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Title: After Plastic repair from TKR
Post by: nsage on April 13, 2007, 03:30:44 PM
I had my right knee replaced 3 years ago. I slid down some stairs, after 4 weeks, and the knee got extended. I had it checked but the doc said everything was fine. Last year it gave out and keep locking on me. I went to a different doctor and he found broken plastic under the knee cap. He replaced it and I was doing pretty good. I did fall on the knee about 4 months after surgery but it seem to be doing ok for now, just still tender. Then my left knee started giving me problems so I went back to doc. He x-rayed it and said I have arthritis in it and a cycts behind the knee that is leaking water on the knee. He gave me a anti-inflamatory which did help both knees till recently. My left knee, when I walk, has a catch in it and my calf is very sore to touch. I have not seen the doctor for this as I keep thinking it is not serious. Any idea's?