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Title: Adult Osgood Schlatters
Post by: frey2525 on August 07, 2006, 02:45:17 AM

I'm 24 and did not have Osgood Schlatters as a youth, I had tendonitis as a youth but didn't develop the OS bumps at that time.  Over the last 4 months I have been doing a lot of squats, lunges, deadlifts, and running, so obviosly me present knee pain is from overuse.  My right knee has developed a large bump which my Primary Care physician said was Osgood Schlatters, or an adult form of it caused by the stress from weight lifting.  My knee is very sore, hurts all of the time, and seems to swell just by flexing my quads.  He said to completely rest my knees and that the pain should go away.  I've been resting for 3-4 weeks now and do not feel much better, even slightly flexing my quad causes pain.

I was wondering if anyone on the site has also developed "adult Osgood Schlatters" and if they were able to return to running, lifting, etc... after resting their knees for a while.

Title: Re: Adult Osgood Schlatters
Post by: Sam86 on October 15, 2006, 04:49:25 PM
Hi, I'm 21 and have had Osgood Schlatters Disease since I was 12.
It seems that your OS is really quite severe, My "lumpy" bit hurts espiecially when doing wieght bearing activies but some times it just "comes on" with no real reason but it has never immobalised me completely to the point that flexing my quads caused serious pain.

Last year I insisted on having surgery to "remove" the lump, this unfortunatly did not work for me, the pain is still the same as it was before, the only difference is that I now have a couple of scars where the lump is (yes, for some reason it's still there!) I'm stilll unable to do the sports that I enjoy, stairs are a pain (I often hop down them with my good leg) and keeping my leg bent for too long hurts as well, I'm also still unable to kneal.

Although surgery didn't help me everyone is different, maybe you could consult your doctor and ask them about it. If it is stopping you from doing everyday things, which it sounds like it is, then surely it'll be worth looking into.

All the best with trying to get this sorted.
Samantha Taylor
Title: Re: Adult Osgood Schlatters
Post by: leebreezi on June 30, 2007, 06:02:31 AM
I never had Osgood Schlatters or any serious knee problems growing up, but at the age of 21, I've developed Osgood-Schlatters symptoms in my left tibia tubercle. 
During college, I was very active, running or playing pick-up basketball at least 3 times a week, while regularly lifting as well.  During a 2-week overseas trip I did not have a chance to participate in any physical activity, and after returning to the States I immediately played a 3 hour session of pick-up basketball.

Right after the 2nd game I noticed a small painful bump that had suddenly appeared on the top of my tibia.  I thought nothing of it and continued to play for the next week or so, while lifting heavily as well. 

I noticed some swelling and tenderness in the area especially while doing heavy lifts on squats and deadlifts.  Eventually I sought a physical therapist, who told me that I had an unusual case of adult Osgood-Schlatters, that was probably the result of a stress fracture on my tibia tubercle.  Although X-rays showed no fracture, an MRI presented a possible stress reaction on the bump.

I continued to play pick-up basketball sparingly with a patellar strap, but I discontinued putting too much stress on my knees.  The swelling went down but the bone formation never went away, even now after 6 months.  For almost 2 months now I've refrained from any exercise involving too much quadricep use, even to the point that my left quad has atrophied somewhat relatively to my right, but the bone formation seems to be here to stay.

I can probably return to running and lifting since I don't feel any pain, but I'm choosing not to so that the healing process can be sped up.

Title: Re: Adult Osgood Schlatters
Post by: katkaz22 on August 29, 2007, 01:58:44 PM
Hi, i had osgood schlatters in both knees when i was about 15 from all the dancing i did and had to stop, i went back to dancing about 2 years later but my knees were never as strong as they had been and i am still unable to kneel with my full weight on the right knee.
im now 23 and am experiencing the same type of things, mainly in my left knee, i have put this down to over use as i am still dancing but now for 9 hours on a saturday and 2 hours on a sunday as well as 2 hours of gymnastics on a sunday, my doctor told me to do more exercise and take pain killers for the pain, i have not taken pain killers as i believe that it just masks the problem i have. and recently my knee has been a lot sorer and has started making a clicking sound whenever i bend it.

does anyone know what i can do to support my knee while dancing and if it's possible to get osgood schlatters again as an adult. i teach dancing so i dont really want to have to stop and i am due to dance at a large event in 3 weeks time.

if anyone knows what i can do i'd appreciate the feedback..

Title: Re: Adult Osgood Schlatters
Post by: osd30yo on April 13, 2008, 09:54:27 PM
I am 29 years old. I believe I had osgood sclatter in both knees,from the age of 10 or so. I never had it diagnosed because I just thought everyone's knees hurt after activities and after sitting in the car for more than a few minutes. I thought the solution was to push harder, whenever I got tired or sore, I would push myself harder. I finally had x-rays last year after a hard fall (about 8 feet) onto rocks with my knees. The doctor asked how I am even walking. (which by the way is difficult almost all of the time) and told me that I had osgood schlatter and that in fact it was the most severe case he had heard of.
I do not have insurance and have heard very few success stories about surgery. But I am in construction and it's becoming more and more difficult to perform my duties. My wife and I have 5 children.
This is the first time I ave been able to seek help or advice.
I have a friend who is very much into fitness and exercise who told me that squats and knee bends were the way to go, needless to say I didn't keep that up for long.
I feel like a retard lately, limping around, not able to run.
I'm glad I found this site and hope to become a help and get some help for myself.
Title: Re: Adult Osgood Schlatters
Post by: bmadx1 on May 06, 2008, 11:16:14 PM
Im 47 years old and was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatters about six years ago after I apperently injured my knee while kneeling on a concrete floor while performing my job as a aircraft technician as I have done hundreds of times over the years. I had an x-ray that showed a small crack in the tibia where the tendon attaches and there was swelling and a great deal of pain as I was unable to bend my knee without a severe burning sensation. The doctor was puzzled because he said this was something only seen in teenagers. I do remember as a teen playing football in high school having some tenderness and local pain on those "bumps" below my knee caps and not being able to squat or kneel without pain but it was temporary and would go away without medication. I have served in the military and worked a decade in a factory with out so much as a hint of a problem. Today I am recovering from my latest painful bout with this problem it's had me off work for a week with the pain. Unfortunatly I live in a two story apartment with stairs and no elevator and I am sure this aggravates my condition. I have patella straps and other supports and a high tech set of knee pads but still have no luck healing correctly. Is this something that i will have to live with?
Title: Re: Adult Osgood Schlatters
Post by: habibalex on April 08, 2012, 06:22:23 PM
I also had osgood schlatter as a child, im 29 now and the pain came back in the last year or so.  I think its from heavier squats / deadlifts / more basketball.  Patella strap helps a little, but I have to stop activity completely for the pain to go away.  Stretching and short arc quad exercises help.  Interestingly tho, i usually jump off my left leg and I have absolutely no pain in the left.  However my right is painful.

My physical therapist gave me these exercises, hope this helps someone: - short arc quad exercise - side lying quad stretch

I'd also recommend hamstring and glute medius exercises and stretching, and IT band stretching. - Lying Hamstring stretch - Standing IT band - Lying pretzel stetch - side bridge