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Title: chondral defect?
Post by: njpnjpnjp on May 14, 2007, 01:33:24 AM

I am having issues with my right knee and am curious if others have similar issues and can offer any advice.  I had an acl repair 9 years ago.  Ever since, things have been 100% and I was completely active in activities including running, skiing, sports etc.  4 months ago while running i noticed pain.  After an MRI, I had a bucket handle tear to the medial meniscus and underwent arthroscopy.  The first 2 months after the surgery were normal with the exception of intermittent locking which when shaken would return to normal.  However, since then the locking happens more often and I have clicking and popping in the knee.  There is no pain except for 1 occasion.  After another MRI, one doctor indicated that there was a full thickness chondral defect (less than 1 cm)  to the medial femoral bone and that was causing the problem.  THe doctor that performed the arthroscopy stated that a loose body might be the problem and that the chondral defect was too small to worry about.

Any help?  If it is the chondral defect, is this something that I should be worried about and that will affect my lifestyle going forward?  How serious?
Title: Re: chondral defect?
Post by: jan uk on June 04, 2007, 02:44:07 PM
Hi i had a chrondal defect i had micro frature performed 1 year ago and i'm still suffering 2 operations my opinion it is'nt to small and should'nt be ignored.Dont settle for anything less than getting it sorted.I have been off work for a year i now need a life has been turned upside down dont let this happen to you.jan
Title: Re: chondral defect?
Post by: brattkids on June 04, 2007, 11:06:47 PM
Full thickness Chondral defects can be something to worry about especially if you wish to continue running. They can easily grow in size with impact(such as running) Depending on why you have the defect it can grow on its own from degeneration too. I would say that if you are experiencing pain its your body telling you something is wrong and it needs to be looked at.