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Title: Just diagnosed Rheumatiod or Osteo Arthritis anyone else got nodules?
Post by: tiapuss on July 18, 2006, 07:31:09 PM
Hi Folks
Just been diagnosed with either Rhematiod or Osteo Arthritis in my knees but I say its in other places.(my hip makes a large cracking sound and hurts)
I read somewhere on the site about nodules I have some lumps on my arms by my elbow 3 of them and one larger lump on the other arm on the other side.
Has anyone else had any experience of these?  My arthritis started in my wrist although its not as bad as it was, but have noticed that I now have bending fingers as in they are twisted on index finger. My blood tests are negative but I read the 20% of people dont show any signs through a blood test.
If anyone else is suffering with rheumatoid arthritis can you tell me what you are experiencing? And what was your experience of getting a diagnosis.
Many thanks ???
Title: Re: Just diagnosed Rheumatiod or Osteo Arthritis anyone else got nodules?
Post by: stgiles16 on July 24, 2006, 05:59:06 AM
I got my first nodule this month. It is on my left pinky finger and hurts terribly if anyone or anything touches it. My doc is still trying to figure out if mine is simply OA or if I also have RA.
I too test negative for RA but I have been told that I could be serum negative and have RA . I have fibro too so it is not unusual to have more than one autoimmune disease at a time.
If you ever want to chat, feel free to send me a personal message.
good luck
Title: Re: Just diagnosed Rheumatiod or Osteo Arthritis anyone else got nodules?
Post by: lubesh on October 07, 2006, 03:21:35 AM

I have had RA for 20 years or so and have indeed nodules, the most common places of which with me are just above my elbow joints.  In the beginning the blood tests proved nothing conclusive which is common but there is a definite indication as proved by my rhuematologists.  if u r indeed in the early stages then please ensure u have active support from ur Gp, hospital, seek phsio read about the drugs which can lessen deformities such as flexion deformities, maintain as much mobility and strength surrounding the joints most affected in fact, excercise is one of the keys in all this also. 
Title: Re: Just diagnosed Rheumatiod or Osteo Arthritis anyone else got nodules?
Post by: mictim on December 13, 2010, 07:23:20 AM
I also have nodules that come and go near my elbows and i has a lump on my knee which was removed and diagnosed as a benign giant cell tumor ! good luck to you !
Title: Re: Just diagnosed Rheumatiod or Osteo Arthritis anyone else got nodules?
Post by: PatPIN on September 16, 2011, 02:44:00 AM

I started having serious arthritis in my 20s.  Glucosamine/Chrondoitin worked GREAT for that.

Then when I turned 50 (8 years ago), I was diagnosised with arthritis under my knee caps.
I was in severe pain when I walked,  I could not longer jog on a tread mill;
I told my husband that I couldn't walk the stairs in our townhouse (i was regularly crawling on all 4s)
My orthopedic surgeon was worthless.  I was told to constantly apply ice and I underwent 4 months of physical therapy.
I tried other arthritis vitamins (Boswellia, Sharks Cartiledge, etc).  None worked.  There was one left, I expected it to fail too.
DANISH ROSE HIPS worked, (I rushed to the internet to check out -- after my knees improved dramatically the first week, to my great surprise)
I still have to take the full 6 pills a day. Who cares,  It costs about $25 a month and I still take heavy glucosamine.  I am 58 now and SO lucky with very very little arthritis anywhere.  Nimble fingers; and can run again on the treadmill and climing stairs is NO problem (maybe tiny clicking but NO pain.)

Hope that helps some of you.  Check ou tthe literature.  It works by a chemical reaction that prevents your immune system from attacking your knee cartiledge.
Good luck all -- I feel really fortunate seeing these SAD SAD stories.  My doctors failed me too.  Try the vitamins.  (and the FULL dosage or more)

Title: Re: Just diagnosed Rheumatiod or Osteo Arthritis anyone else got nodules?
Post by: Miss Beams on September 16, 2011, 07:20:07 AM
Hi, just read the above threads to this post, i had a load of knee stuff done back in Jan and the pain levels never went, then in April my hands started to hurt, saw G.P. who did a load of blood tests, inflammatory markers and RF came back mildly elevated.  Was referred to the rhuematolgists who think i have mild inflammatory disease(they are not sure if its RA as its in the very early stages).  i am now taking plaquinel which apparently takes ages before  things start to improve.  I dont appear to have any nodules(guess this is because its in its infancy). I am still having significant discomfort where my mfxs, chondroplasty have been done and through the midline of the joint space.  my hands hurt, wrists feel sore L appears swollen and R big toe joint is swollen. I dont know whether its OA, RA or both in the joints.  Because I am not full blown RA, im finding it hard with the pain management aspect of things, also because you look normal, people assume if you dont mention it, you are okay. 

So back to the initial question, at this present time, no apparent nodules, just discomfort, not due to see rhuemy cons till after xmas, seeing rhuemy nurse in Nov and have been referred back to OS re the knee arthroscopy ongoing pain(i wait with baited breath on that one, joke).