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Title: This is me
Post by: Amanda1975 on July 10, 2007, 09:47:24 PM

I thought I tell you a little about myself, not that its fantastically interesting, but I seem to kill threads when I join in and figure that it might be because I'm new and you don't know me.

I'm Amanda, 32, married and have 2 great kids, Daughter aged 6 and Son aged 4.

I work from home as a book-keeper, which happened because of my knee.  I did work in retail but my knee started giving me some problems so whilst waiting for the Dr and the NHS to do something about it I retrained as a book-keeper.  The retail job involved a lot of standing and walking around so had to give that up.

I eventually found out that I had a malaligned knee cap, needing a lateral release.  When they finally started the op they discovered that the rest of the menisci were pretty raggy and some of it was missing altogether from the back of my knee cap, so a microfracture, tidy up and lateral release were what I needed.

I enjoy reading, though don't get much time for that as I am also studying the next level up in bookkeeping, so with that, 2 kids, work and a home to run I don't really get a lot of spare time.

I like a variety of different types of music, from Katie Melua to Scissor Sisters.

I am rambling now.

Thats me what about you??

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Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 10, 2007, 11:19:39 PM
 :D Hi Amanda and welcome to this very special club!

I'm Martha and I'm 38 years old and live in Arizona - where it's been nice and toasty (110 degrees). I have a 4 year old son, a wonderful hubby and an English Bulldog. I work in a hospital - but am on the non-clinical/support services side. Because I was on vacation when I did this, I haven't been in the office since the lasts week of April.

Since I'm non-weight bearing (NWB) for almost 10 weeks I've been on the computer a lot more and have read a ton of books. I'm to start walking next week - with 25% of my body weight. I can hardly wait!

This web site has been a life-saver for me as it's answered a ton of questions and helped me realize I'm not alone in what I'm going through.

Take care, Martha
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Post by: Berta on July 11, 2007, 02:39:05 AM
Hi Amanda,
I'm Denny and I live out on the prairies in Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm coming up to my 21st birthday (for the 29th time, do the maths, I can't say that number outloud) next month. My husband Jim and I moved out here in October 05, from the west country in the UK. I have a 29 year old son, David,  in the UK still and our youngest, John, 25 has moved out here with us.

We came out here to farm, but since my knee has been playing up I've not been able to help much, so we're really glad that John is here to help with the work.

I've been telling everyone that my knee problems started in November after a day at a big indoor agricultural event, thought it was just straun of s;ow walking and standing about every day. It was only recently when I offered to go to our off farm grazing to check the cows, because the boys were busy, that I remebered that in the fall last year, I went down there to check the fence lines and fell down a big hole. I was lying on the floor, with my leg down a hole, holding our little pup, trying to shout at the cows, and my cell was in the truck. I finally managed to get sorted and get home, the knee was sore then, but must of eased off, and I forgot about it ;D ;D ;D

Any way didn't get round to seeing the doc until January, still thought it would go away, since then have had x rays and ultra sound, but don;t avtually get to see an OS until September, all I know so far is that I have a large Bakers Cyst and a very swollen knee and lower leg, that is always a little painful, and is sometimes very painful. I now realise that the NHS isn't as bad as I thought it was!

What is your story with your knee?

Hi Martha, mmm Arizona, we were lucky enough to visit there a few years back, it was winter time and it was lovely, I don't know if I could cope with the summers though, we've had a couple of 98 degree days so far, and that was hot enough, but typical of the weatjer here, we lit the wood burner last night as it was cold wet and nasty!
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Amanda1975 on July 11, 2007, 09:54:26 AM

Falling down the hole must have been a bit scary.  Good luck for September.

I have a vague recollection of twisting my knee at work but I didn't start having the problems directly from that twist.  2 years ago I sat on the edge of the sofa after checking on dinner, then I got up to set the table and it was like the bones in my knee were grinding together with no padding (cartilidge).  After numerous visits to the Doctor, PT and Consultants they finally decided that I needed some surgery to correct J Lateral maltracking.  I went on the NHS waiting list.  Then we had a little shock and discovered that I was pregnant, I was offered a cancellation but had to turn it down due to being pregnant, unfortunately I lost the baby 6 weeks later.  I then had to go through the whole process of getting my name back on the waiting list.  During which time Tony Blair brought in the new guidelines for waiting and within 20 weeks of seeing the consultant I had my Operation.

It needed more doing to it than at first thought, probably due to having to wait 2 years.

I find that my spirits are very low at the moment, I have physio tomorrow and am terrified.

I tried doing the excercises that I am supposed to be doing but I just cannot do it.


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Post by: Linds on July 11, 2007, 12:42:49 PM
Pleased to meet you all..

I'm Lindsay, I'm almost 27 years old... just 6 weeks to go.  I am married, no children yet, but i do have a dog and a horse who keep me busy.

I am  a housewife currently, moonlighting as an artist, jewelry maker, book illustrator. I volunteer on a few local board of directors. Good times...  My husband is a very busy herdsman on a large dairy farm. WE live in NOthern Nova Scotia, Canada.

My knee problems started when I was just young... genetic problems. Currently however I am struggling to recover from a riding accident 14 months ago when I fell off my horse and got dragged a short distance... partially tore my ACL and damaged my medial meniscus. Scope today to find out why everything isn't healing as they had expected it to.

That's about it.. :)

Amanda... try not to be terrified of the physio... just because you can't do the exercises doesn't mean you should be scared. When you have surgery.. especially LR surgery.. your muscles really shut down... it can take alot of work with muscle stim to get them to fire again... GOodluck, and you'll be okay.

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: cautionstairs on July 11, 2007, 02:07:35 PM
HI! guys.

My name is Dan I'm 21 and going to school in philadelphia. 

Heres my story
I was riding my road bike weaving in and out of traffic cause its fun and at that point I thought I was invincible.  Then I was going down a ramp that leads to a bike trail and the ramp turned into 38 stairs.  So I flew down the stairs stayed consious.  I got up took 20 minutes to catch my breath persay then picked up the mangled bike locked it to a bench, walked limped up the stairs then the ramp.  I made it halfway to the subway then my knee gave up on me and I called 911 for a ride to the hospital.  Turned out later I had fractured my patella(7mm).  They operated next day puting some nuts n bolts in there and here I am.

I was working my way through college as a busboy at nights and I LOVE bike riding its sooo fun, but no mas  That really has to be my biggest issue with this injury...i mean my knee doesn't even hurt the cast is more like an achor.

Also I love the site and reading your posts help, and does anyone else feel like they know enough about the knee joint to give medical advice after extenisivly reading this site

sorry my spelling is terrible
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Post by: bungleg on July 11, 2007, 02:39:05 PM
cautionstairs, I dont think anybody on this site has claimed to be a professional, all advice should be taken with a grain of salt, and everybody should consult there os,gp,pt chycologist or who ever before comitting to any advice, this site to me helps to give an insight to what others have been through and shed light on some of the questions that we might have.
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Post by: Berta on July 11, 2007, 04:31:53 PM
Hi Amanda, I can understand you getting down, it is dam depressing sometimes, but thats why you have us, come rant here when you need to, we're more undrestanding than family. Don't be scared of PT, that is what is going to get you back to full strength again, yes it can be hard, but as long as you are trying to do the exersises things will improve. You just need to be honest with them and yourself about what is just uncomfortable, or difficult, and what bloody hurts! Sometimes mine are easy to do, and sometimes I struggle, but usually if I keep at it gently things get better ;D

Hi Linds, hope the scope goes OK, fingers crossed for you. Jim was a dairy man for many years, so I know how that one feels, how large is the herd he milks? I'm told that Nova Scotia is very beautiful, we've always wanted to visit, but we overshot a bit Are you the guys that we here about when the weather channel is talking about weather in the maritimes? Thats the one were it's either rain or a few feet of wet snow ;)

Hi Dan, shame you didn't have that one on video, like a lot of us a few thousand dollars from AFV would help ease the pain. Are you going to have the hardware in your knee forever? Glad your knee doesn't hurt, but can understand that the cast feels like an anchor. Because I have grey hair, I can turn round and say "serve you right young man" if you were weaving in and out of traffic, what we tend to forget is all the stupid things we did at that age, and were lucky enough to get away with it.
I know what you mean about knowing enough about the knee joint, certainly regulars on the site will have more knowledge than the average Joe, but actually most of us probably know enough to be dam dangerous, as bungleg says all we can do is share experiences and opinions, and leave the real work to the professionals. It does feel good though to have at least an insight into things.
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 11, 2007, 04:41:22 PM
RM185Western, you're right about the Arizona heat being tough - however, it does get easier and adjust accordingly. We've been here 10 years and can hardly stand much cold anymore - or any humidity. It's tough for us to go back to the midwest (Illinois) where we grew up - the weather gets us every time.  We are now in our 'monsoon' season here in the desert (it's not like monsoons in India - but this is considered our rainy season: 4 inches, ususally) and I can now feel the effects of higher humidity and barametric pressure changing. The winter is incredible here - and we all pay dearly for the months of November through May. Martha
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Amanda1975 on July 11, 2007, 05:16:15 PM

Linney - Thanks for the words of encouragement re PT, just re-read the appointment details and it says they will tell me more about the surgery and what I should be expecting in terms of mobility, shouldn't that have been done before I actually left the hospital ???

Dan (cautionstairs) Caution Stairs Ahead, Doh! fancy riding down steps like that, having said that my dad tried riding up some once, luckily he didn't hurt himself too much, being drunk at the time helped  ;)

In pain at the moment, had to go to a meeting at my daughters school to meet the new teacher for next school year.  Its a five min walk (when not recovering from surgery) it took me 10 mins there and 15 back. Snails pace is the only pace I know at the moment.


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Post by: Berta on July 11, 2007, 07:28:43 PM
Hi Martha, how do you fancy our winters up here, we have snow cover from sometime in November, until April, and temps regulary drop to -40 degC, I believe that were the F and C scales meet up again, in whatever language you use its flaming cold. We calf our pedigree cows in January, and this year they all calved outside, I can't beleive they do so well when they hit that sort of temp, having been nice and warm inside mum!

What's your dogs name, how does he cope with theheat?
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Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 11, 2007, 09:14:27 PM
Gypsy is the name of our English Bulldog. She's a very pampered in-door dog who does a lot of sleeping. She doesn't tolerate the heat for very long - so her trips outside are short and sweet.  8)

Hubby and I both grew up with family farms - and the joys of taking care of livestock in the winter could be brutal. He grew up on a pig farm - and my family had a cow farm (Hereford cattle) - which they still have. Hubby can still bale hay and help with the crops - but it's a long way from Arizona.

I can't imagine snow starting in November. I can remember all those winters of having to shovel snow and letting the car warm up - and scraping windshields. I have't shoveled anything since living here.  ;) But, we miss the changing of the seasons...that's when take a 2 hour car ride north and soak up the seasons.

When you visited Arizona, where did you stay?

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on July 11, 2007, 10:09:22 PM
Hi Martha,
 Gypsy is a great name for a dog, we have 3 dogs, Nemo the Doberman, Muttley a mid size cross breed and Badger my beautiful baby Jack Russel. Nemo and Muttley were both rescued of off death row in the UK, Muttley was wandering the streets ina big city, and Nemo had been tied up in a back yard for the first year of his life, they both travelled over here with us. Badger came to us at 6 weeks old for my birthday last August, the first puppy we had had in years. The imports cant believe the joy of living out here with all this space, and so many things to hunt and chase. They are spoilt indoor dogs during the winter, poor old Nemo has no coat to keep him warm, so has to wear a jacket when it gets real cold, now summer is here they are out most of the time.

I like Hereford cattle, at the moment we are discussing which way to take our herd, we have 25 pedigree black Angus, and it's so boring at calving time, nothing but black calves. We also have 75 mixed ones, and at least you get some variety in what turns up, he wants to move towrds all blacks, but I'm not so keen.

When we came through Arizona, we came in from New Mexico, then through Holbrook and Fagstaff, down through Phoenix, down to Tuscon then out through Yuma, we saw a lot, but didn't stay long anywhere. When Jim goes travelling he likes to travel, so we have done several visits to the states, from the UK, and it was a marathon Drive on everyone. Now we live like 2 hours north of the border, I can't get him to go south at all, John and I did manage a couple of days in North Dakota last year, on the excuse that we needed to get some Ivomectin, which is like a quarter of the price that it is up here.

Next week we are off for our first vacation since we arrived, I'm a bit worried as travelling in the car is uncomfortable at the moment, but I'm hoping my cryo cuff will be here before we go and I can ice on the go if needed ;D |I've booked us in for 2 nights in waterton National Park, which is just north of Glacier National Park, so I'm hoping that we may come back through Montana, in a few easy stages.

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Post by: lost77 on July 11, 2007, 10:40:32 PM

Hi all

Amanda, I seem to possess the knack of putting the kiss of death on threads as well, so apologiesi if I kill this one!   :-\

I'm 29 ...and 3/4  ::)  I live in West Sussex in the UK, no kids or husband but a long suffering boyfriend and 3 beautiful cats called Meg, Bella and Louis.  Bella and Louis are brother and sister and are coming up for their first birthday, bless em.

I injured my knee skiing and have had what feels like a long and tedious rehab.  Seeing my OS next week and am a bit nervous about what he is going to say about what comes next.  Have PT in the morning so am going to quizz him (again!) about he thinks...

Well, I guess that's about it...

Keep up with the PT as it does get better s..l..o..w..l..y


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Post by: Berta on July 11, 2007, 11:09:13 PM
Hi debs, a cat person, pleased to meet you, I've been owned by a few cats in the past, now I stick to dogs. What sort of cats are they? Where were you skiing when you injured your knee, not i'n West Sussex I guess. Our son John is amazed being over here, he had done dry slope a couple of times in the UK, but now he has the real thing. 30 mins drive from us are the nearest slopes, but he reckons he's outgrown them already, 2 hours drive takes you to the nearest ski resort, but that is also quite small. He was totally spoiled when some neighbours of ours took him to their time share in the Rockes, one very long days drive from here, and he saw some real mountain skiing, he is now totally hooked, and he's wishing the summer away so he can start again.

Good luck with the OS next week, how good are things now in terms of weight bearing amd movement? Whats your nearest town, my Mum still lives in Eastbourne in East Sussex, so we've drven through a few times, on the way from our old place in Westbury Wilts, on the way to see her.
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Post by: garth on July 11, 2007, 11:10:30 PM
This seems like a good idea,

My names Gareth, most people call me Garth and I'm 22. I've lived on the same farm in devon (south west england) for my whole life.

I've no idea exactly how my knee troubles started. They began in the summer 9 years ago. I think the early knee troubles were related to my feet being flat and my weight distribution being screwed up. When my feet got sorted, my knees improved almost to the point of going away by the time I got to 17.

Then in december 2002, in my typical fashion, I fell about 9 feet down a very steep bank in to a stream. I landed in some ankle deep water that was also rather cold. My left leg took the impact, how the heck I didn't break it I don't know. My phone which had previously survived being driven over by a tractor (the ground was soft) got wrecked. Somehow I manged to get out of the stream and hobble the mile  or so home in about 2 hours. I saw the doc about it the next day and he dismissed it as a sprain. I got conststantly fobbed of for a couple of months and gave up. It took ages to recover. I've had on and off problems since but never got it looked in to for quite a while. The OS doen't think this is related to current problems though.

Fast forward to november 06 and I realised something was not right with my knee again. I had a feeling it was going to be bad so I went to the doc and got referred to the physio. I got to the point where the physio decided that I could handle the exercises by myself. In mid feb things got bad fast. I had to hastle the doctor to get referred to the OS. Eventually saw the OS who couldn't find the problem and got sent for an MRI. I got the results last week. I've got a partial ACL tear. In between the OS appointment and the MRI I restarted physio. I've got to do physio until october when it will be revised and preumably I'll find out if it will require surgery or not.

Thats about it I think.

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Post by: setau on July 12, 2007, 11:00:40 AM
Hi great to hear all your introductions. My name is Dot and I moved to Hawkes Bay New Zealand nearly 2 years ago from staffordshire in the UK.
I have 2 grown up kids. My daughter is married and studying psychology and chose to stay in the UK and my son is a mounted lifeguard in the household cavalry but is currently on active duty.
I brought them up singlehanded and once they fled the nest felt I would do something for myself and up rooted with my fur family to New Zealand. I came here alone with the fur family and had never been here before and didnt know anyone!
Red my trailhound is the culprit whom knocked me flying when we were playing with Annie my young pup whom is an english shorthaired pointer.
My other trailhound whom came with me sadly passed away just after x.mas.
I also have 9 cats. Moses a lynx point siamese, Rameses a choccie oriental, Jamila a burmese lilac tortie whom is a rescue cat and Lotus and Saffron whom are kittens from the SPCA. Both are moggies. They are all indoor cats.
Pamiuw a abbysinnian x whom is a very timid rescue cat, Fern a long haired moggie whom had been badly abused. She mainly stays outdoors, Ice a large white boy whom also likes to go outside and Setau whom is a abbysiniian and a real character. He is the boss here and also goes outside.
I am in the process of starting a boarding cattery and was involved in animal rescue for over 20 years in the UK.
I started showing the cats a year ago and had never been to a cat show before. Moses managed to get runner up best N/S siamese kitten in New Zealand last year and I have made some great friends here and feel very settled.
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Post by: brianne on July 12, 2007, 01:49:00 PM
I'll join in.

My name is Brianne and I am 24 years old.  I live in Michigan and I love it.  I graduated two years ago from college with a B.A. in English.  I have no plans to use my Bachelors Degree so I am going back to school to become a nurse.

I have two cats named Basil and Luci.  They are super funny and super cute.  Basil is my childhood cat as he is almost 12 years old.  Luci is 2 years old.  Basil is a huge cat, but not fat.  He weighs 14 pounds.  Luci is super little as she weighs less than 5 pounds.  Together Basil and Luci make a great pair.  I also have a Cairn Terrier named Benny.  He is only six months old.  As you might guess, I love animals.

My knees have been causing me pain my whole life.  When I was young I would complain to my mom that my legs hurt, but she always thought that I was just being a whiney kid.  My knees started dislocating when I was 12 and its been downhill ever since.  ::)  I have had TTT's on both knees, but the problems have already returned, so its back to the drwing board.


P.S.  Dot, I spend 2.5 months in Northern New Zealand during 2004.  I love the country.  I have a NZ flag on my bedroom wall.  I so badly want to go back to NZ.
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Post by: lost77 on July 12, 2007, 02:07:47 PM
rm185western - Pleased to meet you too!  My cats are all moggies.  Meg is a rescue case - her previous owners apparently moved house and never packed her or came back for her.  I can't understand why, she's such a loving little furry person.  How do people do it?  Bella and Louis are the product of my sister's moggy's night of passion!  They are very lively little furballs and chase each other around the house/garden at all hours of the day/night!

I was skiing in Saalbach, Austria when I injured my knee.  I was just half an hour through a private lesson at the time...and of course, was right at the top of the moutain!  They brought me down in the blood wagon...I did screaming!!   :o

My boyfriend adores skiing in Canada and has been to Whistler a few times.  I am yet to go, but it is definitely on the list of places I would like to ski.  I have lots of relatvies in Canada, but they are all in Toronto.  Perhaps I should encourage them to move to Vancouver!  Your son is a very lucky boy having slopes right on the doorstep.

My knee is very slowly improving.  I am fully weight bearing and walking much better and I think almost without a limp most of the time.  Sometimes I get stabbing pain beside my patella...not sure wot that is all about.  The main problem at the moment is flexion.  I have been stuck at around 100 degrees for some time now and is painful to go past that.  I have a letter from my PT to give to the OS on Monday saying where I'm at.  Will have to wait and see what the OS thinks.

My nearest big town is sunny Brighton by the way.  My sister lives in Eastbourne and I have a few friends there so I know it quite well.

Setau - You are a proper cat lady!!  Your furry family sound lovely.  Very brave of you to venture all the way to NZ on your own.  Good on you.

Gareth - Devon is such a beautiful part of the world.  Must be excellent living on a farm down there.  Lucky you.  Good luck with your physio and rehab.

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Post by: garth on July 12, 2007, 02:43:06 PM
Its nice living on the farm most of the time. I can't say its as good at the moment though as I can't get out an about as much as I'm used to. One thing that is decidedly odd at the moment is that we have had to bring quite a few of the cows in due to the weather. I don't remember this ever happening in the past.

Cattle and sheep aside, we have 2 dogs, a cat, and 3 guinea pigs. The oldest dog is about 14 now, the youngest is nearly 3. THey are called Bones and Mutley. Bones is a collie with a bit of labrador (we think) in him. Mutley is a kelpie / collie cross and is ever so slightly crazy! Sox the cat is a farm cat and is about 7 now. The my sister got the 3 guineas a few months ago. They are called Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang. They are named after the bad guys from a kids tv show. I'll let you guess!

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Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 12, 2007, 04:09:56 PM
Good for you rescuing your pooches from the death row in the UK. Where in the UK are you from? We spent 2 weeks there back in May '01. Hubby, myself (before kiddos) and my parents rented a car and traveled the UK - spending lots of time in little villages and nights in B&B's. We got up into Scotland as well. We loved every place - well, almost every place - we weren't big fans of London. Loved the pubs! We talk endlessly about getting back.

What did you think of North Dakota? You'll love Montana. If you get a chance, definitely hit Yellowstone Park - simply amazing to seeing bubbling mud and all the incredible wildlife. Even as a kid I was amazed with the park.

Happy travels! Martha
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Post by: shortyclairebear on July 12, 2007, 08:01:24 PM
i'm claire,i am 30 years old and live in hull in east yorkshire in england.
i liv with my fiance' we have been together for 8 years on the 6th august 07.
i love animals!
i have a dog called bobbie who is a parson jack russell,he is my baby! we rescued him from a dog shelter and he is beautiful!
i also have  lop eared bunny,2 x gerbils and a budgie!
my pastimes are meeting new people,music,films,reading,socialising,and i love to eat out and anything artisitic!
i have done quite alot of travelling and like to visit new places.
my all time favourite country is australia! i love it! i spent a year there on a working holiday when i was and my partner mike returned a few years back also.
i use to do hairdressing for a living (12 years!) and now do clerical work,completley different but i like it and its much better paid!
i injured my knee in a motorbike accident,avoiding a cat that had ran out in front of me! (what an animal lover eh!!)
pleased to meet you all!!
claire x
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Post by: Berta on July 12, 2007, 08:53:26 PM
Hi Martha,
I was born in Southend on Sea down in the south east of England, near London, I lived there until I was 17, the I moved away from home, up to the Orkney Islands, of off the north east coast of Scotland. Orkney is a beautiful place, in the two weeks that the sun shines. While I was there I met and married Jim, and we then moved down the south west of England, to just outside a little village called Norton St Philip, near to Bath, home of the oldest pub in England. We then moved to the nearby town of Westbury, before moving out here to a real small town. I can understand people not loving London, it's not my favourite place. Where have you lived, and where have you settled now?

We were lucky enough to visit Yellowstone a few years back, I have always wanted to go, so for our Silver Wedding Anniversary, we flew into Seattle, then drove over to Yellowstone, which was all I hoped it would be. It was October time so it was cold, but the real bonus was that there were very few people in the park, so that was good.

Hi Dot,
 wow, everyone said we were brave when we said we were moving to Canada, but I never felt brave, there were 2 of us, plus the puppies, so I figured we would look after each other. Now moving half way around the world on your own, that sounds brave.Why did you choose NZ? I've heard it's veru beautiful. Did you have a house and a job etc lined up when you set off? Well done to Moses for his show exploits, you must be a proud Mum.

I'm with you, I can't understand why people could do that to a cat, it's like our Muttley, not only had he been turned out of his home, but when he had been rehomed from the kennels, he'd been returned a couple of times as 'unmanageable' thats why he was on death row. The poor little chap was only frightened and confused, and he hasn't given us any problems, he just needed lots of reassurance, tons of love, and some directions! MMMMM a trip down the mountain in a blood wagon, doesn't sound like a trip that you would sign up for.

Hello Claire, love to Bobbie!

Hi again Garth, how's it going, I see that you dide with my husband, he always spells Muttley as Mutley, but John and I vote for the 2 T option.

Hi Brianne,  Thats one big cat you have there, does he cause you problems if he sits on your knee?
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Post by: brianne on July 12, 2007, 09:20:39 PM
Basil knows that he needs to stay away from the knees.  He is the sweetest and most gentle cat ever.  He'll sit on my lap for hours in the evening when I get home from work.

I attached a picture of Basil and Luci together.  The other picture is just Basil.

( (

( (


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Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 12, 2007, 10:05:26 PM
Loved the area around Bath - and wish we had known about the oldest pub in England! I guess our favorite place was Keswick in the Lake District - and St. Andrews. I'm a huge reader on all things Henry the 8th - and Mary, Queen of Scots - so I was having a ball seeing things related to them. My grandmother's family is from Scotland, so to be able to go was wonderful. In my will, I've asked that part of my ashes be spread there at St. Andrews - that's how much I fell in love with the place.

I grew up in the midwest - Illinois - about 5 hours directly south of Chicago. We were closer to Nashville and St. Louis. We grew up in a small farming and coal mining town of 6000. When I was in my early twenties I moved to west Texas (Midland - where George W. Bush is from - if you're a fan  ;D). I loved Texas and spent 5 years there before Clayton finished his time with the Air Force, we got married and moved to Arizona (not our first choice of where to live - but we've grown to love the desert). We live half way between Tucson and Phoenix. We had been living in the metro Phoenix area when the housing market exploded a year and a half ago - and we sold our little tiny house for a mint. We found a great house in this smaller community that is double the size of our old house - it does mean a commute for both of us (as soon as I can get back to work), but the community is great and there isn't the constant traffic.

How long have you all been in Canada? You are brave for moving so far!

Off to do more exercises! Martha
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: bungleg on July 13, 2007, 01:41:06 AM
a big G'day to every one,
Hi every body Im rick (bungleg) BUNG is aussie slang for no good,broken,stuffed, kaputt, you get the idea it also has other meanings but we wont go into that, yes im from australia down south near melbourne,(yes were mexicans,southerners) and as shortyclairebear keeps mentioning it is a great country to live in or visit, I love it here, were starting to get plenty of rain at last, been in a drought for about 10 years,Im stuck in the 70s-80s when it comes to music, acdc,kiss,deep purple, pink phloyd, but do like most types of music,two kids both girls 13+16 to keep me in check and up to date with modern music and teenage lingo (aussie slang for language),this is an exclnt site and its good to here and know what every body else is going through ,I shattered my tibia plataue 20 months ago and its been a slow recovery just recently found out i have a healing facture which is a small crack running from the base off one off the holes where the screws were up to the top of the tibia plataue ,os asked if i have had any falls etc but i havent so he doesnt know what caused it but I think he may have when he removed the hardware but I didnt say that to him as he is a bit of an arrogant person and i didnt want to upset him. just keep wearing my brace and have to be carful and keep it warm is what he told me, see him again in sept with new x-rays, we live on five acres not that i can do much at the moment, and we have two horses, two dogs, a cat and plenty of native birds flying around and the best part is we are only 40 mins from the centre of melb.keep up the good work everybody and keep your chins up and to all the newbys dont let it get you down ,yes it slows us down but it is what you make of your inj and what your attitude is that will effect your quality off life.the prob i find is other people can't see or feel the pain so they dont understand what you are up try to stay posative. all the best everybody
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 13, 2007, 05:47:06 AM
Hi Rick
I noticed you're another TPF club member - and that there was some time between you being FWB and an increase in ROM. Did being FWB have something to do with that? I'm stuck at 90 - but don't start PWB until Monday. I worried and hoping I don't have to do MUA. What helped you in increasing your ROM? Thanks so much, Martha
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on July 13, 2007, 08:40:53 AM
Hi everyone

I would like to introduce myself here too if I may.

I'm 56 and live on my own in a beautiful village in the Bavarian Alps. I left the UK permanently in 1999 after 2 years of "commuting". I finished my university degree, graduated and drove straight out here when I got my results.

I was born in Dover, looking at the land of my forefathers (my father was French) but we moved around a lot in my childhood. I eventually settled in Bristol where I was at university and met my husband. I taught for 20 years in an inner city secondary school before having to retire with a combination of burn out and knee problems. I then retrained in IT systems and Modern Languages where I had to spend a year on my own in Germany doing an internship as a translator. Whilst here I put my life under the microscope and decided to make major changes. On my return I concentrated on getting the best possible result from my course and started divorce proceedings. The reasons for the latter are not important. So I came here with a lot of extra "baggage" but have lost most of it in the beauty and peace and quiet of my location.  :D

Within a month of arriving I had a job, a flat and a new life with lots of friends. When a German gives you their friendship it is for life which is a great thing. They call everyone acquaintances and very few people friends. I quite like this distinction as it avoids things like "Best" to differentiate between friends. The  downside is that when a German gives you the status of friend, they have the right to speak very directly about how you are running your life. Sometimes it is nice that someone cares so much to tell you when you are messing up, other times I want to scream!  ;)

I am currently fighting my employer (not the same one) for unfair dismissal but I am not too down about it. I just want a fair result and help getting a post in another school. I have had a year and half of problems with my ACL reconstruction but am declared fit to work as of the end of this month. At my age getting a position at a new school will be difficult but not impossible I hope. I'm a teacher through and through and find it hard in an office environment as the people are not as interesting as children on the whole. But I will take whatever is offered in order to cover the bills and have a little bit of security (like work-related injuries cover  :D )

I would love to have a dog - border collie would be my choice. I had two in the UK and I miss their intelligence and love. They have both died in the meantime - one of old age at 17 and the other somewhat earlier from a brain tumour when he was only 5. My landlady has said no pets so that's that. In view of the injury I suppose it is just as well as they would be climbing up the walls with the lack of exercise. I have an allergy to cat fur so cats are out any way.

I know Norton St Philip well and was often in the The George for a meal. I would stop off there on my way back from the Dorset coast where I was often diving. I celebrated my birthday there on a regular basis with a meal in the restaurant. Excellent food and a great atmosphere especially in the winter.

I've worked as a ski instructor in France, the UK, Switzerland and Austria. Both knees are messed up as a result but the skiing was not to blame and I will return to it next season. It is a passion with me.

I travel a lot in conjunction with my hobbies (skiing, diving, sailing, and paragliding) but obviously not much in the last two years. I am off to Slovenia in September with my flying club but whether I get to fly or not is open.

Thanks for reading - Sue
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Post by: setau on July 13, 2007, 09:14:45 AM
Hi i choose NZ because of its lack of population and similiar climate to the UK. When I think back though I dont think I could do it again! It was certainly pretty stressfull!
I had a job wating for me on a psychiatric unit and gave myself just 2 weeks to find a house as I didnt want the fur family left in the kennels and cattery back in the uk for any longer.
Arrived on the 14th oct found the house advertised on the 16th and viewed it on the 18th. I moved in on the 26th oct. The fur family arrived on the 30th which was great.
Here I have half an acre and a large cottage as well as a small cottage which is going to be the cattery and have shifted a purpose built 36sqm unit next to it.
Red my hound was a cruelity case and weighed just 15 kg when I rescued him. He had never lived in a house before and was 18 months old. The people whom had him were banned from keeping animals for 6 years. It has taken a good 2 years to get him right.
Fern my long haired moggie was also in a bad state and she had been returned to the rescue twice due to aggression problems. She has been hard work and had been in rescue for 9 months.

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on July 14, 2007, 05:31:42 AM
Brianne, Basil is beautiful, that's my sort of cat.

Martha, I loved Keswick as well, when I was a child we used to camping in the Lake District every year, I enjoed that lots. You've moved lots, my husband would be jealous of living in Texas, he would love to live down there, we met a lot of straight forward down to earth people there. We came over for the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, which was fun, and I thought San Atonio was great, another one I would go back to if I ever get the chance. We moved to Canada in October 2005, and it never felt that brave a thing to do, I keep comparing us jumping on a jet, flying all the way here, staying in a hotel until the take over date for the farm, then moving original settlers, taking what they could, by boat and prairie schooner, to a place where you had no idea where it was, and there was nothing there when you arrived, now that's brave.

Hi bungleg, good to catch up with you. I've never got to Australia, but my son worked and travelled there a few years back, he loved it and came back a confirmed Kevin Bl**dy Wilson fan, good job we all find him funny. I'm with you on the 70's and 80's music to, as well as country and Elvis ;D What sort of horses do you have?

Hi Sue, another ex pat, is there any one left in England. A village in the Bavarian Alps sounds beautiful, maybe you could post a picture on here. We had some great meals in the George, and also some really good nights entertainment, especially during the reign of the infamous Mr Grubb, who could turn it into a madhouse late at night. When Jim and I popped back for a visit we stayed there for 2 nights, it was lovely. Good luck with sorting out your employment issues, fingers crossed for you.

Dot, your fur family are beautiful, that looks like one laid back dog. It;s a great feeling when you get one of the rescue folk to love and trust you isn't it. Will the cattery be a going concern, or will you have to work to support it?
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: bungleg on July 15, 2007, 04:09:29 AM
Hi Martha,when I came out of hospital I had a pivot brace on and my knee was stuck at about 45 degs my brace was set to pivot only 5 degs so whilst brace was on i did not work on rom only on getting my leg straight so i sat in front of the tv on the floor with telephone books on my knee (yes it was painful) until eventually my leg became straight ,I also did hydro and started out doing squats in the hydro pool and putting the leg up against the wall in the pool and bending it, using my body as weight to push against it ,also eventually i was able to get onto an ex-bike and i found this to be painful but helps to increase flex in the knee more.also leg press in the gym,lots of strenghthening excercises, a wobble board to help regain balance,but it was a slow tedious process a good 12 months. its now been 20 months and my rom is at 120 but is slow increasing , I did a lot of damage as i shattered mine, and the swelling did not go down for a long time just ubove the knee. It stayed swollen for a good 12 months and the side of the tib plat that was damaged still gets quite warm and aches most of the time,I prety much have learnt to just ignore the pain without taking pain killers, sometimes if it is anoying me at night i will take a paracetamol to help me sleep but try to stay away from drugs.I still can only sleep on my right side only, and I have found that the hardest part has been trying to walk without limping as this has caused back probs and the knee giving way ,also I find i can only walk for about 1/2 an hour before i have to sit down,and if i stand still usually after about five minutes it starts to ache,i try to avoid stairs,cant run or do much else other than walk.but thats better than nothing.os and gp have told me that eventually i will have to have a tkr
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: bungleg on July 15, 2007, 04:52:41 AM
ct of my tib plat
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 15, 2007, 07:26:20 AM
Thanks Rick! I was hoping the recovery process would be quicker - but I guess not. I can't wait to get in the pool - and I should be able to do that in the next couple of weeks. My PT says that I will be able to gain lots of muscle tone and strengthening while in the pool Thank goodness I have until November to use the pool then it cools off enough that getting into the pool is a bit too chilly. Take care, Martha
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Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 15, 2007, 07:33:18 AM
Isn't San Antonio great? I love the river walk! My husband did his basic traning there with the Air Force (as everyone who joins the Air Force goes there for basic training) and hated it. Then again, he was there in August (way back in the late 80's) and it rained everyday - and the temp was in the 90s with 100% humidity. I guess it is all about perspective. I would love to see the SA rodeo - I love rodeos - or maybe its all the cowboys.  ;) I'm a sucker for men in hats and boots! My sister lives north of Dallas and I always love to go and visit...anything to get back to Texas! Martha
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on July 15, 2007, 05:51:46 PM
Martha, I think we're soul mates, I love rodeos, and cowboys. There are few men around who don't look better in boots and hat. I remeber being bitterly dissapointed the first time I saw Garth Brooks with no hat on. Most of the places that we have visited in the US, have been off season, we've taken so many cheap deals, two for the price of ones, etc. which is how we have managed to see so much. The joy is that most times there are not many other people about, but the downside is many places are closed or on reduced service.

The one high season trip we did was when our eldest was on a years work experience in Ohio, so we came over and enjoyed the 4th July, which was great. We also dragged him off on a round trip so he actually got to see something while he was there.

I'm still trying to convince my husband that we need a pool, now we have a good excuse, hydro therapy would be great for me, but it's not working. I can see his point in a way, by November it would be solid enough to skate on, rather than just to chilly to swim in. He has visions of an outdoor hot tub, which would also be nice, but I suppose we have to get a couple of good harvests under the belt before we can really afford such things.

Well have a good week everyione, be nice to your knees, I'm off to the mountains, I'll catch you when we get back

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Post by: Leentje on July 17, 2007, 06:06:47 PM
G'Day all!

Time to introduce myself here? Guess I can give it a go  ;) I'll do it a bit "light" version with pics

I am Helena and I am 30 years young  ;D. I live in Belgium in a little city famous for it's Mattentaarten and it's Manneken Pis

Manneke Pis  :D he's just 'round the corner

I was born and raised in a town village nearby, had a great childhood, wasn't a good student (I did economy-languages in highschool) untill I started studying nursing in 1995. I graduated 3 years later and started working in a regional hospital. I did all wards I think, untill I ended up in the ER 3 years ago. I also got my Bachelor after Bachelor in Nursing management, and am now folowing a course in ER/ICU medicine to get another Bachelor after Bachelor degree.
I work on ER, we don't have an ambulance but we do have a MUG (Mobile Urgency Group), which is a car full of medical equipment and medication, called out on disasters, suicides, people who really need urgent medical care like people who have a brain hemorrage, Heart infarction, etc. A dr and nurse specialized in ER/ICU are on board of that MUG. We also have to drive it (which isn't always fun to slalom through the traffic!!!)

Our MUG where you can find me in very often :D

In my free time I work for a private ambulance service, we do emergencies and emergency transfers but also secundary transports. My other interests are mainly sports, I play badminton, both recreational and competetive, like 8 hrs a week. I run every other day 4K and I love cycling, do speleology from time to time (the real thing!).
I live in a 2nd floor appartment on my own, my parents live in a small village town 20km away, and I visit them very often.
My kneeproblems started YEARS ago, now it's stable and I am very happy with my TTT 5 years ago, as I can be very active again (yups) without much pain. But damage is done and I am in for further surgery in the long road  ::)

That's about it!

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Post by: agilecorgi on July 17, 2007, 11:35:19 PM
Hi all.  Thanks for a great fourm as I count down the days until my Fulkerson procedure in one week.  Plenty of good reading material here!  I've been surfing the archives for several weeks, but just joined the forum today.

My name is Sharla and I live on a small acreage in Kelley, Iowa.  (between Ames and DesMoines for anyone in the midwest USA)  My knee troubles began on a grade school trip when I injured my knee while descending into a cave and then hiked for another 10 miles on it after that.  I've had 3 scope procedures to clean up and repair the cartilidge but have pretty severe valgus deformity which lends to the knee re-injuring its self.  The other knee isn't great either, although I've never had surgery on it (ITs my bowling SLIDE LEG!) and if all goes well with this procedure, they can sign me up to do it too.  Time will tell.

I am a competitive bowler - that's how I met my husband, we both bowled for the college team, but my greatest passion is my dogs.  I have four Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Kobi, Kipper, Polly and Gee.  I enjoy training and competing in obedience and tracking with them, but mainly canine agility.  Kobi, my 9 year old, and I, competed in the AKC National Agility Championship competion this spring and there is a small chance I could be recovered in time to compete next year (it's not until next March) as we have her qualifying points out of the way already.  I also do breed rescue, transport and foster for Pembroke Corgis.

I have really enjoyed hearing about all your pets - I also have a cat and a small parrot.  If there are dog lovers on the list who aren't familiar with "Dogster" you should check it out.  A link to one of my dog's pages is here:

As my profession, I teach radiology to senior veterinary students and perform radiology procedures on both domestic and production (as well as some wild) animals.  I've taken x-rays of bald-eagles, giraffes, an orangutan, and a snow leopard.  Quite an interesting job, which I will miss while laid up from my surgery.  But, since I am on my feet 8-9 hours a day, I will not miss the pain I hope to be getting rid of my going through with this.

Thanks again for all the great information, and it's wonderful to meet you all!

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: VacationKneeInjury on July 18, 2007, 12:55:13 AM
Sharla, I'm originally from Illinois - so welcome from this midwestern girl to this site!

Helena, what's in the mattentaart??? That looks delicious!  ;D

Denny, I hope you're having fun in the mountains! Enjoy your time away.

Take care, Martha (now PWB!! I'm so happy!! And I'm finally wearing a tennis shoe on my right foot again - the first time since May 3!!!)
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Leentje on July 18, 2007, 12:20:36 PM
Helena, what's in the mattentaart??? That looks delicious!  ;D

I can't explain, you'll have to come over and just taste it!! It's indeed delicious!

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: shortyclairebear on July 18, 2007, 08:34:43 PM
agilecorgi! what beautiful dogs!!  ;D
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: agilecorgi on July 19, 2007, 12:24:21 AM
agilecorgi! what beautiful dogs!!  ;D

Thank you.  They really mean the world to me.  I have thought of boarding them post-op, but I just don't think I can stand to be without them.  Fortunately we have room to pen them up away from me if it gets to be a problem and I can be with them one at a time if it's too overwhelming.  They sure are characters!

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: shortyclairebear on July 20, 2007, 12:39:11 PM
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on July 27, 2007, 11:53:16 PM
Hi Sharla, I guess you must be post op now, hope to hear from you soon on how things are going. Make sure that your fur family don't hinder your recovery to much.

Nice to meet you Helena, it's good to hear from someone who is back to being active after surgery. Love the photos, may have to come visit and try the Mattentarrt.

Well we are back from the mountains, and we had a fantastic time, beautiful scenery, great food, lots of gentle walks. We got to see a live Grizzly and her 2 cubs, have photos to prove it, she was only about 60 yards away, I was reckoning if she came our way I may of made it to the car, it's suprising what you can do with a little incentive! Will post a photo when we get the computers round here up and running properly. The power cord for my laptop enjoyed the holiday so much that it stayed in a hotel there, so waiting for that to get back to us. My sons computer died, he's in the middle of a rebuild, but has some soft ware issues. I'm using Jims computer, but it is kind of old and hampster powered and is currently telling me that the photos are to large for me to open :D

Had some dramas while we were away, the knee complained everytime I walked to much, and the back shouted out if I sat in the car to long, so spent time every evening laying with the leg elevated with ice on knee and back. Everything is settling down again now, so all should be good. The weather here in SK is currently hot HOT HOT and sunny, hope you guys are enjoying good knee days and fine weather, any UK bound people ....................I hope that you aren't in the floods.
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Leentje on July 28, 2007, 05:30:06 PM

The weather here in SK is currently hot HOT HOT and sunny, hope you guys are enjoying good knee days and fine weather, any UK bound people ....................I hope that you aren't in the floods.

WELL, I am not in the UK but summer here's drowning too!!! Please send this wheather our way!!!!! It's getting depressing!... :'(

Nice to meet you Helena, it's good to hear from someone who is back to being active after surgery. Love the photos, may have to come visit and try the Mattentarrt.

I'll keep you to that!! Let me know when you're coming!


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Post by: agilecorgi on July 31, 2007, 03:15:24 AM
Hi Sharla, I guess you must be post op now, hope to hear from you soon on how things are going. Make sure that your fur family don't hinder your recovery to much.

Yes, I'm post op (5 days) and doing pretty well except for the SWELLING under this horrible cast which has no where to go.  I tried to start a post op diary and spent about 25 min to 1/2 hour of my precious recliner time composing my first entry and there was a system problem when I went to post it and the whole thing DISAPPEARED!

No, the fur kids have been behaving pretty responsibly and my two youngest dogs have been my constant companions.  Gee, the rescue we have had for just a year, is either in the bed we set up in the living room with me, or in there by himself if I'm up in the recliner.  I'm pretty sure he thinks we put it there for him and he is just happy as a clam.  Will have to put pics in my post op diary when I get around to starting that again.  Thanks for the good thoughts.

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on July 31, 2007, 06:03:28 PM
Hi Sharla, glad to hear from you, glad it went well, buy sympathise with the swelling, must be horrble when it's trapped under a cast, how long will you be in it?  I know how you feel about the sytem eating your post, it's happened to me a couple of times now, and it makes you so mad GRRRRRRRRRRRRR, if I'm going to put on a long post now I type it into Word first, has the benefit of a spell checker to, then cut and paste it into the board, saves the frustration levels.

Glad to hear that the furries are helping and not hindering, I'm sure that Gee thinks that he is having to share his nice new bed with you, rather than using it when you don't need it. I was quite sore yesterday evening so set up the mountain of pillows on the end of the couch ready for laying there with my leg elevated, I went to the kitchen to fill the cryo cuff with ice and when I came back Badger had taken up residence and was quite insistent that I must of put the pillows out for him, in the end we agreed to share ;D

Take it easy hope that your recovery goes to plan.

Helena, if I could send you some hot weather I would, I'm just not used to summer being hot dry and sunny, we didn't get much of that in the UK, it's forecast to be 36 C this afternoon here, and with the humidex will feel like 45C, that's hot ;D
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: agilecorgi on August 02, 2007, 05:49:04 AM

Hopefully the cast comes off tomorrow, and then I'm sure they have some sort of other torture device planned for me.  Probably not a cool looking fitted brace, knowing my luck, but some sort of horrid imobilizer.  At least I will have some sort of acess to the BACK of my knee which itches like a son-of-a-gun.  Not even any room to slip something down there for itching purposes - it's swolen up like a Hormel sausage.

I just love the part of the country you are living in - most all of Canada is so beautiful.  I really hated that my parents drug me all over the place when I was young, but I sure appreciate all the traveling we did now that I'm older.  I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  I've been to all 50 states and almost all the Canadian provinces, although I've not yet been overseas, but my husband has.  Someday........  Hard to find care for all the critters though!

If you love cowboys and rodeo, you'd like the hobby I've recently taken up.  I am an avid photographer and a friend of mine raises bucking bulls.  I have been going with her when they take the bulls to a local joint for some bucking contests and then I take photos.  I eat a lot of dirt, but it is tons of fun.  Here is a link to some of the pics on the web:  A challenge because it's indoors, in what is for the most part a bar, so the lighting is a very poor.    They have to be very close for the flash to be of any help - and boy does it tick them off.  Makes em buck better!
Here is a link to some of my favorite dog shots:  Since I am on the ground/my knees most of the time to shoot both the bulls and the dogs I can't wait to be mobile again to get back to it.  Looking for other subject matter in the mean time.

Shipped my most competitve dog "Kobi"  off to agility practice with a friend last night.  Boy was that one happy dog!  I think she thought she was stuck with "amazing turtle woman" for a handler.  As soon as she saw her agilty leash and the friend who came to pick her up she gave a loud "Woooooooooooo!" and went running for the front door.  She, apparently does not need me, which is good because it may be a LONG time before I am up to doing any running!
Take care,

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Post by: VacationKneeInjury on August 03, 2007, 06:14:43 AM
Denny, welcome back from the mountains! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

The weather here is also miserable. We are now in the 'monsoon' season, as they call it here in the desert. It's definitely not like the monsoons you hear about in India - but it is considered our rainy season (2-6 inches from mid July to the end of August predicted). We aren't use to the humidity here in the desert - so we all feel miserable. This will be my first 'monsoon' with the new hardware in my leg. I can now predict rainfall or a change in barometric pressure...all which is a new skill since the injury.  8)

Sharla, where are you with all those cowboys and rodeos? I'm also a cowboy can take this girl out of Texas but you can't take the Texas out of the girl!

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on August 03, 2007, 06:26:45 AM
I hope the cast is off by the time you read this, and even if you have a very unsexy imobilizer, at least you will be able to scratch that itch, how long are you cgoing to have to have, cast, immobilizer and brace combinations going on?

Yeah, Canada is beautiful, the prairies are a bit 'plain' for some people, but I love the wide open spaces. We actuallly haven't seen to much of Canada since we moved here, to busy tryiing to get the farm up and running, and if you think it's bad trying to get pet sitters, how about getting sitters for 100 cows and their calves? It's not to bad at the moment because they are out at pasture, but that's when we are busy with field work. It's not until you live here to, that you truly appreciate how big Canada is, it takes a while to drive anywhere ;D But we will get to see more of it in the future I'm sure. I really would like to finish my ambition to do what you have done and visit all 50 states, only have 6 mainland ones to do, then Alaska and hawaii.

I checked out the the bull photos, please tell me that your not in the ring when you take them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you are right on top of the actio, and there are some great shots in there, but I can see what you mean about the lighting. Our son John took some good indoor shats last year, and really wants to get to some outdoor events to try and catch some in natural light.

I'm glad Kobi enjoyed her workout, I'm sure she would of enjoyed it more if you had been there, but he ho dogs are fickle. My little fella, Badger, who has been girks best friend in this house, has suddenly discovered that Jim has air con in the tractor, so rather than stay home and keep me company, he has been off hay making for the last few days.....the little rat.
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: agilecorgi on August 05, 2007, 05:50:22 AM
Yep, cast is off.  Skin was actually blistered it was so swollen!  :o  I do have an imobilizer, but do not have to wear it all the time and can begin getting some movement back, although the degree of motion I have now is very small.  He said I can go without it walking even as long as I promise not to put any weight on it without both crutches sharing the weight.

No, Im not actually in the ring with the bulls, but have my lens wedged up against a support pole (I-Beam) that one of the cattle panels is attached to.  I figured that was the most structurally safe place to be if you were going to be right on top of the ring. 

Bad news is that back gave out after my appointment and now I am suffering from a great amount of sciatic pain on surgery side.  Runs all the way from my toes to my lower back.  I have a previous history of a herniated disc and I'm not sure how this will all play out with my knee recovery.  Not a good combination, but I can't belive it's that uncommon.  I have been doing such a good job of staying positive, but this really does set me back a great deal.  Did get some mucscle relaxants from GP and they changed my pain control to help with the back too.  Feel some better today.

On a more positive note - our grocery just bought a new electric scooter with a big basket on the front.  It even has a leg rest built in that my ankle fits into since I can't bend my leg!  Watch out shoppers, here she comes!

Phew, I'd give up A/C for not making hay any time - thats HARD WORK!  Smart dog though.

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on August 06, 2007, 01:49:00 AM
That sounds horrible, blistered skin, do they give you anything for that, or do you jsut have to wait and let the exposure to air sort it out. Be careful rehabbing it, keep those crutches working.

 What a bummer having the back go as well, I so know how that one feels. I went to my doc this week to get my knee checked out, it's got some new things going on, I mentioned that my back was complaining, hoping really that he would get me bumped up the order to see the OS, instaed he sent me for an x-ray on my back. The radioligist and I agreed that it all lokks pretty good, but will have to wait for it to be read properly I suppose. I'm not expecting them to find anything major, every back x-ray I've ever had has been clear, it wasn't until I eventually had an MRI that we found the problems. ANyway, touch wood, have been free of any major back issues for nearly 3 years now, so getting a bit paranoid about it starting up again now. (Also still trying to figure out how to properly put the dishes away when can't bend knee or back!)

I'm glad to hear that you aren't as close to the action as it looks in the pics, but it's great the way that they make you feel that you are in the midst of it.

That electric scooter sounds like fun, I hired one to go to our big summer agricultural show this year, I knew I coiuldn't walk round all day, it was good fun, but could of definatley done with a place to stick my leg out, I had to alternate sitting with it bent, and hanging it over the front fender ;D Hay making isn't such hard work now, everything is carried out from the confort and coolness of air conditioned tractors, we only make big bales, so even loading and hauling are done by tractor and trailer. Farming doesn't keep you fit like it used to, it's a good job, because I'm going to have to drag this knee out in the next week or 2, harvest is nearly on us, and I can't see anyway that I'm going to be able to not be out there.
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: stickshifty on August 16, 2007, 12:37:15 AM
I feel like I haven't properly introduced myself.

Hello y'all, I'm Laura! I'm 17 and just started my senior year of high school. Until 176 more days until I graduate!!!







Music is my life. My mom played horn professionally and she was playing while she was pregnant with me so I got more Rimsky-Korsakoff than Mozart, but for the most part I think I don't that affected me too much lol. So I've played violin since I the wee age of five. I picked up horn the summer of my 6th grade year (around 10/11 years old). I've listened to it my whole life so it was really easy to pick up. And since then, I've made my All-West orchestra and band a total of 10 times with 2 instruments and been to All-State Orchestra twice. This summer I went to a music camp and studied under one of the best horn players in the world. So that was a five-week party beyond compare. I don't play violin "competively" anymore, mainly because I simply was frustrated with my lack of improvement over the past couple of years. It's a lot easier for me to get a high chair on horn than on violin. Mainly because of the lack of Asian horn players lol jk.  I also play mellophone in marching band. This year I have a solo and I'm so excited to compete!





I have an older sister and three adorable kitties! I have two Siamese mixes (Shoogie Woogums and Lily) and a really fat ex-feral cat that adopted us (she loves tummy rubs though... she's so weird). I used to ride and the horse love of my life is an ex-Grand Prix jumper show named Secret Weapon ("James"). He can jump fences as high as me, and I'm a giantress at 5'9".


To me, a rainy day is best spent with a good book and a cup of chai tea. Or painting. I love to draw/paint horses. They're so beautiful and graceful and amazing...

I'm over in the South of States and currently not enjoying the heat + humidity wave we're having.

For some odd reason, I like to drive on the highway. Maybe because it's fast... not sure. But my car is cute and I like to drive it.


I really don't want to go on about my knees simply because I'm trying forget about them right now. And I'm sure most of y'all know the stories by now so I won't bore you. So that for the most part is me.  :)

//| Laura |\\

Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on August 17, 2007, 06:57:43 AM
Hi Laura, That's a cool looking car, I have zero knowledge of cars, what kind is it?
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: stickshifty on August 18, 2007, 09:48:35 PM
It's a 2000 Toyota Celica GT. Not a lot of horses in it, but it still goes "vroom vroom" so it's all good.
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on August 23, 2007, 01:16:50 AM
hey Laura, horse power in a car isn't everything, as long as it makes a good sound, and looks cool ;D We live miles out on the gravel, so have to use a 4 wheel drive to get around, so have an old truck, and this year added an SUV. Forgot to say James looks great, is he yours or do you just ride him?

Thought I would post some pics of my dogs, and my Fjord mares.
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on August 23, 2007, 01:19:08 AM
Well got the mares last time, now I've figured out how to get the boys as well
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: stickshifty on August 23, 2007, 02:54:50 AM
Aww I <33333 your fjords!!!! They're so adorable!!! I love fjord's manes. They have got to be the coolest manes in the entire world. I'm so jealous. Even if they are too short for me.
Title: Re: This is me
Post by: Berta on August 23, 2007, 04:07:48 AM
Well, you know I think that your not to tall for them. I knew a 6 foot chap in the UK who rode a Fjord, and at 5' 9" I intend to ride mine. The Fjords are are really big horses, they just have short legs ;D ;D I don't think that they would work to well in the jumping ring, but they look good as a weight carrying cattle horse.

Here are pictures of the yearlings, both bred from a black Quarter horse stud. The bay filly was my favourite, and I think she maybe the better horse, but the colt has been a joy to work with this year. I haven't done to much with them, I'm frightened of the combination of bum knee and young horses, but have halter broken, and lunged Max a little. We are just keeping fingers crossed that he keeps growing :)