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Title: Knee Pain Under The Left Patellar
Post by: Windmad on January 09, 2007, 02:19:32 PM
Hi, some advice please before I go see my doctor.

I am keen windsurfer and although I have been suffering from this pain for sometime, it is only more recently that the pain is starting to effect the quality of my activity.

I can walk, run and extend my left knee fine, however, the pain appears to come from the top of the knee cap when the knee is bent, and it feels like something is swollen underneath it, although the knee itself looks no different to my right one. It does click more but other than that it seems normal. The pain experienced is similar to that if you pressed hard on a sensitive bruise, and is at its worst when I am out on the water and of course putting some weight/ pressure on it. There is some pain if I walk up and down stairs before and after windsurfing but not to the extent of the pain actually being out on the water.

I can only last about 30 minutes on the water before the pain starts having an effect which is a real concern. Those who windsurf will appreciate what I mean.

General health is ok, ie not over weight.

Any ideas and possible solutions/treatments would be really appreciated



Title: Re: Knee Pain Under The Left Patellar
Post by: John42 on January 09, 2007, 04:21:43 PM

A visit to your Doctor is the best route to follow as you may be reffered to an Orthopaedic Consultant to establish what is lurking within your knee.

Ad the sooner the better.

Best wishes

JohnK/ Manchester UK