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Title: Surgery Records Copy
Post by: J_Jackie on August 01, 2006, 02:17:07 PM
I recently had surgery last October and wondered if I should request to have a copy of my records for later instances that may pop up in my life. I'm only 20 and could have many more knee problems in my life and thought it might be a good idea to retain a copy of my records for myself. Anyone else ask to have copies or anything for their own?
Title: Re: Surgery Records Copy
Post by: tigergirl on August 01, 2006, 03:43:45 PM
I would not worry about getting a copy, unless you are currently planning a move or your OS is closing their practice. I would request that a copy be sent to you primary doc for future reference.
Title: Re: Surgery Records Copy
Post by: Pansy on August 01, 2006, 03:56:31 PM
I get copies of EVERYTHING...Mainly because Dr's usually talk so fast and do not explain things well enough for my likes...So I like to get my records so I can look up all the medical mumbo jumbo on my own so I know exactly what was wrong with me and what they did to fix it...Also,I had an experience where my last OS let me go so I had to get a new OS...The new OS wanted a copy of my surgery report...My old OS wanted to charge me to give me a copy...You can get a copy of any procedure you have done if it is done at a local hospital...All of our diagnostic testing,surgeries,etc are done at the same hospital...All I do is wait a few days then I call and ask for medical records...I explain what procedure I had done,what date it was done and I ask for a copy of the results,report,etc...I have never been charged for a copy...All I had to do was go in with a picture ID and sign for it...A lot of it is medical words I do not understand so I bring it home and start googling all the words I don't know...Like I said,I just like to know exactly what is going on with me and that is a good way to find out...Go ahead and get one...It won't hurt...
Title: Re: Surgery Records Copy
Post by: KJ on August 01, 2006, 03:58:03 PM
I think its a really good idea. After all it is your knee and you have the most interest in knowing what is going on with it. I am a GP and often give patients their out-patient letters it helps you take control.
I had an arthroscopy for a skiing injury in 1989 and I thought I was told there was nothing wrong. Subsequently I found out from operation note that I had a lateral meniscal tear and a knee full of blood. I might have reconsidered my skiing career and not ended up with my major knee wreckage later on. I certainly made sure I had each and every bit of correspondence with that long saga.

Just ask your GP, they really shouldn't mind - I wouldn't
Title: Re: Surgery Records Copy
Post by: emphatic on August 01, 2006, 04:38:46 PM
I get a copy of of the op notes for every surgery, as a matter of course. I just ask for it at my first post-op appointment and they typically just walk over to the copy machine and hand it to me.

I feel it's very important to have your own copy of any procedure notes and test reports.

Title: Re: Surgery Records Copy
Post by: DJK on August 01, 2006, 07:53:47 PM
I actually have a copy of my entire file...can't hurt to have it.
Title: Re: Surgery Records Copy
Post by: lgeorge106 on August 01, 2006, 08:40:03 PM
I would definitely get a copy.  I get a copy of everything from everyone. 

Here's why...My OS was in practice with a partner.  Saw OS on a Monday.  Called Wed to borrow MRI files and get copy of my records, told wrong number.  Went Fri to get films.  Fri night my OS forced out of practice as other partner moving to rival hospital.  He wasn't allowed to take his charts with him.  Hospital moved his office down the hall but has since been forced out of the hospital by the other OS for a year.  I even signed a release since then to have them transferred to no avail.  But since I got that copy the day this all came down, I'm the only one with a complete copy of my records!  I've since given my OS a copy.  He even told me I'm his only patient from the old practice that has a complete chart.  They aren't even competitors.  The other OS does replacements only and mine does all but replacements.  If you call the old practice to get your records and indicate they are going to my OS, they charge you $125.  But if you go to anyone else they are free.  Personally I don't think it is their business why I want them or who I'm giving them to.

Granted there are probably lots of behind the scenes legal and personal things going on here, but they are MY records.  I've always kept copies of my medical records.  It certainly beats having to get them from each doctor every time you want to go to a new one.

I should also add that I've never had a doctor or their staff question me or say no.  I not only keep the hard copy, but scan it into a pdf.  I just keep adding to the file as I get more records.

Title: Re: Surgery Records Copy
Post by: Mandy on August 03, 2006, 03:10:19 PM
I've actually just started getting copies of everything.  When I was leaving my last OS, I recieved all of my surgical reports, as well as the dictations from all of my past appointments.  Thought it might be a good idea just to have a copy of everything for my personal reference.  I too like to google the things that I don't know because I want to know anything and everything about what's going on with my case.

This new OS that I'm seeing right now outdoes himself.  :D  Without even asking, I always get a copy of all the orders he does at my appointments.  We get a copy to take to the diagnostic imaging center, as well as a personal copy without even asking.  It certainly wouldn't hurt to request your records and make a copy of them.  It's your body and you deserve to know exactly whats going on and how your OS is going about things.  Also, it does help to have your records at times that you may have forgotten something your OS did/said, and you can always refer back to those notes.

Best of luck!
~Mandy :D