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Title: Had my 3rd Synvisc injection today
Post by: limpman on May 16, 2006, 11:17:09 PM
Well, I had the final shot today.  It was injected about the same place as the first one and was about as bothersome as the first one.  I could feel the goo going in and the knee joint felt like it needed to pop for awhile.  The feeling went away within about 15 minutes.  It will probably be a little sore tomorrow.

So, from here, I'm told to give it a month or so and if the shots make it more bearable, try to live with it and come back for more shots in 8 to 12 months.  If it still drives me nutts, he's willing to do a TKR and get it over with, even at my age - which is approaching 35.  Yes, my knee is that rotten.  He says the concern of wearing one out in 20 years can be dealt with in 20 years -- which is exactly the way I feel about it.  I may not even live that long... If it has a chance of improving the quality of life while I am alive, I must consider it.

To summarize, I had:

1 scar tissue removal surgery
2 arthroscopy surgery
1 major surgery that involved a Quadricep Plasty (relocating quads to gain motion), most of the miniscus removed, more scar tissue removal, and various cartilage repair (however they do that).
And I currently have about 105 degrees of motion with moderate discomfort when weight is applied.