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Title: ???? Definitions Please ?????
Post by: shmily on November 30, 2006, 04:02:42 AM
 ???  I am just wondering exactly what some of the abbreviations that are used on this website mean. I know that NWB means non weight bearing. but there are some others I am not quite sure of. Like TTT.. what is it and what is it they actually do?? I am having a High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) I assume, the 27th of December and I have been reading some of the post to know what to expect, what to have ready for after, (like the idea of snap away pants) but I am getting ready.. but some of the abb. are confusing.. would appreciate any that you have that might be used on here.. even if I know what they mean.. others that read this may not.. thanks everybody.. this place is great!!!!    Sheri
Title: Re: ???? Definitions Please ?????
Post by: itigo on November 30, 2006, 08:26:58 AM

Wow, for someone not sleeping well at the moment, I'm going for it this morning! Normally fast asleep now...

I have found that there is a whole section of this site devoted to abbreviations. Here's the link.....

Hopefully this will get you to the right place - if not it's in the Library section of the bulletin boards....The earliest pages seem to have the basic abbreviation answers on them.....

HTH (Hope this helps!!)

Itigo x
Title: Re: ???? Definitions Please ?????
Post by: Audice on November 30, 2006, 11:31:55 AM
Hi Sheri ~ If you click on the Website button at the top of the screen, & scroll down the left side of the page that opens, it'll take you to the Kneeguru dictionary. I think you'll find most of the terms you're reading are defined there. Wishing you well...Ellie
Title: Re: ???? Definitions Please ?????
Post by: shmily on November 30, 2006, 01:00:53 PM
Thank you both.. I will look through them when I get home from work this evening.. I bet it will help me understand what others are talking about... thanks again....Sheri