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Title: Please advise - Arthroscopy with Lateral Release
Post by: FRASER2K on June 26, 2007, 03:58:22 PM

In September 2005 my knee "popped" out of the socket for the 5th time in 2 years...It was then i was advised to go to the hospital and have a proper scan on it to see what the problem was...

I forget what scan i had done but was something about a huge magnet! around my knee to take variuos multiple photos...

After talking with my doctor and studying the photos it was decided i had to have an Arthroscopy with Lateral Release...which was scheduled and before i knew it i was on an operation table in Birmingham hospital.

A bit of history about my physical statute....I am 22 yrs old quite a big guy...about 6'1 large 17 st frame which is majority muscle as i am (was) an avid kickboxer and rock climber and generally sporty chappy...somewhere along the line whatever happened to my knee did and i ended up on that operating table after the operation in a lot of pain...which gradually eased off. I read about a lot of peo[ple who have had arthroscopys and they are all back up walking in a week or so...i had my leg in a cast for near on 7 weeks! no leg muscle when it was removed and an abundance of hair on my "new" fixed leg. (im sure there is a cure for baldness in there somewhere with plaster of paris or whatever is used,

anyway back to question....

after 1.5 years my knee is back to norm...i have not gone back to kickboxing or done rockclimbing since but have spent majority of time after physio at the gym getting myself back to some form of previous fitness. I have this itch you urge to go back kickboxing. My 2 best mates both do it so hear about it all the time and even watch them compete.....

i think your going to know where this is going.....Shall i return to my much loved kickboxing or shall i throw in my towel and have it as history?

Can an arthroscopy with lateral release actually permenantly fix the problem in my knee?

Could all this dislocation happen again?

Your advice would be much appreciated and i can only offer thanks that you have stayed with me through what was possibly not a lot of needed info.



If you need any more information just ask and ill try to answer as best as possible.
Title: Re: Arthroscopy with Lateral Release
Post by: tanyap on June 26, 2007, 04:11:29 PM
Hi Bill,
you need to ask your OS or physio. Depending on the details of your surgery they may want you to stay away from certain activities.

I had surgery 18 years ago for recurrent patella dislocations - for 3 or 4 years after surgery i was fine, i was back doing all the normal stuff, had been windsurfing, hill walking etc....
Then I jumped off a stage drunk and had a HUGE dislocation - docs say i probably ripped out most of the repair work that had been done, Ive since had over 200 dislocations....150 of them in the past 2 years.
They say that anatomically I am inclined to dislocate and although they tried to fix it - my body just goes that way.....

so - im not saying dont do kick-boxing - but do check with the experts if itd be a good idea given your previous history and surgery.

hope that helps!!
Title: Re: Please advise - Arthroscopy with Lateral Release
Post by: John42 on June 26, 2007, 04:20:11 PM
Hi Bill    -

Read your interesting post -   however - is it wise to resume your beloved sport - I think not - your limb is far more important, so resign yourself to create another avenue.

Best wishes

JohnK/ Manchester UK
Title: Re: Please advise - Arthroscopy with Lateral Release
Post by: kraizeemom on June 27, 2007, 12:25:33 AM
Hi Bill-

I had a lateral release done on both of my knees in an effort to stop the several several recurrent dislocations in both of my knees.  I was told by one knee doctor that it would take care of 90% of cases he saw that had dislocations... Needless to say, I found out I was in that 10%... my next knee doctor said that the actual rate of failure with that surgery was much higher, and then had a fulkerson osteotomy on both knees with tendon transplants from a cadaver.  This was not a fun surgery either time I had it.  I hate to be a person to dissuade you from kickboxing, but I do want you to be aware of the risks.  I didn't slow down my life after I had those lateral releases, as a mom and a Certified nurses assistant I didn't feel I could.  And within 6 months I was dislocating again with both of my knees.  The lateral release would have maybe worked had a led a little quieter of a life.  The final decision of it rests with you, but if I were in your shoes, I would be careful about the decisions I made and the intensity of the exercises you do.  Do not push yourself, just do with what you are comfortable, and be careful!