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Title: motorcycle crash
Post by: SyTrepT on July 03, 2006, 04:40:21 PM
about 26 hours ago i crashed my motorcycle... some road rash here and there, but i thought i was doing ok..even though i was going 60mph . i was wearing a helmet and leather jacket and gloves. anyways, i was able to walk just fine. as the day progressed my knee began to hurt more and more. The flexibility or range of motion i suppose its called lessened. This morning when i woke up, i couldnt straighten my leg out anymore. it just hurts way too much and i dont wanna try to straighten it, afriad i may damamge something, i can bend my knee more than 90 degrees either.

it seems that something is swollen.. i i just wanted a second opinion, i doubt i broke it because i was able to walk on it painfree for a while. going to a doctor isnt an option for me. i simply can not afford it. iv been icing my knee alot and trying to work it out and i get a little bit of flexibility back but doesnt last long.

please tell me its a swllon muscle or tendon and it will go away in a couple days and i will regain my flexibility... it only hurts when i try to bend or straighten or try to stand on it

Title: Re: motorcycle crash
Post by: Charliemouse on July 03, 2006, 05:06:16 PM
The doc would be your best option but to start with rest, ice, compression and elevate, give it a rest before you start working on movement. Allow yourself a day or two with it in the air (as straight as is possible and above your heart) with the ice on it. The swelling will get in the way of extension and flexion so you need to get that down first.
There are quite a few things you could have done, how did you damage your knee, did you land on it or twist it or something else? With a bit of luck you'll have just bruised it but if not you still need to get the swelling down.
How much damage did you do to the bike ;)?
Title: Re: motorcycle crash
Post by: SyTrepT on July 03, 2006, 05:44:10 PM
I dont really remember the crash itself ???. I know my knee had minimal contact though. id say a square inch of the first layer of skin and its not scabbing, that clear stuff is coming out. most of the impact was my hands then on my upper right shoulder and fore arm then i slid on my side. i dont think i twisted my knee or anything (iv taken martial arts and they teach us how to fall so my instincts kept me from breaking my neck or something crazy like that). i just got straight up immideiatly because there was on coming traffic and i didnt want to get ran over. i could walk fine. i even lifted my 350 pound bike by myself with no pain in my knee. ;D it started acting up shortly after getting home. probally about an hour i started to notice and i began to limp.

the bike right? i know.. it was the first thing i was worried about after i went down :-\ ... i was standing in the middle of the intersection with cars all around wondering where my bike slid off too... only thing i have to replace is the front brake lever... mirror plastic and the exhaust were scratched .. but other than that.. its fine. lol  oh and a new rear tire... there was a razer shoved into it which made it blow out and caused me to crash in the first place. yeah... wasnt a fun ride back home with no front brakes and a flat tire... 15 miles.  :(

should i go to the store to get antiflamatory drugs and pain killers? im gonna have to go to get more ice anyway.

whats compression?
Title: Re: motorcycle crash
Post by: Charliemouse on July 03, 2006, 07:35:59 PM
Lucky about the bike, hopefully you'll be alright too ;D.
Painkillers and anti inflammatories are good, compression would be an elastic bandage such as tubigrip in the UK or Ace wrap in the US (I think).
Hopefully you'll regain movement as the swelling goes down and it may be just a really bad bruise, if not you may have to fork out for a doc.
Title: Re: motorcycle crash
Post by: UK Girl ! on July 03, 2006, 08:45:59 PM
presuming you are not in the UK as you would not have to pay to see a doctor here - so does your bike insurance not cover you to seek medical care?