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Title: my symptoms ... see new dr Monday ...
Post by: ataraktos on May 18, 2007, 02:27:44 PM
About 3 weeks ago, completely out of the blue, my right knee (LR, Fulkerson TTT surgery on in '95, subsequent scarring/patella infera) started making this loud but painless click every time I led with that leg, going up steps. I hoped the clicking would go away just as it had come and I went about my day as normal.

Clicking didn't go away, and the next day, knee was a little achey. So, I stopped using it to lead with on steps and thought a few days' rest would have it back to normal.

Well, that was 3 weeks ago ... a week ago, both of my feet "escaped" the covers during the night and I was trying to reach back with my right foot to pull down the sheet when something soft moved out of place (not the kneecap) to the lower lateral side of the knee ... a quad contraction put it back to some place more reasonable. Not very pleasant, but didn't hurt at all.

I do feel some soft chunks or clicks when I fully bend my leg ... not painful. When my knee clicks on stairs, there's no pain directly associated w/ the click.

No significant swelling or heat ... once in a while, I'll feel a pinpoint pain with weight-bearing that's pretty sharp and occurs in different spots. I occasionally have an achey feeling in the back of the knee but I think that's from compensating. No real feeling of instability on the knee although I can tell it hasn't been used like it should've been for a while.

I see a doctor Monday ... quite nervous about it, as my previous knee surgery was a nightmare (although maybe my results weren't so bad as they could've been, after reading some people's posts on this board) ... any thoughts about what he's likely to tell me? And things I should be listening for?

Title: Re: my symptoms ... see new dr Monday ...
Post by: jathib on May 18, 2007, 03:25:57 PM
Doesn't sound like anything really. Probably scar tissue. My knee clicks from time to time but my doctor said not to worry about it if it's not painful. You're always going to have pain now and again. No way around that.
Title: Re: my symptoms ... see new dr Monday ...
Post by: ataraktos on May 18, 2007, 03:46:11 PM
It's just these new clicks themselves aren't painful ... the sporadic pains I feel when WB are rather nasty, like being stabbed with little knives. Thankfully, they come and go quickly.

The piece of stuff that moved out and "clogged the works" the other morning, I hadn't thought that could be scar tissue, though - that's quite hopeful as compared to thinking it was a chunk of something vital that's now loose!

Title: celinenj03, I can't reply to your PM ..Re: my symptoms ... see new dr Monday ...
Post by: ataraktos on June 02, 2007, 10:10:08 PM
I see from another board that I need 21+ posts to be able to send PMs ... seems like it could be 21 posts by only *one* of the PM sender or receiver to me, but that's the computer programmer coming out in me!  :-)

As far as my knee situation, I've been doing along okay ... saw the new Dr and he diagnosed a bit of arthritis behind the kneecap and also, general PFPS .. and although I don't deny that I probably have a bit of arthritis, I don't think that was the main problem (not that I was that bad off) ... I think I "tweaked" my knee a little bit and even though it's in pretty fair shape for the surgery I had, it's never quite "forgiven" me for having it cut up so it doesn't take too much to make it angry!

The doctor I saw RX'd PT (which I haven't had time to start) and suggested chondroplasty (sp) if PT didn't help. The intermittent pains I had while WB have ceased but I still have the painless click if leading w/ that leg up stairs.  I say "painless" but if I persist in stair climbing like a normal, two-legged individual, my knee will still get achy ... I think I'm basically over the little tweak of an injury I had (which may've just been some scar tissue breaking loose), but I'm still trying to figure out what to do about the clicking bit. Eventually, I'll get tired of it and try PT ... I'm not at all interested in chondroplasty at this point, though - I figure, if stuff has broken off and is floating about, an OS is free to take it. But if it's anything that is still attached and there need be any scraping involved, it still belongs to *me* and it needs to stay put!  ;-) I also know that while I'm fast asleep/under, there will be no one to enforce that distinction and doctors to do like to scrape ...

I haven't had any more episodes of soft stuff clunking around ... but my other leg has entirely inherited all rearranging sheet duties, as well as stair climbing.

Good luck with seeing your OS next week - let me know what he suggests!
Title: Re: my symptoms ... see new dr Monday ...
Post by: jathib on June 02, 2007, 10:20:15 PM
Glad you're doing okay. After 7 knee surgeries over the last 34 years I've pretty much gotten used to the clicks, cracks, clunks and various twinges in my knee. I figure if I don't have searing pain I must be doing okay. I have found that clicking subsides when the knee gets stronger along with other things. I'm still trying to build my muscles up from my PKR in December. I just had surgery on my opposite ankle last Wednesday so my knee is getting tested the last few days. Today I twisted slightly on my crutches and felt a pain I hadn't felt before. That's always a scary thing. But so far it seems to be doing okay. I've got two weeks on crutches so I'm going to stay off my leg as much as possible and not push my luck.
Title: Re: my symptoms ... see new dr Monday ...
Post by: ataraktos on June 02, 2007, 11:19:37 PM
Feeling a new pain *is* scary!! That's why I was so worried - and also, post rehab some 10 years ago - this knee, with its bit of patella infera and more than one OS daring to mention "pattalectomy" (sp?), has pretty much been pain-free. Of course, I haven't exactly been the athlete but that's okay. I wasn't much of an athlete before surgery (hard to do, when your kneecap slips about! :-) but even so, I was pretty much pain-free before surgery too (except after a dislocation/subluxation) ... anyway, I should probably get on the PT bandwagon again - it can't hurt (well, it could, but that's another story! Hopefully, I know enough to avoid that by now!)

Take care of yourself and your two healing limbs! Your plan of staying off your leg (shouldn't that be legs? ;-) sounds solid to me!