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Title: i dont know whats wrong
Post by: bexster82 on January 08, 2007, 05:11:01 PM
can anyone help??? i injured my knee last june, simply by falling over.  after visiting the hospital and having an MRI scan i was told that i had dislocated my knee and it would get better, but months later im still on crutches!!! ive had xrays which show i have chipped the knee cap, my knee is still fairly immobile and is STILL swollen.  ive had physio which wasnt much help as i cant actually move my knee much but they did try electro therapy and acupuncture to no avail.  if i try to walk without crutches my knee tends to give way, and wen i compare it to my other knee the knee cap does seem a lot more freely moving!! im due to have an arthroscopy on the 22nd jan and am worried about what they might find!!! any ideas????? wen i first injured my knee wasnt immobilised at all could this have caused problems?? any help is appreciated as im very worried
Title: Re: i dont know whats wrong
Post by: bexster82 on January 08, 2007, 05:46:15 PM
i forgot to say that, i injured my knee whilst visiting a friend so had my MRI done in a different hospital, and they wont send the pics to my local hospital just the report, typical NHS!!! also my consultant says that you cant always see eveything on an MRI is that true?? i am in constant pain with my knee and it is stuck in a slightly bent position the pain also causes me a lot of trouble sleeping. please please please can anyone put my mind at rest, this has been goin on for 7 months and i still dont know whats wrong

Title: Re: i dont know whats wrong
Post by: redtoblack on January 08, 2007, 07:24:04 PM
There are several things that could be wrong in there.  Meniscus, ligaments, and so on.  And no, MRIís donít always show everything.  If you are in pain and your knee is stuck in a bent position then the surgery is probably your best bet.  Your OS will be able to get a good look at everything when he/she is in there and hopefully fix everything that needs it all at once.

Just take it easy until then.  Try to focus on getting things ready for after your surgery, lots of ice packs and some pre-made meals are a great start. 

Best of luck to you!