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Title: pseudo locking.
Post by: elajel on May 22, 2007, 07:41:30 PM
Right Iím new to this so please bear with me.

I had a knee injury 10 years ago that has re-occurred numerous times since. Last year I managed to convince the NHS that I needed it repaired and in January this year had a hamstring graft ACL repair. The MRI showed also some meniscus damage, but the surgeon decided not to repair this.  I have been attending NHS hospital physio classes twice a week for around 10 weeks. I am usually a keen cyclist and have started commuting on the bike 3 or 4 times a week. apparently my hamstring is still very weak, so I am working on this.

The ligament repair seems to be stable and the knee is feeling strong, however I am experiencing 'pseudo-locking' of the knee when I stand straight with my weight on it.  I have to jiggle the knee slightly to get it to bend again. I am getting different feedback from the physio department. It may be a cartilage or meniscus problem, or it could just be the knee 'settling down' after the operation.  I have tried to book an early appointment with my surgeon, but I cannot see him till late July.

Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: pseudo locking.
Post by: Nola on May 22, 2007, 08:24:30 PM
Welcome to our little haven!!!

Sounds like meniscus to me. :(
Title: Re: pseudo locking.
Post by: celinenj03 on May 22, 2007, 08:55:25 PM
Hmm... not so sure it is meniscus. I had that for quite some time. Whenever they would press my leg flat in PT it would have to crack to go into bend and it felt like it was catching. It did this for a long time until the muscles started to come back (I still have a way to go in building muscle even at 1 year post op what can I say I'm a mom and I'm 40). But anyways, I did have an MRI because of a swelling incident a few weeks back, and supposedly no meniscal tear. Every once in a while if my kneecap tracks weird it will feel like it's catching. It could be your kneecap due to weak muscles and yes the knee does have a way to go before it settles. Mine feels like it is still settling even now. My leg actually feels almost and I stress "almost" normal when I stand on it up straight. Before it just felt weird. Took time for everything to sit right and still needs some improvement, but then again I have more muscle strength to gain. Just another testimony to make it even more confusing for you! :P And yes, then again it "could" be your mensicus... ::) Knees seem to be a mystery.
Title: Re: pseudo locking.
Post by: elajel on May 24, 2007, 12:31:41 PM
Thanks guys.

I am hoping that as it was never a problem before the operation it will settle down when the muscles sort them selves out. I am doing lots of hamstring exercises in the hope that it will help.

Would you recommend a private physio in addition to the NHS?
Title: Re: pseudo locking.
Post by: WJD on May 24, 2007, 12:40:56 PM
Hi elajel,

I am 11 1/2 weeks post op ACLR Hamstring NHS.  I only get pt on the NHS once every two or three weeks, so I am having private PT too, to try and have one session a week.  (Having said that, haven't had any in the last two weeks - bad timing!).

If you are seeing someone twice a week and can do some of your own exercises, I would not think you need additional PT.  Just my humble opinion.