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Title: TTT surgery- help!!!!!!
Post by: miners on November 24, 2006, 12:33:13 PM
I went to see the Ortho Nurse Practitioner yesterday to under go the pre operative checks for the TTT. I have been waiting for 18 months to undergo this procudeure which my OS says is the next step. You will recall that I have suffered this for 20 years. Anyway, the nurse could not tell me anything about it as she had never heard of it before and she did her best to try to talk me out of going through with it using the excuse it is not desperate surgery and it will help to ease the list targets if I decline as it will then be a patient decision. Anyway, I went through the process of blood tests, ecg tests and listing allergies and she said they will look for 6/8 weeks to operate, but I could pull out if I wished. As you can imagine this is making me think if I should leave things alone and I have asked to go back to see my OS to see if he can do anything less major as she described this surgery. Trouble is she read my MRI results to me yesterday that shows chronic arthritis in one knee and now I know why I get so much pain at last it is because there is thinning of the cartlidge, lesions to the femur as the knee rides over the femur and there is also damage to one of the knees. Would appreciate some thoughts from those of you out there who go through this every day like me, as talking to someone who doesn't have the paid, they just don't get it do they. My mother thinks I should leave it alone as my OS have said that if I do nothing, I will have to have knee replacement in the next 10/15 years anyway due to the arthitis damage. Suggestions welcomed as the clock is not ticking on me and I can't sleep or work without thinking about it.
Title: Re: TTT surgery- help!!!!!!
Post by: Natalie.D on November 24, 2006, 01:02:34 PM

I would go along with what your OS recommends.  How can the Nurse Practitioner advise you on something she's never even heard of  >:( that seems ridiculous to me, I wouldn't take any notice of her opinion.  If having the TTT is going to prolong the life of the knee before needing a TKR then that is good, you want to wait as long as you comfortably can before going in for the TKR.  I've had TTTs on both knees, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner, I left it far too late and have ended up with virtually no cartilage left, so much damage caused that now the only option left for me is a TKR, maybe if I'd have had the surgery sooner the OA wouldn't have progressed so fast.  The TTT also stopped my maltracking, dislocations and subluxing completely, my knees have never been steadier.  As for going in for something less invasive, I take it you've tried all the usual routes first, physio, taping and bracing etc?  If you haven't tried those avenues first then I would give them a shot but I'm thinking if your OS is recommending a TTT then I think you'll probably have already been through that phase.  Good luck with whatever you decide.

Title: Re: TTT surgery- help!!!!!!
Post by: shade on November 24, 2006, 01:33:27 PM

Hi there, it's strange for a nurse to talk you out of something she herself doesn't understand.  PLEASE listen to your OS - they don't suggest these procedures without cause.  With hands-on assessments, MRI info etc. they decide what is the best treatment option for the patient.  Lesions don't heal themselves and will only get worse if left untreated - that's what happened to me and I've now had an allograft w/OBI BGS plug and fulkerson ttt to unload the kneecap.  It's taken away my pain and my leg is better than it's been in years.  It's a tough procedure to get over, but you've got to think of the end goal. 
Your surgeon will know once inside the best procedure needed to fix your knee problems. 
Let us know how you're doing.  Take care. ~shade
Title: Re: TTT surgery- help!!!!!!
Post by: Hop skip n jump on November 24, 2006, 02:42:30 PM
Hi Miners

I have to read your post 3 times as I just can't take in the absolute ridiculousness of this woman's comments! How dare she even mention waiting lists, grrrrrrr, I'm spitting feathers here!

Get it done! Why the hell should you live in pain and suffer decreasing mobility and increasing pain until the TKR becomes an necessity! You pay your national insurance stamp the same as the rest of us do! The state of the NHS and their waiting lists are no where near as important an issue as you getting your knee mended!

I had a TTT 6 months ago and am doing great! My advice to you is to listen to the expert your OS, not some opinionated nurse who clearly doesn't know what she is talking about!

RANT OVER!!!!  ;)

In the meantime I hope you are ok  ;) and I wish you all the very best in the decision that you make. (Get it done!!!!  ;))

Hop  ;D

Title: Re: TTT surgery- help!!!!!!
Post by: miners on November 24, 2006, 04:39:21 PM
Many thanks to your very swift responses, I have taken in all your support and will confirm that I have been through three lateral releases, years of physio, shoe insoles, brace, taping and everything else you can think of. I am so annoyed that they give you a nurse that tries to tell you that you should consider not going through with it so that it eases the waiting lists, hello I have already reported this trust once to the Welsh Assembly because this has happened to me before, although I have been under OS for 20 years, they keep treating me as a new patient when I need to see him. So I have to go through the waiting lists of 18 months then see him then wait all together this time it has taken me 4 years to get from the initial wait to this point and now they want me to say I am not ready.  So I refused, hense the big bruise on my arm when she then took blood! ( this will hurt)

No one has actually told me what is involved with the TTT, but with so much information on this site I was able to tell the bloody nurse! who said well Mr Pemberton ( who is the knee surgreon for the welsh rygby team) is the man, he goes to america to learn these things!

So many thanks and I shall keep the board dated!


Title: Re: TTT surgery- help!!!!!!
Post by: shade on November 24, 2006, 04:57:52 PM

Stick to your guns.....  You have waited long enough - Now It's Your Turn!! 

Here is an article from KNEEguru about the different distal realignment procedures or TTT (tibial tubercle transfer)