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Title: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: chrystee on June 24, 2007, 02:22:45 PM
Hello to all! Well, I went in for surgery on Thursday. It's a very long drive to where the procedure was getting done (2 hours). My hubby and I were told that surgery would be about an hour or so. I was out of surgery in 45 minutes. Unfortunately, neither my hubby or I got to speak to the doctor. (hubby feels bad because he had stepped outside for a cigarrette when the doctor came out :() Anyway, a nurse had told me that I had a meniscus tear and I am assuming that the lateral release was done as well. My kneecap definately sits differently than before. I go for a follow up appointment on Wednesday so I'll find out more specifics then.

I thought that I would be in an immobilizer after the least that's what the hospital staff had told me the day before when I was registering over the phone. NOPE-nothing but bandages. We were told to remove the bandages the day after surgery and just put bandaids over the incisions. I was also instructed to do a series of different exercises everyday...100 of each...straight leg lifts...quad flees and ankle rotations. The quad flexs and straight leg lifts are the most difficult for me right now. Also my knee is still numb from the procedure. It reminds me of that feeling you have after you go to the dentist and the novacaine hasn't worn off yet. I thought for sure that all the feeling would be back in my knee by now since it has been 3 days. I am nervous about how much pain I will be in once I do get all the feeling back. The bruising isn't nearly as bad as I had expected. Of course there is some swelling that goes all the way down to my foot.

I was also told that weight bearing as tolerated-that is NONE right now. It took some maneuvering to figure out some simple every day tasks like...going to the restroom because of the way my bathroom is laid out. I had NOTHING to grab a hold of for support. So my hubby put a chair in there so that has helped out alot. I have been doing nothing except laying down trying to keep my leg elevated for the most part.

Thanks for all of the messages in my previous posts! I appreciate the support!

IF anyone has any suggestions...please feel free to let me know! Have a great day!
Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: tanyap on June 24, 2007, 03:33:49 PM
Hi Chrystee,
wow - youre done!!
sounds great, all over and done with already - wow thats a lot of exercises for you to be doing, although its probably just to keep your muscles awake more than anything right now.
If youre still numb at least you arent feeling as much pain - and it wont be so bad when feeling comes back - its the first few days are worst so youll be ok!

It does take a bit of experimentation to figure out how to manage for the bathroom and washing etc... a small stool for you to rest your leg on while youre using the loo helps. and as for the bath/shower - I used to stand on a towel in front of the sink and basically wash myself from top to toe in stages - until you get manoureving better.

yeah sounds best if you lay around for a bit minding youself. youll get more info in your appointment on wednesday!

well done - im so glad it all worked out for you!!
Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: Linds on June 24, 2007, 04:51:39 PM
Sounds like you are doing well.. keep up the ICE ICe ICE, getting the swelling down ASAP is important. I was never in an imobilezer after my LR. I was non weight bearing for a week or so.. on my surgeons request but supposed to move the knee around as much as is possible.
Keep up the work with your exercises, and Ice ICe ice..

let us know what you find out on Wednesday.
Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: ex-gymnast on June 24, 2007, 10:01:45 PM
I have had numbness for up to a week after surgery.  Trust me that was the best recovery I have ever had.  When I had my LR my OS made me walk out of the surgery center. (He was a quack).  Do they have you on a pain pump-  that is when my numbness last so long.

Good luck on you recovery and keep the ice and elevation up.
Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: redtoblack on June 24, 2007, 10:35:22 PM
Sounds like you are doing great!!  Take it easy, but be sure to keep up with the exercises.  They will be a huge help in the long run.  Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Don't forget to ICE, ICE , ICE :)

Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: lb573 on June 24, 2007, 11:03:07 PM
Hi Chrystee, from the sounds of it, you are doing great. I would have been very happy to be numb for days after my LR (i woke up in recovery in agony). After my LR i was NWB for about 2 weeks, and on crutches for a total of just under 4 weeks. Like others have said, i as well did not have an immobilizer post-op, just the ace bandage and steri-strips over the incisions. I had alot of problems with swelling, but alot of that was likely due to the fact that i did not ice as much as i probably should have in the early stages. My bruising set in a few days post-op and lasted a about a week or so, but it was never to bad...just the swelling was horrible. Again, it sounds like you are doing really well!!! Any questions, ask away!!

Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: chrystee on June 25, 2007, 02:36:49 PM
Hello! Well, I am still numb for the most part, which is starting to worry me a little. However, I am grateful that I don't feel as much as I could. I am having a HUGE problem with 2 of the exercises...straight leg lifts and quad flexs. Also, I am feeling REALLY frustrated and helpless. I hate having to ask for everything and I am sick of my bedroom already. Could be worse I guess....

Thanks for all of your encouraging words and suggestions. I really do appreciate it!
Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: tanyap on June 25, 2007, 03:20:39 PM
hi chrystee,
dont worry bout the numbness, your OS will talk to you about that on wednesday - im sure its fine.

when you say youre having huge problems with 2 of the exercises is it that they hurt so much or that you cant do them? what are quad flexs?
you can expect ANY pt to be hugely difficult at the moment - the main thing is to keep the messages coming from the brain to the muscles to keep those pathways open - it will get easier.

i totally understand your frustration - i hated being post op as well. but believe me - a week or so and youll be able to do SO much more for yourself. you just gotta pass the time for a little bit.
get some good dvd's and books to pass the time. it wont last long!!!
Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: lozzie on June 25, 2007, 03:34:52 PM
Hi Chrystee,

You've certainly had a busy week haven't you? I'm with the others, keep that knee moving and it'll make your recovery so much better. After my surgeries, I found icing in the evening just before bed helped me sleep a lot better. Is there any way you can move onto the sofa to get a new perspective? After my LRs, I'd lie around in bed until I had enough energy to shower and then move into the living room. My apartment is tiny, but even getting out of bed and into a new place helped with my mood, although it was exhausting getting there.

All the very best with the OS on Wednesday and let us know how everything is going.

Take care,
Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: itigo on June 25, 2007, 09:50:16 PM
Hiya Chrystee

Glad everything went well. Just popped on to say I remember the leg lifts and quad flexes getting hard a few days after surgery. I had to really force myself to do them and often they left me crying in frustration and a bit of pain.... It was worth persevering with as after a few more days it got a lot easier and my ROM improved. ICE ICE ICE! This also helps to help you with quad flexes because if there's too much fluid the knee won't budge anyways!

Hope this helps........

Itigo xx
Title: Re: 3 day post LR surgery update
Post by: iheartparker on June 25, 2007, 10:24:58 PM
Heyy we had sugery on the SAME day!! I had a ACLR/Meniscus repair. I have still got some numbness too! Good luck with recovery