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Title: Sprained?  Strained?  Torn?  HELP!!!
Post by: Scottie Baseball on April 16, 2003, 12:05:06 AM
Hello, all.  Last night while playing football (American), my right knee started feeling "tight" and slightly uncomfortable.  It didn't bother me to run much, so I continued to play.  When I woke up this morning, the pain was intense, and even now, I can't straighten or bend it much in either direction.  I also can't stand alone on it.  It's swollen some, primarily on/around the patella.  The most bizarre thing is that I don't recall a specific "moment of trauma", meaning I don't remember falling on it, twisting it, bumping it, etc.

I've scheduled a doctor's appointment for tomorrow, but I'm anxious to find out what it may be.  Anyone?  Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Sprained?  Strained?  Torn?  HELP!!!
Post by: cm on April 16, 2003, 01:51:27 AM
I tore my medial meniscus a few weeks ago and didn't have a single pinpoint traumatic event either.   My knee (which had ACL reconstruction a few years ago) seemed to start clicking and shifting more and all of the sudden I was skiing, slid out a bit funny on an icy spot (nothing THAT abnormal though) and all of the sudden couldn't straighten it out.   I suspect that I had a small tear that continued to worsen until the one odd movement finally caused it to flip into a bad position.   My doctor told me he thinks I have a high tolerance for pain and may not have even noticed it when it was a smaller problem.

So it could be something like a small meniscus tear that you aggravated through "normal" football activities and it took a few hours to really swell up.  

Good luck with your appointment and I hope you're feeling better soon!
Title: Re: Sprained?  Strained?  Torn?  HELP!!!
Post by: windbarb on April 16, 2003, 05:37:01 PM

I can't help you with what might be wrong, but if the pain isn't fairly centered, then it's not as likely to be meniscus.  Football is a rough sport, and things that are probably fairly "routine" out on the field (like getting hit sideways on the legs or twisting at odd angles) are things that could cause or aggravate an injury.

Until your appointment, make sure you RICE it (that's rest, ice, elevate, and compress [ace bandage]).  Is your appointment with a general practicioner (GP) or an orthopedic surgeon (OS)?

Good luck tomorrow, and keep us posted!

Title: Re: Sprained?  Strained?  Torn?  HELP!!!
Post by: Scottie Baseball on April 16, 2003, 07:34:37 PM
Thanks for the replies and good wishes CM and windbarb.  I've never had a problem with my knees before.  They crack like hell when I squat (probably from years of catching in baseball) and ache on occasion, but it's not been like this before.  

The pain is definitely not centered.  If I try to straighten my leg, it feels as though my knee cap is going to pop off my leg.  Windbarb, you're probably right...something may have happened that I think of as routine to cause this.

I have been RICE'ing and it's reduced the swelling and pain some, but it's still significant.  I'm going to see my general practitioner today, but he's also got an orthapedic background.  He's the team physician for the mens soccer and lacrosse teams at the local community college.  I'm hoping he'll just tap-and-drain it and I'll be on my way!  

Thanks again for the good wishes!

Title: Re: Sprained?  Strained?  Torn?  HELP!!!
Post by: Scottie Baseball on April 21, 2003, 09:59:45 PM
Sorry for not replying sooner...I've been out of town on business.

Well, the good doctor said it's simply fluid and there doesn't seem to be any structural instability.  He said a number of things could have inflamed it, but he attributes it to playing on artificial turf and having been a catcher (baseball for you Brits) for 8 years.  He told me to take a week off, take one Vioxx per day, and I should be good as new.  He said if that doesn't work, he'll drain it.

Since then, the swelling has gone down tremendously and the pain is only occasional, but the Vioxx seems to do the trick.  It's still not completely healed, so I will heed the doctor's advice and sit out tonight's game.

Title: Re: Sprained?  Strained?  Torn?  HELP!!!
Post by: enuff81020 on April 21, 2003, 10:49:10 PM

The only advice I will give you is from my world of experience--stay on top of things.  do not "tolerate" or  "put up with" anything that just does not seem right--changes, healing (or lack of) or pain.  I will believe forever that if I hadn't "bit the bullet" and kept on with my life when my knees started bothering me that I might not have the mess I have now.  It is better to be inconvenienced a biut and find out things are appropriate now than to wait until they are out of hand later.  Sylvia