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Title: knee mri/muscle imbl.
Post by: firepipersnurse on June 19, 2007, 12:45:59 PM
wow, i'm so glad i found this board.  it's been a long road.

brief history, up until a year ago i use to do taebo kickboxing pretty regularly.  always had sporadic right knee pain.  livable nothing major.  then in june last year i felt off kilter, felt like i was walking funny.  episodes of vertigo, went the route of a neurologist, mri's, cat scans etc.  nothing.  ent, negative, said i must have some virus, worked up for lyme, etc. had tons of blood work etc.  doctors said "anxiety".  in the fall someone noticed i was crooked.....then i noticed, my right knee would hyperextend when i stood and my left shoulder would sag.  i walked with my right foot turned out.  everyone said go to chiropractor, no way.  so i made an appointment with orthopod this jan.  xrays of hips/knees, said sciatica.....naprosyn, pt, my pt said you probably have sciatica but i think you have something with your knee.

june, back to ortho, knee mri, patella chondromalacia.  okay.   i can live with that.  i think taebo wrecked havoc on my knee, and i'm right side dominant so he says, pt, see me in a year.

my question, when ever i try to find anything about hyperextended knees, it shows up as an acute injury.  i'm not hypermobile, but my right knee hyperextends and of course makes me taller on one side which is why i think my right foot now turns out to compensate.  this i think has thrown my whole body off, causing my sciatica, walking problems, etc. (perhaps caused by my right knee cartilage thinning)

does this make sense to anyone?  i'm not an ortho, just a nurse who is so appalled at the medical field right now.  has anyone experienced this?  does this make sense?  any suggestions?

it's been a long journey and i'm glad i found this board


Title: Re: knee mri/muscle imbl.
Post by: Annika on June 19, 2007, 11:22:40 PM
Have you damaged/ruptured any ligaments?
Title: Re: knee mri/muscle imbl.
Post by: firepipersnurse on June 20, 2007, 01:23:02 AM
patella chondormalacia.....i really hoped i'd get a few responses to help my situation.
worn tendons/ligaments.

thank you so much for replying, i really thought i'd get some  more feedback on this.

Title: Re: knee mri/muscle imbl.
Post by: Annika on June 20, 2007, 11:54:17 AM
I am reallly sorry Karen you haven't had any more replies. Unfortunately i am and ACLr myselft so I don't know what to say? I jsut find it funnly you are hyper extending on one side and not the other. It will alter your gait and might give further injuries to other parts. You may need a brace to help corect the walking pattern?

All I can think of just now, Annika

Title: Re: knee mri/muscle imbl.
Post by: tanyap on June 20, 2007, 12:07:54 PM
Hi Karen,
perhaps youre not getting too many replies because people dont have any advice to offer? Its an unusual situation alright - I read your post but didnt think I had anything useful to say to help you.
I agree with Annika that if you are hyperextending on just one side that that is going to alter your gait and cause problems elsewhere. Is there anything that can be done to stop the hyperextension?
What does you OS say about the hyperextension?