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Title: ankle update
Post by: Stacey on June 03, 2003, 10:19:40 PM
Well just back from my GP's office (ended up leaving work sick today and thankfully got right into an appt).  He gave me a new Rx for T3's (the strongest thing he will perscribe even though they do very little), a Rx for massage therapy (now my insurance will cover it :) ) and looked at my ankle.  He told me i somehow managed to get my tendons inflammed.  He was debating about physio and anti inflams and asked how far i wanted to go along with it.  I told him since ive had tendonitis (i know its different) in 2 other joints and it was made worse by physio i dont want it, and i didnt really want to start anti-inflams again so he told me to take advil cold and sinus (for the cold / sinus infection that i have for the second time this month!! ) and that they would help any swelling and if it doesnt to start taking one of hte nsaids again (i definatly have my choice on those here :) ).   Just thought Id update everyone with what happened.  I have received a name of a dr that specializes in EDS and pain management but am going to wait until i get back into my OS before i make an appt with him.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Im off to lie down shortly here.

Title: Re: ankle update
Post by: pirate on June 04, 2003, 01:47:12 AM
Good Luck
Title: Re: ankle update
Post by: SL99 on June 04, 2003, 02:35:23 AM
Hi Stacey,

Thanks for the update Darl, I'm sorry your ankles is causing you problems now. It's good that your Gp is taking you more seriously and giving you choices though, here's hoping that you can find the right course of action for your pain and to give you the best releif and outcome.

I really hope you can see a Rhuemy who specilaises in Hypermobility problems etc - I'm still wiating to see a connective tissue specialist here too, in the hope sthey may be able to get my condition more controlled and manageable. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Sweetie.

Take care and keep us up to date as and when you can. Sending you big hugs and letting you know I'm here if you need me any time - feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat etc.

Love and hugs........Jo
Title: Re: ankle update
Post by: Stacey on June 17, 2003, 03:45:33 AM
Hi Again everyone :)

I was off sick last week again with a sinus / chest / ear / throat etc.. infection bt have finally convinced my GP that I do need antibiotics as soon as I start feeling sick before it gets to be an infection.  He put me on 30 days of zithromoax(!!!).  Anyways my ankle has still been quite sore (its been 3 weeks) and my left knee has started acting up so i will be heading to the doctor at work on wednesday just to make sure it isnt anything serious (I dont really trust my GP when it comes to joint problems).  Just wanted to give a brief update, hope everyone is doign well :)

Title: Re: ankle update
Post by: Stacey on June 27, 2003, 03:47:05 AM
Hey again everyone

Just another quick update.  I was to the plant doctor (at work) last wednesday (the 18th) and he was appaled at what my GP did.  He looked it over said it was definatly sprained and maybe fractured.  He put me back on antinflamatories (Bextra) and told me to stay off it as much as possible.  Well i got xrays adn went back to him this wednesday and it isnt fractured but it is definatly sprained bad and he is in awe that i am walking on it with only a minimal limp.  I want to discontinue the bextra as since taking them my knees and wrists are hurting more again.  He suggested physio but i refused at this point.  He said give it 4 more weeks (that wil be 8 weeks from the injury) and if it is not better to go back to him.  Just thought i woudl update all of you


BTW in case any of you are wondering it is possible to get a cold while on antibiotics!!!  I have been on them for a few weeks now and have come down with a nasty cold :(
Title: Re: ankle update
Post by: Shazinoz on June 27, 2003, 04:31:25 AM
A cold is a VIRUS and antibiotics are for bacterial infections so YES, you can get a cold on antibiotics.
Have you got your ankle strapped/braced Stacey as being an Odd Bod with a severe sprain (by the way a sprain is torn stuff ligaments/muscles etc) and you need to strap it pretty heavily or brace it to help it recover by limiting the amount of work it can do and the range of movement it can do it in.
Title: Re: ankle update
Post by: Stacey on June 27, 2003, 04:36:40 AM
Hi Shaz

I realize that a cold doesnt respond ot antibiotics but for me a 'cold' generally means sinus infection type of thing.  Anyways I have a tensor support for my ankle to wear during the day at work and home and at night my dad wraps it up in an ace bandage.  im debating going to look for soemthing else as this doesnt seem to be going away anytime soon.  Thanks for the reply :)

Title: Re: ankle update
Post by: Stacey on July 16, 2003, 05:25:53 AM
Here we go week 7!!

Went to the GP and after a discussion about NSAIDS adn how they dont work for me he perscribed PENNSAID (a topical local NSAID) adn amitriptyline (anti-depresant used for chronic pain).  I did get ticked off the when i said tylenol 3's werent doing anythign and he started in on how im too young for  percocet and i said that i had alredy been through abottle from my OS and he said well yeah that woudl be the easy way out but if i just did that i guarantee you woudl be a drug addict in 5 years time and that anyone who woudl percribe them doesnt really care about the patient!! The dr who percribed them is the only one in my opinion who actually looks at me as a person adn not just a patient!!  Well i have to go to PT tomorrow to see whta they recommend sicne he had no clue what to do (he didnt even look at it which ticks my dad off becuase he thinks my tendon is out of place).  Well im beat right now so am goign to bed.   hope everyoen is doign well :)


sorry for the spelling mistakes, im so tired right now and am just wanted to crawl into bed!!
Title: Re: ankle update
Post by: Stacey on July 17, 2003, 05:54:10 AM
Hi all

Well I went to physio today and apparently I went for the three-for-one deal with my ankle :(  I have sprained it, have tendonitis in the main tendon in the ankle (the long one) and have inflammed the tendon sheath on the same tendon and have a nodule protruding from it.  She doesnt really know what kind of PT she can do since she doesnt want to interfere with my knees, since they arent doing well she doesnt want to make them worse.  Well Im running on no sleep for the last few days so I am off to bed to try to get some sleep.  Hope everyone is doing well :)