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Title: Missing Patella Tendon anyone?
Post by: SarahJane on May 19, 2006, 09:12:27 PM
Hello World and fellow Knee Geeks,   

I thought I'd add to this lovely new area by asking the whole world.....

Is there anyone else out there who 'lost' their patella tendon?   

I'd love really to hear from anyone who's been as daft as me and lost one!   :o  Regardless of how it's disappeared!   I'm interested!

in particular, I'd love to hear about how they got it back.    I've had some really helpful information from a couple of lovely people on this site, but any other helpful info would be much appreciated! 
I'm hoping to get mine reconstructed by some brave Surgeon in the UK.   
Life is pretty awful 'sans Patella Tendon'!

I do hope all my Fellow Geeks are pain free and as mobile as possible!   
and thanks for all the support I've received since I sustained my injury!   I wouldn't have coped without you all!   :-*