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Title: Lateral Release Results: What were yours?
Post by: WCPawsHolland on July 04, 2006, 01:58:09 AM
Hey~ I am 19 and had a lateral release surgery on Feb 2nd because my left knee cap was pulled to the outside. So they went in and cut it to let my knee cap go back to its normal place.  Well I was doing really well until April and things have gotten worse since then.  I can run about 15 minutes at a slow pace and I still can not sprint.  If I walk long distances it swells and hurts for the next couple of days.  I am five months post op, but I am not sure what to expect or how it shouldbe reacting? Could anyone please tell me where their knee was post surgery and how it progressed. I am worried because I play soccer for my college and am trying to make the desicion if i should play or not.


Title: Re: Lateral Release Results: What were yours?
Post by: soccerdoc on July 04, 2006, 02:22:01 AM

I had my lateral release done as a more minor proceduree when I had a HTO.  I was back skiing and refereeing youth premier after 13 weeks although it was 6 months before things felt okay.  I iced and used light compression after activity and did have to have the joint aspirated one or twice.  What kind of rehab did they give you?   Have you bveen in touch with the athletic trainer regarding your knee?  Are you playing at a D-1 school where you could use a red-shirt year?  What has your OS said about your progress?  Have you done any deep water conditioning on alternate days?

Title: Re: Lateral Release Results: What were yours?
Post by: emphatic on July 04, 2006, 02:24:27 AM
Hi Michelle,

Have you checked with your doctor to see what he thinks of this latest development? He should be able to give you a good idea of whether your post-op progress is on track or whether you're dealing with a new problem that needs to be addressed.

You might also try posting in the patello-femoral board -- it's listed under the Specialist's Office section on the main boards page. There are lots of folks with similar surgeries there.

Title: Re: Lateral Release Results: What were yours?
Post by: lb573 on July 04, 2006, 03:22:57 AM
Hi Michelle. I agree with Meg that you should get it checked by your dr. From my own personal experience, i had a LR in Dec 03, and while i had problems with swelling in the month or so that followed, i had relative 'success' with it. I think it was about May that i started having pain, swelling and some instability back in the joint. I had a full patellar dislocation in July of 04. I am now getting a TTT done on the 28th. So, while i had some success in that i had a couple months where things were okay (more than i had had before the surgery), things went downhill pretty quick. I am not saying that in your case this is the outcome, but again, i would get it checked out again. A LR is passed off as a minor surgery, but in all reality they are working huge amounts with your soft tissue, and as such it takes time to recover from the surgery. I wish you the absolute best of luck with your knee, and hope that things work out!!
Title: Re: Lateral Release Results: What were yours?
Post by: WCPawsHolland on July 04, 2006, 04:33:21 AM
I talked to my doctor in May and he said that I should not have any trouble come August and I will be good as new. But I see him August 1 and I am not where he told me to be so I think they are going to do another MRI and I am just trying to figure out if the surgery was a success becasue I have more pain post surgery then I did presurgery. I was in PT for about three months post op and things started well, but then they slowely got worse.  My doctor says I am he is going to clear me whether I can play or not.  He is upset about the progress. He also thinks my cartiledge is torn so that may be an issue, but I am just worried.

I am a D3 starting goalie, and there is not red shirting in D3.  On my own I have done what Cardio I can and I swim.  I will do the whirlpool when I go back to school, but I can only have access to that if I play soccer, but if I cant do the preseason then I am not on the team.

Do any of you regret having the surgery done?
Title: Re: Lateral Release Results: What were yours?
Post by: sharon74 on July 04, 2006, 04:58:28 AM
I have had LR's on both knees - it was successful on both, but due to scar tissue build up I had to have it done again on my left and this year it was determined that I had more issues that just the tilt of my knee.  I was relatively pain free for the most part afterwards though.

Has your physical therpay focused on building up your VMO?  Does your therapy include applying pressure to your patella to help stretch the lateral ligament?  There are many factors that could be causing your pain.  It could be something as simple as your muscle not being built up enough to having more alignment issues that may require a TTT.  The best thing to do is contact your OS again and discuss with him where your pain is focused.  My pain was around the lower part of my knee on the medial side. 
Title: Re: Lateral Release Results: What were yours?
Post by: soccerdoc on July 04, 2006, 11:18:43 PM

You should try and see the OS sooner rather than later if he thinks you may have a meniscal tear.  You might also discuss with him patello-femoral issues after checking out more of the information in the specialist section.

I don't regret having the LR although after the intal trauma of the HTO the LR was more of a challenge than the HTO for a while.  It is a difficult situation for both athlete and surgeon when things don't go as expected.  Hopefully you can see him sooner than August and see if there is some PT work that may improve things  and get the status of the meniscus clarified.  Best of luck.