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Title: torn lateral meniscus
Post by: maryannhou on July 26, 2006, 09:04:32 PM
I went to the orth last month with pain in front and back of knee. first he says learn to live with the pain than he says lets do mri. Mri shows Chondromalacia patellae  with edema. It also says i have a popliteal cyst.  Tear is involving the posterior horn and body. I also have arthritis along the lateral comp;artment. I have had a month of rehab, where they tell me my hamstrings are tight. Orth had said he would talk about surgical options after rehab. Does anyone know will I need surgery. I am 45 overweight. My job is usually on my feet standing or moving around alot. Dont know if that effects it or not
Title: Re: torn lateral meniscus
Post by: TEGS77 on July 27, 2006, 04:56:18 PM

Hope you are ok

I am overweight and after 7 years of locking in the knees and something poping out they are doing something and im having scope on monday,
overweight is not an issue i am 23 stone!!!! if here is problem in your knee to be fixed it will need to be fixed depending what you need done really, i mean my surgeon has told me its just a shaving cartlidge needs to be done and i will be on crutches for 10 days then abck to work, I dont know if this helps you i hope it does.
lots of love and light xterssax
Title: Re: torn lateral meniscus
Post by: maryannhou on August 01, 2006, 07:09:16 PM
hi i am kind of overweight too and have had this problem for awhile now.. he gave some options with shots and the scope.. i am going with the scope..thinking it is better to clean out what is there rather than just cover up the pain .. i hope to put off the replacement they say i will eventully need for as long as possible. waiting now on the date for the surgery
Title: Re: torn lateral meniscus
Post by: Brownie on August 04, 2006, 08:21:03 AM
You bet being overweight and having to stand for many hours is a factor.  That increases the load on your knees.  Usually for people our age the osteoarthritis begins first then the meniscus wears away gradually.  The big question is whether your type of tear can be repaired -- some can, some cannot.  I still don't know if my medial meniscal tear can be repaired.  You can help your knee a bit if you're careful, using tricks to get weight off it and be especially careful making pivoting or twisting motions, all the more if it's bearing more weight.

Let us know how it goes.

Title: Re: torn lateral meniscus
Post by: TEGS77 on August 04, 2006, 09:08:10 AM
being overweight is blamed for a lot of things!! when its not actually that thats causing the problem and its so annoying for example- my knee had been locking and something popping out for 7 years, all docs would say is its weight related.
when in for scope on monday and there was a tear in my discoed meniscus so he cut it out.

what I am saying really is just because your overweight this doesnt mean its causing the problem
i would do your rehab and go back as if you leave a tear and it doesnt heal on its on you will need surgery as it could get bigger

losing weight will always benefit you, i am overweight 22 stone! and even losing 15lbs has given my joints a release.
but its not always the cause of the problem.

i understand yor worried about your age as your 45 years young, by getting this sorted and even if you have to have surgery at least you can enjoy the next 55years feeling better than you did before
Title: Re: torn lateral meniscus
Post by: maryannhou on January 11, 2007, 05:37:07 AM
thanks everyone who replied. I am still confused. I went to my Dr today and he said he was doing a lateral mesectomy and chonromplasy .. my spelling is bad .. driving myself nuts trying to figure out what that means. but will have to leave it in his hands. He said I would be on cruches for five days and after much discussion that he would let me go back to work in three weeks as long as it was part time and like at the most three days a week, providing all goes well with the surgery and PT. Friday is the surgery...