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Title: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: amy1 on November 25, 2006, 09:41:31 PM
I am scheduled for a redo of my medial plication (unless the doctor sees some suprises when he gets in there).  My last surgery was pretty routine with no post op complications at all.  I was on percocet for about a week and then started to wean off of it.  I don't know why I am so much more nervous about the surgery this time.  Two or three times in the past few weeks, I woke from a nap/sleep with that post anesthia feeling and in a mild panic.  I guess that I was dreaming about having the surgery.

Although, I am able to walk without crutches or a cane, I have had to modify my day to day activities because of my knees.  I am still working full time, but there are days, that I have to go to the nurse for ice packs so that I can make it through the day. I know that I have to do something to get my life back.  I don't understand why I am getting myself so worked up about having the surgery, especially since the last one went without complications and I am having the same surgeon do this surgery too.  I guess that I just need some emotional support right now.
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: Nettan on November 25, 2006, 10:09:13 PM
Amy ,even if your last surgery went well..there is always this feeling when you're getting closer to surgery. But I'm 100% sure you will do fine.
And when it's over you can go on focus on rehab and a better knee..and that's not bad.
Hang in's soon over and done.
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: kittent1211 on November 25, 2006, 11:09:44 PM
I would say the preoperative axiety is pretty normal although, not easy to deal with.
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: knee deep in Goo on November 27, 2006, 01:24:15 AM
Hi Amy

My surgery is next wednesday,    Crazy things happened lately.  Mulitiple deaths in the family.  Going to hospitals, Wakes, Funerals. Churches, Graveyards.  Than Turkey day,, .. and well than I did something to my good leg while going upstairs on crutches.  ..  Now I am constantly being asked  do I have my stuff ready. ..  ( No I have nothing ready..   I have been sitting on my ass thinking nothing about this operation  -- -  rolls eyes)

I suppose I can say there is no fear of the unknown. Except what to expect after the operation.

Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: amy1 on November 28, 2006, 01:01:51 AM
Knee Deep   sorry to hear about your losses.  Good luck on your upcomming sugery.  What type of surgery are you having?  What kind of recouperation are you anticipating?
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: knee deep in Goo on November 28, 2006, 04:50:24 PM
I am having my right knee replaced at age 37  :)
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: surprise on November 29, 2006, 10:10:13 PM
How come its replacement time?  Was HTO an option at all for you?  I have to have a HTO in a couple of weeks....  favoured due to my age (34).  my age seems to be a big concern... what are your long term prognisis etc....ssorry to ask loads of questions, but like you I am young and very worried ... any info would be of help to me.  new to the hi everyone
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: knee deep in Goo on November 30, 2006, 12:15:48 AM
I really thought about  HTO vs Pkr vs TKR  and my doctor and myself  scratched our heads and said what is the best long term solution.      It really comes down to the fact that I have so much OA in my knee.   I have  all three compartments destroyed with OA.     Believe me .. It is a hard sell for some young people to have a tkr.  They do not offer it very easy.    One doctor was so against doing anything until I was 40.   So that meant he was going to keep me comfortable numb on pain killers..   ( Not a life to lead)   So I am hoping I have one of those TKR's that last 30 years.

Believe me I have to work on getting my weight down after the operation and will do my swimming ..

I have a co worker who is double my age and getting a double knee replacement and she is far more mobile than I am.  Plus what gets me she said her OS said her other knee was close to being on the very bad side so they decided to do both at the same time. .. Which kinda freaks me out that..  at a certain age...   An OS will  go joint replacement crazy.  because she may not outlive her implant.   

I know going into this I will have to have a revision in my life time.   My OS happens to be my age.   So I plan on him having a long career and being one of his best long term patients.

If you click on my info you can see my scope photos of the chrondroplasty and a standing xray. .. I been to three OS's .  Two said they would do it in a heart beat. The third..   I think he wanted to see me emotionally brought down ... before doing it....    Which is another thing I admire about my First OS.   He was like..  lets avoid years of pain and depression and bite the bullet now.. 
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: amy1 on November 30, 2006, 04:45:49 AM
good luck with your surgery and keep us posted. I also have tricompartmental arthritis. There is NO cartlidge in the two of the three compartments. I am almost 51. It seems that most surgeons would do a TKR, but would rather wait a few more years if possible.  My surgeon specializes in patella femoral reconstruction, partial and total knee replacements. He was hoping that I was a canditate for a PKR until he saw my mri. He said that I have grade four arthritis in two compartments and grade three in the other so a PKR is not a viable option. He would rather exhaust all reasonable options before doing the TKR.  He considers a redo of my medial plication to be worth trying. If it holds for five or six years, then it would have been successful. If it doesn't do the trick, then I would be facing a TKR.  Honestly, my knee is forcing to to modify my activities, but I am still working full time and if I plan it correctly able to run short errands after work.  I do admit that some days, I barely make it through a day of work and come home and run my trusty old ice machine.  I am not looking to do extreeme sports, just to be able to go on a twenty or thirty minute walk on sidewalks with my husband and the dogs. I used to go hiking, camping, racketball etc etc. I doubt that I will ever return to those activities but I just want to be able to go on a stroll without having to make sure that we are no more than two or three blocks from my house in case my knee starts to yell at me. I dont think that I am ready for a TKR yet so I am hoiping that the medial plication will give me enough relief to get some of my life back. My surgery is in about three weeks.  I am bringing home lots of paperwork trying to leave things in pretty good order while I am out on disability. I will most likely miss three or four weeks of actual work time. It is really becoming apparat how much I do to keep the department running smoothly. Tommorow I have to have oral surgery,  The last thing I want to do is to go into knee surgery rehab with a major tooth problem,  Again good luck with yourTKR.
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: surprise on November 30, 2006, 07:33:05 PM
oh my goodness.. Have I not been listening?  I haven't got a clue really where my OA (if this is the right lingo for Osteo Athritis) is but all i know is that just over a week ago I had an Arthroscopy to hopefully take cells to grow o/s of the body and replace and my OS (Surgeon?) said I was not suitable i.e. knee so bad no good!

I suppose my own worry lies in the fact that I'm not like alot of those suffering from OA....  Sometimes and only rarely is the pain so bad it stops me in my tracks... most of the time I'm moving about like a new lamb!  I don't feel the pain i should for someone with 4-5 stage OA..... Is this normal... Am I weird?
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: knee deep in Goo on December 01, 2006, 02:27:37 AM
I say give it  6 months.. See how good you get.  My OS drilled into my femur when he scoped it last. and I will tell you it was the worse recovery only to go into a surgery that will correct my OA
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Post by: caren on December 21, 2006, 12:47:10 PM
I am in the boat with you on the anxiety before surgery and thankfully hubby is pretty good with it but doesnt understand it I have surgery again on the same knee 01/04/07 so feel like it is a black cloud over my head hate the feeling but get it anyway
it is the fear of the unknown and for me hate the waking up after being put to sleep all messed up and the panic attacks before are terrible luckily the same OS is doing the surgery as before and the same nurse since I talked to him yday will be there for it cant say enough good things about Jim he is a great nurse sick dememted humor is always a good thing
will keep all of you in the prayers for successful surgery
pain free days and happy holidays to all here
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: knee deep in Goo on December 29, 2006, 08:32:11 PM
I tell you this surgery I feel the recovery is faster.    So far I do not regret having the knee repalced.   It is 23 days since my surgery and starting to feel like my old self again.   My Doc gave me the ok to drive.
Title: Re: surgery is approaching ------getting nervous
Post by: surprise on January 01, 2007, 10:43:16 PM
Knee Deep in goo... that is great news. inspiration to all us post op peeps.

:o) keep smiling through it.