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Title: will we play again?
Post by: sarucci on July 02, 2006, 03:58:43 AM
Based on my injuries (see signature line below) is it possible for me to play football (aka soccer) again?  People are either trying to show interest or just making conversation but it's a tough one to answer.  I usually just say that I'll always be athletic, but will probably be doing yoga!  It's an easy way out and the person usually laughs and I wiggle out of answering.  Obviously I haven't really considered whether or not I'll play again, and I won't really know until I'm fully recovered (and I guess I'll never be FULLY recovered).  The surgeon said it's the worst knee injury he's ever seen, so I'm trying to prepare for the worst and perhaps be pleasantly surprised... ::)
Title: Re: will we play again?
Post by: emphatic on July 02, 2006, 08:24:02 AM
Didn't you post a couple weeks ago, asking how to get your doctor to move up your surgery?

Have you had the reconstruction yet? I think the question about whether you can return should be discussed at length with your doctor. Then, you probably won't really have a good idea until the surgeon gets a look inside the knee and figures out exactly what can be fixed and what can't (if anything). The last indicator of whether you'll be able to return would be how well you can rehab.

Obviously, if you find out during the surgery that you have a problem which would seriously worsen should you return to playing, then you can adjust your goals at that point.

But, until you actually get inside the knee, get it fixed and begin rehab, you just don't have enough information to know whether you can return. The rest of us don't have a prayer of knowing whether you can return, simply based on a list of your injuries.

Just for giggles, did you ask your doctor what he thought?

Title: Re: will we play again?
Post by: sarucci on July 02, 2006, 04:53:01 PM
Yes, I did post.  My doc went on holiday so I'm hoping (and he's mentioned) that I will be scheduled for mid-July.  I guess I'll find out when he gets back.  Until then, I'm going crazy!  But, I'm also just trying to enjoy life... walking (slowly) and getting out of the house seeing as after surgery my summer will be sitting around on a couch!  Nothing is determined yet for surgery but the doc was thinking that he might also do an osteotomy and osteochondral allograft, in addition to the aclr and meniscal transplant. 

I'm under the impression that for me to return to high impact sports (high impact on the KNEES), such as soccer and running, would be detrimental to the long term health of my knee.  It seems as though my early onset arthritis will progress even quicker with the running.  That was why I posted my question...  I was wondering about your opinion to that...  It wont be a definite answer, but will give me some idea as to what to expect.  I think I've been afraid of asking my doc.   :-\
Title: Re: will we play again?
Post by: emphatic on July 02, 2006, 08:08:43 PM
If you had only ligament injuries, odds are considerably higher that you could return to impact sports following a carefully designed rehab program. You'd probably wear a brace for a time, if not indefinitely.

However, from your talk about an osteochondral allograft and osteotomy, you must have articular cartilage damage somewhere? What, exactly, was your injury?

If you have articular cartilage damage to the degree that you'd need any resurfacing treatment, on top of the significant ligamentous injuries, I think the odds of returning to any sport involving impact (running), cutting, acceleration/deceleration and pivoting probably drops to nearly zero. You could probably try, but I think you'd either end up with a re-injury very quickly, or you'd find the pain insurmountable. You also might find that after a year-plus rehab, that you just don't want to chance it anymore. Soccer (and running) are really hard on the knees, especially the accel/decel and pivoting -- which are the precise motions your ligament-challenged knee will find extremely difficult. The impact and torsion will be hard with your articular cartilage issues.

However, I don't think you have to give up sports entirely. It's really tough to give up one sport you love.... believe me, I've been there -- several times. Each time I had to give up a sport, I managed to find a new one which I really enjoyed. After doing that 4 times, though, I'm on the last sport I love, so I'm scared silly about ever having to give that one up. It takes having an open mind about what's possible, and then getting out there and giving it a try... intelligently, of course.

Just my experience and opinions... you'll have to talk it over with your doctor to find out about your specific situation. I do hope you get good news, though.

Title: Re: will we play again?
Post by: jeepgirl on July 02, 2006, 09:35:10 PM
hi guys,

sorry to jump onto your thread, but i've been wondering about the same thing. do we have to give up all sports or just the ones we love? i've had 8 or 9 knee surgeries to my knee, the last being scar tissue removal after ACI. i also had a meniscus transplant in late october. my family and friends think i'm crazy for wanting to still play and get mad at me. sports are and will be a big part of my life. i'm 32 and am very active so all this sitting around is killing me. i do however realize that i didnt have my cartilage replaced for nothing so i'm not going to be stupid about things, i may and probably will turn it down a notch. also i really havent asked my dr. straightout what activities i shouldnt do. i'm just kinda of assuming...(i know) that i will be as good as almost new.l 
Title: Re: will we play again?
Post by: sarucci on July 03, 2006, 06:18:37 PM
thanks for posting!  how did your meniscus transplant go??  tell me all about it!!... im feeling pretty nervous about it... not quite sure what to expect!  im only going into surgery 2 and im thinking of slowing down.  i think it's either that or be prepared for a total knee replacement quite early.  that's what i dont want.  i think i will enjoy myself in yoga and golf.  they have huge followings and those participants seem to become quite obsessed.  i guess i couldnt keep going to weekend long soccer tourneys anymore anyway.  and if im planning on having children soon anyway, then ill still be able to do yoga while prego, etc... :-\ (that's sad for my knee's demise, happy for my future children)hehee
Title: Re: will we play again?
Post by: jeepgirl on July 04, 2006, 02:50:08 AM
i had my transplant 8 months ago.  i'm definately glad i did it cause i had no meniscus left due to surgeries and wear and tear(sports). as far as the recovery goes, all doctors, well i guess all doctors, have a different protocal as far as rehab goes. i was aloud full weightbearing asap, as this i was told lets the meniscus adhere to the bone better. i was also in a hinged brace locked at 0 for 4 weeks and then was able to open it more and more as time went on, but not to go over a 90 degree bend. i had one setback with scar tissue and had it removed 2 months after the procedure, and was told that the meniscus was healing perfect then and looks great now after last weeks loa. my pain has definately gotten better with the meniscus in place, but i have had 2 more surgeries since then so i'm not really able to tell u if it has been 100% successful yet. i dont expect miracles, although it is looking good so far. i have a great dr. and pt which is half the battle, and the rest is up to u.