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Title: 16 Years Old..
Post by: SaxontheBeach on May 22, 2006, 11:32:32 PM
Recently my knees have both been stiffer than usual. I'm into working out with weights and believe this is from squatting and using the leg press machine. My knees seemed to be feeling better until I started using the leg press machine again. Even so, I have not used it in over two weeks and am noticing tingling feelings in the top and mainly inside sides of my knees. I am guessing I have little tears in my miniscus but I am optimistic the problem cannot heal itself with a little reprieve from physical activity. Unfortunately, my house has about 30 stairs. This does not help the problem much. I often receive tremendous pain when climbing the stairs at a very fast rate and pushing off almost to go up. Now I am paying for my squatting in a smith machine and was wondering what a 16 year old can do to heal his knees and prevent further problems to avoid surgery and arthritis. This is a great forum and I would appreciate some feedback since I am no doctor. I am scheduled to play tennis the entire summer which does not bother me much unless my knees remain unusually stiff. Glucosamine or fish oil or ice or antiinflammatories or swimming?  ???
Title: Re: 16 Years Old..
Post by: Nettan on May 23, 2006, 04:00:20 PM
Are you sure you have meniscus tears ? Maybe you should go get your knees checked if you haven't.Until then avoid the leg press machine and squatting. You are way too young to try treat this problem until you know what you're dealing with. Maybe you have just done too much and your knees get stiff because of that. Take it easy for a while and see if it helps.