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Title: Top secret "Secret pal" update
Post by: enuff81020 on April 22, 2003, 03:02:44 AM

I have some responses from folks who are interested in having two secret pals and would  love to have Shaz.  I'm going to collect these names for a few more days--and then put them into a hat and draw the lucky gifter and trickster out.  I'll act as a "clearinghouse" for her data and get it and forward it along to the winner.

Shaz, I  know that you are reading this--why don't you include somebody's name in with the names of someone who doesn't have the time or finances to participate who really needs to have a pick me up...and then you will have an extra person in the pot to give to, the giver will be the secret person who I know...Keeps you in the fun and participating, does a good deed for a kneegeek in need and keeps everything on the up and up :D   I think this is the best of all worlds.  

If you are the person Shaz contacts for info--or I'll do it if you want Shaz--to be included to receive surprizes--PLEASE let us do this to keep everything on an even keel.   Understand that your gift to the kneegeeks is letting us treat you too.  Thanks!!!!!!!!  ;)  ::)  :D  

Title: Re: Top secret "Secret pal" update
Post by: enuff81020 on April 22, 2003, 03:11:26 AM

I might just want to IM me with your name and not respond here--unless you are Shaz, have a suggestion to do this better, or a question because I haven't said this the way that makes sense...That way, Ms. Shaz Research and Lady Extrordinaire won't solve this before we start.  

As a matter of fact, if you have a question, you  might want to IM me with that too  It will be no easy feat to keep Shaz in the dark--lol.  That might have to be my new, temporary duty!

Title: Re: Top secret "Secret pal" update
Post by: enuff81020 on April 30, 2003, 04:49:05 AM
Hi!  I've gathered some names of folks who might be interested in a second secret pal--and convinced Shaz to share her info  with me.  She does want to be a part of this and this will  let her be surprised like everyone else.  (By the way, I did tell Mickey Mouse and Spongebob that they can't play--lol)

I wanted to get this post back near the top for those of you who might not have seen it--Let's say that I'll put the names in a hat and pull one out to be Shaz's secret pal  on Friday--so if you want a chance at that, send me an IM before then...)

Thanks, Sylvia