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Title: You guys are the BEST!
Post by: Riosilia on May 02, 2003, 07:48:42 AM
I've just been reading your posts and it has helped me A LOT!  I just went to the doctor on Monday and got some really bad news and I've been down.  But reading all these wonderful posts has made take a moment and think a little more about things.  Thank YOU!

Title: Re: You guys are the BEST!
Post by: SL99 on May 02, 2003, 02:32:18 PM
I'm so glad that you are finding comfort and support from the board Darl, it really is a great place to come when you are feeling down or just need a hug as there are so many wonderful people willing to help others in spite of there own problems. Aren't we lucky to have such a fantatsic community to share things good and bad with?!  :)

Here's hoping you are doing okay and that your bad news leads to some god news eventually. Thinking of you, sending a hug and here if you need to talk anytime.

Love and hugs....Jo
Title: Re: You guys are the BEST!
Post by: Iona_-Uk on May 02, 2003, 06:13:51 PM
Thats lovely to hear Riosillia.

I think the best think about the board is you know you are not alone and that everyone has such a strong friendship with everyone else.

OI hope you continue to find the board a comfort & support to you.

Title: Re: You guys are the BEST!
Post by: Jennie on May 02, 2003, 10:22:17 PM
I was just telling my mom today that this site had honestly been the best therapy for me since all of my knee probs began. You get so down and depressed b/c you think that you will never find anyone who is going through and feeling the things that you are and then you come across a place like this with all you wonderful people! I come on everyday especially since I found out I was having the patellectomy and I just get the greatest since of peace and relief knowing we all can share our pain,laughter,complaining and tears,I am so glad I found all of you ;)

Title: Re: You guys are the BEST!
Post by: enuff81020 on May 03, 2003, 02:24:35 PM
I'm with you...

This board is like a warm blanket on a cool morning--it gives us comfort and warmth when we need it most.

I'm glad that you got some help when you needed it!  Sylvia
Title: Re: You guys are the BEST!
Post by: Emily on May 04, 2003, 06:10:07 AM
Well said guys!!

This board is so amazing, we are all practically strangers to one another yet we have a way of saying exactly what needs to be said. This boarhas helpped me so much when I needed it most, and I know whenever I need yall I can just come here and find what I need!

Thank you all so much for your continuing support and kindness.