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Title: meniscus problem?
Post by: hermit on July 02, 2006, 05:37:46 PM
I fell heavily on one knee four weeks ago.  The knee seemed okay to start with, apart from a graze, but swelling started below the knee and continued down to the foot, with associated bruising.  This got better gradually but then the outside of the knee swelled a bit and I began to experience pain, although this was more like a smarting than anything deep-seated.  I visited a doctor who thought I might have damaged the meniscus and suggested that if it didn't improve in ten days I should start by having an x-ray.  So my first question is would an x-ray show this up or not?  I have full movement of the knee and it doesn't give way, but I noticed sudden pain if I knelt on the knee, even on something soft like a mattress.  The pain is much less now than it was a few days ago, but now that the general swelling has gone down I have noticed that if I kneel and put any weight on that knee, there is a vertical bulge at the side of the knee.  I can feel that what is below the skin is not hard, i.e. bone, but soft tissue.  Have I done something to the meniscus?  Will it sort itself out?  And if not, will delay matter?  I ask as I am a Brit abroad at the moment;  I could wait and have it sorted when I get back to the UK mid-August, or pay quite a bit to have it (what?) done here in France. 

Any comments gratefully received!

Title: Re: meniscus problem?
Post by: The KNEEguru on July 04, 2006, 03:38:52 PM
Hi Hermit
I too am in France, but I now live here rather than just being a visitor - down in the 'deep south'!

The damage on might do to the knee falling down on it will depend in some extent on the angle of the blow - the damage can be trivial or can be serious. If it seemed OK to start with, this is helpful in excluding something like a cruciate ligament tear, where there is likely to be immediate disability. Also if you had some serious damage to the kneecap (like a fracture) the disability would have been immediate.

Swelling below the knee is suggestive of damage to the prepatellar bursa or the patellar tendon and its attachment - see

A meniscus injury cannot be excluded from your history, but it is unlikely to show on an X-ray. MRI is rather more specific, but can still sometimes lead to a faulty diagnosis. Usually a meniscus injury leads to pain in the joint line, so you could have a feel and see if that is particularly painful.
Title: Re: meniscus problem?
Post by: hermit on July 06, 2006, 07:06:31 PM
Thanks for the advice.  X-ray produced no cracks or fractures which didn't surprise me. Radiology doc thought a ligament prob. rather than meniscus but said wait a month to see whether it starts to get better by itself.  If not, an MRI...  Looks as tho' it's about time I got top-up insurance.  I'm in the Alps almost all of the time now; it used to be just for the winters, but the summers are too lovely to miss.  Last knee prob was due to a x-country skiing accident (one ski jammed in ice on a fast descent) so have lost one ligament (posterior cruciate) already - hey ho.  UK medics were hopeless so will stick with the French I reckon.    Hermit