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Title: Encouraging visit to my physio today!
Post by: Kickboxerchick on August 01, 2006, 12:35:21 PM
I just wanted to share my better news with you all.

I went to see my physio this morning, who is pleased with the progress I have made over the last 2 weeks with my quad strengthening exercises :)

My Chondromalacia is still alive and well (sadly) but my quads are coming along nicely, and if I continue with the exercises daily, he says I will make a full recovery!! :)

AND . . .

One thing I have been worring about the most is the fact that I might not be able to return to my kickboxing, but when I asked him today he said YES, he could see no reason why not! :) :)  but so long as I keep doing my exercises!!

I am so pleased  ;D  I'm now off to go and do some more exercises!!!!  ;D  ;D  ;D

I hope some more of you here on the board have some better news too - it does a lot for the spirit, and helps motivate you to get better!!

Take care everyone