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Title: Allograft surgery kneecap (sub-thread cont. from "Oats recovery")
Post by: S_501 on June 07, 2007, 05:15:16 AM
Hey all,
I thought I just continue here in a new space here for not taking over Sharon's thread.

Well the allograft surgery went extremely well according to my surgeon who I trust very much, my in-laws said he sounded darn proud of the job he did. Although I had a minicrisis when I learned he resurfaced the whole trochlea instead of just the lateral side of the trochlea where a damage not bigger than 3 sq cm was. I felt bad because from what I know the bigger the resurfaced size is, the less opportunity for full recovery there is....
So now I have new kneecap cartilage and trochlea.
My doc feels very optimistic I'll be a success story, one of those with the "excellent results" in those statistics. I can't even imagine being less successful than that....

Problem with my trochleas was they're kinda flat from birth, so the kneecap erodes cartilage in the groove like there's no tomorrow. My doc thought he gave a knee better than I'll ever have. He didn't think it was necessary to do a lateral release or a tibia tubercle osteotomy to my enormous relief!

The leg was never too swollen. I spent 3 days in the hospital and now (day 6 after surgery) I have 75 degrees for ROM. I'm still having A LOT  of problems with nausea, I guess because of the meds. Anyone got suggestions for that?

I heard from all the good people here about rehab precautions here so I'm not gonna push it and take it veeeery easy. I'm yet still trying to collect success stories from any of you about allograft in the kneecap and trochlea and what you've been able to do about returning to sports......

Title: Re: Allograft surgery kneecap (sub-thread cont. from "Oats recovery")
Post by: maile433 on June 17, 2007, 12:25:00 AM

How's the recovery going?  I hope you're doing well.

Title: Re: Allograft surgery kneecap (sub-thread cont. from "Oats recovery")
Post by: S_501 on June 18, 2007, 12:47:54 AM
Hey Sarah,
yeah I'm doing ok, how are you? I guess it's too early to tell. I'm still at the "bed confined" stage, where I'm trying to regain my flexion (I'm 103 ROM now). It's been about 2 wks from surgery. The leg is surprisingly not too swollen! and the scar seems very well done. So not many  complaints " nausea's gone, pain is manageable. I wear the immobolizer + crutches if I'm walking around but I can take it off and bend the knee if'm laying down.

I'm thinking I'll probably delete my account very soon and be done with this site. I had nothing but "hard slamming" from people here when I mention I'd like to try to go back to sports and moderate running. My surgeon doesn't recommend it obviously, but he says it's possible, I'm young enough, and I should be very responsible about going easy with it, which I will.
I'm not saying I wanna hear what I like, but it's just like so depressing you know? People just embarrassing me and talking about running like it's the worst thing one can do, and I'm a clueless fool basically, like I have no idea about how to handle correctly this sport which I've been doing for the last 20 years (but man has run since prehistoric age so it's not that unnatural).
I guess people who have good outcomes and make full recovery simply don't hang out here.

Anyhow how are you doing....?

Title: Re: Allograft surgery kneecap (sub-thread cont. from "Oats recovery")
Post by: maile433 on June 18, 2007, 05:08:35 AM
Hey Saida,

Glad to hear you're doing well.  Wow, 103 after two weeks?  That's awesome!  Congratulations!!!!!  Glad to hear the pain is at a decent level and the nausea is it's more boredom that I"m sure you're contending with.  Can you at least get out of the house a little bit just for a change of scenery?

As for the whole running thing and the reaction from other folks here, I'm sorry you haven't had a positive experience.  I think you're probably right - most of the folks (not all) here still battle with knee problems so it probably leaves them with a bit of a biased position, whereas many of folks (again, not all) who have completely recovered and are back to running or whatever they did before don't spend too much time here.  Ultimately it's your choice whether you run or not, and I know you will be careful.  I do understand how you feel - I too have had so many people (family, friends, strangers, etc.) tell me about the horrors of running, or cycling, or anything else, for that matter (but especially running).  Like any other sport, there's technique involved, and i think that's one thing that non-runners don't really realize.  For years I just pounded the pavement and it wasn't until the last few years of running that I realized there really was a proper technique...unfortunately it was a bit late and I wished I could go back and fix the techinque and fix my knee too.  I think a lot of people, here or elsewhere, just see the negative aspects of running and don't recognize the physical benefits or just the pure joy of the sport.  In any case, I wish you the best of luck in your return to running...I'll join you in spirit!

I'm doing OK - still have to take it really easy on my knee.  For the most part it's doing OK, slowly getting some strength back but still gets very cranky after I've been standing or walking on it for too long.  Sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes walking on it for it to go south...not much fun.  But, I think it's very slowly improving, and it will just take time.  From what I've gathered from others who have gone through this surgery, it takes about 2 full years until they feel like they're close to back to normal, so I guess I still have some time.  In the meantime, I've gotten much more into yoga in the last couple years, which I think has helped me mentally and physically.  Always a silver lining....

Hope you continue to have such a successful recovery!!!  Hang in there and don't get too bored.  Pretty soon you'll be back in your running shoes on your favorite road or trail, feeling the wind blowing through your hair, the sound of your feet hitting the ground, the gentle rhythm of your breathing (after you get back in shape...probably a bit of huffing and puffing at first  ;D), and you'll be back in the groove.  Something to occupy your mind while your leg goes back and forth, over and over again....

Best of luck to you, Saida!!! 

Title: Re: Allograft surgery kneecap (sub-thread cont. from "Oats recovery")
Post by: S_501 on June 20, 2007, 12:55:39 AM
See? still you don't tell me what I like to hear, but you just acknowledge the facts and also the fact is that there's hope right?
I can get out of bed wearing my immobilizer and using one crutch on the carpet, our place is really small so I don't have to walk long distances. I arranged for working form my bed using a bed tray, so that I can get something done!! ROM is now approaching (if I try hard) about 110. I'll see the doc July 3rd and he'll probably give me new instructions: right now I see a home therapist 3tms per wk, but I'm pretty disciplined on my own once I learn the exercises. In do you judge when too much is "too much"? meaning, I know I'm not supposed to push it but I'm starting to feel I can do for example an extra set of this and that.
So are you actually walking without crutches now? how long has it been? Yoga sounds good, in fact that's probably the only doable thing for a while I suppose.

Thank you for your words.