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Title: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: lady on April 15, 2007, 08:29:45 PM
Hi I'm new to the site and not sure where to post this. I have had several surgeries on my Right Knee. The first was when I was 15 (now 36) I dislocated my patellar and chopped off most of my laderal chondal. I have always been a very active person and did not put much stock into knee pain. No pain no gain (bad theray). Anyways about 12 years after I had some knee pain and ignored it for awhile untill I could not anymore. My knee was getting stuck in a 90 degree angle for a day or 2 untill finally it last almost  a week and I had to do somehting. I found out I had a hole in my lateral condal the size of a quater. I also had a meniscus tear on the medial side. I had autoscopic surgery in 1998, the knee was "cleaned up" and cells were harvested for autologous chondrophyte. I had Autologous chondrophyte 6 months later. It was not what I expected but that is another topic. I am glad I did it but I think if I was given other options I may not have choosen it. My doc did not educate me enough in the other options and I did not think at the time there was other options. Also I was a mom of a 7 year old and a 2 year old and they were more my priority. Anyways. I had some troubles on and off afterwards my doc was under the impression women were to stay home and clean not to work or play sports. He told me I shoud retire from my job as preschool teacher and work at a desk. NOT ME! I finally had enough and went to a new doc, which so far I love. I knew I had a meniscus tear for at least year and was right. My new doc went in and repaired it and also did condralplasty 4 months ago. The reason for my post is about 5 days ago my knee started locking, in the strait position and snapping. I have some swelling and pain (not to bad but uncomfortable). The locking is starting to get bad as the day goes on. I think I may have another tear hopefully I didn't agravate the implant site. I really don't know.  I did go to  therepy for 3 monts 2 times a week and I still do it at home. I ride a bike about 20 minutes to 45 almost everyday, but not since the locking and swelling. I recently started walking onthe treadmill for 20 minutes (1 mile, man I'm slow). I don't recall any one incident that triggered my symptoms but was wondering if anyone had some input. I'm very iffy about this whole thing, I can't imagine what could be causing this. I really don't want to go to the doctors but I also don't want to fall into my old habit of letting it go. Help I need advice.
Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: Linds on April 15, 2007, 09:09:18 PM
Well you've been through quite alot with that knee of yours. I would really encourage you to go back to the OS. Locking is a sure sign that something isn't right. Knees that are healthy don't lock. Is it true locking? Or catching? I expect with your experience you know the difference.  Anyway I would strongly encourage you to track down your OS... it's not silly to just check ot make sure everything is okay. You shouldn't leave it go.. you could cause yourself far more damage.. trying to be the tough one and not ask about it.

Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: lady on April 15, 2007, 09:38:57 PM
Its funny you ask is it really locking. I thought the same thing. But I'm sure its locking. Not as bad as before...not even close. I have to "work it out" before I can move. Its only happening while standing. Its quite painful when if finally "unlocks" the pain goes away to a point. I have a mild ache when sitting but it's somewhat bothersome whe walking. I have to move it frequently, I can't keep it bent or straight for to long.
I am a bit disappointed because I thought the scope I had a few months ago was going to last a while. I've been dying to start walking and taking easy hikes. I have always been an avid hiker and did it throught the pain but I'm finding as I get older and my joint gets older its getting harder.
Today I'm resting it as much as possible and going to see whats up tommorrow. I hope that this helps and I can jump on the stationary bike. I will probably end up calling the doctor but my doc is so popular that I more than likely can't get an appointment for a month or two. He is worth it, though.
If anyone has had prior experience with chondal defect I'd love to hear. I'm going to check out the site about meniscus injuries.
Thanks for the input.
Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: brattkids on April 15, 2007, 11:18:00 PM
I have had several chondyle defects repaired (On the medial 1 and the lateral 2). I have no meniscus tears but wearing down on the lateral side of the meniscus. My last repair was in Sept of 2005 (OATS) and I just recently started locking also. I had an MRI that showed that the surface of the graft (implant) is irregular and rough causing the joint to act as though there is a loose joint body. I really hope that made sense.
I will have to go in and have the graft cleaned up a bit and my OS says it will not lock anymore. If I dont get the graft cleaned up it could catch and lock bad enough to break the graft and OHHHHHH I really dont want to think about another graft LOL  ;D

I guess I am really trying to say you should call the doctor if you can. Hopefully it will be nothing but if it is and you catch it early enough it will be simple to repair!!

Let me know how you do
Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: lady on April 15, 2007, 11:47:54 PM
Yes I know you both are right. I have hang ups with going to the docs but always glad after. I have that toughen up attitude and ....that what if he thinks I'm crazy!or worse a baby. I know that thats not true because I know I am good at pain managment. I guess it all boils down to I'm dissapointed that I may have done some more damage to an already damaged knee.
I've had some loose bodies get stuck....oh does that hurt. I hope you get that fixed soon Paulette. You've had alot of grafts. The graft I had 8 years ago is still not quite filled in. Can you believe that. Its almost there. He shaved the area to promte more growth. I hope all works out.
Alot of what you 2 have said makes much sense.
And with these posts in this one day I have decided I should call, but not till Tuesday (tommorrow is a holiday and I need 1 more day in the hopes it feels better, lol). I just hope he doesn't want to scope it again. He has said that the MRI's are not always accurate with someone with my type of knee damage and repairs. Have either of you/or anyone else heard that?

I'm so glad I found this site. I wish I did sooner. I've scanned so many posts and the are all very interesting.
Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: lady on April 29, 2007, 04:19:56 AM
I finally had enough and went to the docs the other day. And now I am totaly disappointed and discouraged. He thinks its cartilage that is floating around. Which if it is will need to be removed. He isn't thinking meniscus injury because the pain and locking are on the lateral side and I had the lateral meniscus removed and the medial repaired. I am only 4 months post op so I am very bummed. I am having an MRI next week and am trying to think postitive, which is hard because of the constant ache. If it's not killing me or locking it just ache all the time. I had maybe 3 months of a half way decent knee (decent for me) and now I'm back to this........again, hence the discouraged feeling. I know my poor husband is concerned and thinking about what next. I'm 36 and I refuse to give up my busy active lifestyle.Which just makes him mad. I know he's worried. We were doc, me and husband were concidering another type of graft for my knee but after the surgery in dec the doc decided it looked good. ....guess not so good anymore. Anyways ....
Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: brattkids on May 05, 2007, 11:33:02 PM
Im so sorry to hear that you might have cartilage floating around.  :'(  Even if it doesnt show on the MRI press the issue especially with the locking. Cartilage is very hard to show on an MRI I had two MRI's that missed an almost 1" round chunck of cartilage that was causing me to lock up and have horrible catching. The only way my OS found it was a scope. He said if we hadn't of scoped the knee that the cartilage could have gotten caught on the graft sites and pulled a graft out.

I sure hope all goes well. I will be thinking of you

Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: lady on May 06, 2007, 11:44:03 PM
thanks brattkids for your post. I had an MRI today, I checked it out but have no idea what any of it means. Its funny because a few days ago the locking pretty much stopped. Wellnot stopped but now its more like catching and not totally locking, but yesterday my medial side locked snapped and swelled immediatly. Oh JOY! my husband laughed when he heard it, He's a good guy though. Usual I say did you hear that snap and he says NO. But not this time this time he did and he laughed!! I'm glad he heard it and doesn't think I'm crazy. He really is a good guy don't get me wrong.
Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: lady on May 09, 2007, 07:58:14 PM
So I read my report and of course googled as much as I could. I go to the docs tommorrow and I am very anxious. The report said my lateral posteira meniscus is extrudding off..(which is hard to believe becasue part of if not more of it was removed and the medial meniscus has a tear.....oh joy. Also that I had bone spurs and moderate to sevar effussion, cartilage fraying and loss..... SO I can only imagin what the doc will say tommorrow at my appointment. I am wondering though could this all be due from the scope I had in Dec. And is it really as bad as the report says.
Well I'll find out.
Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: brattkids on May 10, 2007, 05:28:10 PM
I will have my fingers crossed for you!!!

Title: Re: knee locking, swelling and tenderness
Post by: lady on May 10, 2007, 10:33:25 PM
hey brattkids,
I had no idea we were the same age...I'm 1 year younger.
I went to the docs today but saw his assistant. He said looking at the MRI and reading the report that he would rather pass it on to my doc and they will call me tommorrow. My knee has deterarated faster than "it should be". I am very MAD!!!and very disappointed. He was honest and said it was above him and that my doc knew my case better and he would feel better waiting rather than making a desission. I was very happy with his honesty. He suggest Synovic and gave me a reading material. Maybe some one has input on it. I'm going to check it out on this site.

I hate to get all depressed and crap but I am sick of this. I want to do things and not feel every bit of it.  How can 1 body part take over so much of your life. The rest of me is great..alittle hip ache, a little chubby here or there.... but hey it's not like I can go for a jog and not regret it.

It makes me MAD!!!!