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Title: Worried/confused about injury
Post by: bettyboop on December 27, 2006, 10:31:49 AM
I'm 34 year old female from UK.
I was playing netball (mixed male/female) on December 15th and suffered a quite severe collision and the next thing I remembered was hitting the deck and being in excrutiating knee pain.
I'm not entirly sure how the injury occured to whether it was twisting, crashing to the floor or a shuving action. Swelling was fairly instant, but I also had delayed swelling. (i'm still swollen now)
I went to A&E and had an x-ray which showed no fractures, sent home on crutches. I have sinced had a short visit with an orthepaedic surgeon who has ordered an MRI scan, and is predicting torn ACL, while his collegue thought more meniscus damage.
My guess was medial ligament damage and/or meniscus.
I'm stil awaiting the MRI.
I'm still in alot of pain, mainly around the inside of the knee cap and also on the knee cap itself there is a feeling of swelling.
I can't bend the knee more than a few degrees, altough can extend nearly fully now.
The swelling is still there (it's been 12 days now) and bruising is now appearing around the inside of the knee cap and quite severly on the back of the knee cap and down the calf.
i have a very tender calf.  The other day the calf went solid to the touch. It's normal again now. I have pins and needles quite a lot in the foot.
My proffesion is Fitness consultant/Gym manager, so I'm terrified of the damage I have caused.
Does anyone have a professional opinion of what you think I may have done, and is it normal to still have such limited movement accompanied with pain 12 days post accident?
Title: Re: Worried/confused about injury
Post by: luckygrandma on December 27, 2006, 11:27:32 AM
In my personal opinion I think you have done more then one thing to your knee. I definately feel you have torn the cartlidge but you could have also torn tendons. I've had meniscus surgery three times and I have never had the symptoms you describe but I have also had torn tendons and the pain is excruciating and you can get swelling. Mind you this is only a personal opinion as you asked for one but only your doctor knows for sure.
Title: Re: Worried/confused about injury
Post by: Doc79316 on December 27, 2006, 12:01:53 PM

I'm not a qualified Doctor (not medicine anyhow) so cannot diagnose or give you a professional opinion. What I can tell you is that you could have done more damamge than you may think. Basically, until the swelling goes down you'll most likely bee in a fair amount of pain. Try RICE, pain meds etc and once the bruising has come out properly it may settle down a little. Try to take it easy and stay off it as much as possible to avoid doing more damage and push for your MRI scan asap.
The sooner you know what the problem is the sooner you can get it fixed.

As far as your job is concerned, are you in a position to delegate certain duties to other staff? Can you refrain from exercising the knee too much? If not, then I think you should take some time off sick or some extra Christmas leave. Pamper your knee for a couple of weeks and I'm sure some of the symptoms will subside.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Laura x
Title: Re: Worried/confused about injury
Post by: John42 on December 27, 2006, 12:36:34 PM

There is no short cut - a MRI scan is the most important next step and you should get this done as soon as possible -

Then seek a professional opinion from an Orthopaedic Consulant.

You cannot play around with  knee or leg injuries.

Sorry that I cannot be more positive.

Best wishes

JohnK/ Manchester UK
Title: Re: Worried/confused about injury
Post by: redtoblack on December 27, 2006, 02:30:18 PM
I agree that you probably did more than one thing to your knee.  I'm guessing meniscus and a ligament.  For now, stay off it and RICE like crazy.  Get that MRI ASAP and be sure to ask questions on all the possible treatment options.

Good luck

Title: Re: Worried/confused about injury
Post by: bettyboop on December 28, 2006, 09:43:22 AM
Thanks everyone for the replies

I have my MRI a week today (4th Jan)
I'm amazed how much bruising I have...each day I have more!
I will keep you informed

Title: Re: Worried/confused about injury
Post by: bettyboop on January 05, 2007, 09:31:23 AM
Hi all
Well I had my MRI yesterday.  Does anyone know in the UK how long it usually takes to get a diagnosis from the results??
I still have tremendous pain 3 weeks after accident, especially on twisting and there still is hardly any flexion...i'm still guessing medial.