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Title: trouble bending, kneeling etc
Post by: rounder on January 02, 2007, 04:42:09 PM
Hi i was just wondering whether anyone else had problems bending down and especially kneeling. My left knee is fine but as i try to knee on my right it feels like something is pulling and stretching inside the medial side of my knee and i cannot fully kneel - stopping about 15cm from the floor. I also cannot bend down with my right leg bent underneath it - it has to be in front. I do alot of horse riding, although i have cut down due to having to revise alot! And i did an awful ot of mountain walking last year - knee was ok , would swell up when i stopped walking and go dwn overnight. I find going down things like steps and slopes quite hard.  The thing is i have a place at vet school to start in Sept 07 (yey!) but as the course is physical and involves alot of bending etc to look at various animals feet etc i don't want to have to give up my place...!  I've always had ongoing knee problems especially when i was growing, strained my mcl last year but i could kneel down about 6 months ago so it is getting progressively worse!  Has anyone else had this type of thing?

happy new year!

kat xx