Post by: DeniseC on July 25, 2007, 05:00:40 AM
Well, I had #3 yesteday in both knees. The second shots hurt, and didn't do much for my thinking about the positive, either - no demonstrable change while after #1 I felt some cushioning.  Yesterday because I've developed a tender bruise at the initial injection site used for the first two shots my MD hunted around for another site, more lateral, maybe that's good.  But #3 hurt too and in fact I had a lovely moment between the to shots where I burst into tears.  >:( - I hate that!!!  It happens when I have a combination of anxiety & pain.  Used to cry when I went to the dentist.   Half embarassing, half a relief.  Then last night I used ice and kept the knees up after going to the gym and only doing upper body.  But I'm feeling more relief and cushioning today.  So I guess I'll go back for #4.  Premedication doesn't help much, if you're me, apparently.  So far it's maybe worth it to get these.  If it buys me lubricated joints on my vacation (Alaska cruise) in Sept., I'm a happy girl.  Once I get through them.