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Title: Important research for all RA sufferers to know about!
Post by: JTM on September 09, 2006, 06:33:50 AM

I am a health professional from Australia and have been researching RA and abnormal glycoproteins. I was wondering if anyone is taking glyconutrients? They are supplements of the 8 vital glyconutrients/carbohydrates listed in harper's Biochemistry textbook. As this research is only fairly new, many people (and doctors) do not know about it yet (and the drug companies do not WANT to know ;), but the research is there - you just have to read it!

Basically, RA sufferes have abnormal glycoproteins in the IgG molecule, resulting from deficiencies in certain glyconutrients/monosaccharides. Most, if not all people are glyconutrient deficient anyway, because they only develop in plants/food in the last 24-48 hours of ripening. Our food is mostly green harvested, stored for ages, and artificially ripened. For RA, it is my opinion that all RA sufferers should be on these supplements.
It is this abnormal glycoprotein that may be the reason the body creates an autoimmune response, because it recogbnises the glycoprotein as foreign. So the autoimmune aspect of RA, may simply be a 'symptom' rather than a cause.

here is the research:

I am using these nutrients in practice with good results. I am now doing seminars on the topic of glyconutrients. If anyone wants to know more, you can contact me via priv.msg.
I hope you all find this info useful.

Cheers  :)