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Title: 75% tear of Quad Tendon - RT Knee
Post by: anthonygb on January 09, 2007, 01:36:53 PM
I am looking for some advise on what to do with quad tendon damage to my right knee.  Seven weeks ago I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, I was hit by a pickup truck and crushed by the rear of the truck.  In particular my right knee was crushed, X-rays, Cat Scans, and the MRI show no bone fractures fo the bones in my led.  I have some knee cap damage, slight fracture, the skin on top of the knee cap was deeply cut away, I still have two scars that are heeling.  I had an MRI a week after the accident and it showed 75% of my quad tendon was tore away from my femor, and I also have bone brusining is this area.   After the first few visits to my OS he thought surgery was going to be required to re attached the tendon to the femor.  He was delaying the surgery until the skin healed up so that the skin would not be severly damamged and have to be replaced.  I am able to put weight on the leg, I can not walk or go up stairs.  I have been using crutches to get around, the doctor prescribed a PreOp brace.  I have had the knee locked in a straight postion since the accident.  My last visit with him he bent my knee 90 degrees and then told me that he wanted me to have another MRI to compare to the first.  He said some healing may have occured on the tendon, and that he might have me try some physical therapy instead of surgery.  My knee is still swollen all around the knee cap and looks disfigured as compared to my left knee.  It is still warm to the touch and has a solid feel, I am not able to feel the knee cap.  He thinks that I have alot of scar tissue around the injury.   My question is; Can a quad tendon heal itself and re attach to the bone? What are some suggestions, surgery or not?
Title: Re: 75% tear of Quad Tendon - RT Knee
Post by: John42 on January 09, 2007, 04:24:59 PM

It is doubtful that the tendon could heal on it`s own accord - in any case, it requires very proffesional attention.

Suggest you seek a second opinion from another Orthopaedic Consultant

Best wishes

JohnK/ Manchester UK