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Title: Neuroma under the patella's skin ?
Post by: Wojt on May 16, 2006, 09:14:20 PM
I have found knee neuroma description on this website:
A neuroma is a localized swelling and irritation of a nerve. Blunt trauma (a blow) to the front of the knee can bruise the fine sensory nerves that lie just under the skin and can lead to neuroma-like pain.
Gentle scratching of the skin with a thumbnail or squeezing of the skin is painful. The diagnosis is confirmed by relief being obtained with an injection of an anesthetic under the skin.
This is a common condition among people who bang their knee on a hard object such as the dashboard of a car or simply the ground.

... and it is exactly what I have been suffering since some time after pressing my knee too hard against the floor. Now I cannot touch tip of my kneecap at all, it is so sensitive! I can hardly wear trousers. Doctor Grelsamer explained this  syndrom as abovepain, but I was unable to search (find) how to cure it, how to alleviate this debilitating sensitivity!
Please share any suggestion, what I can do at home conservatively, before visiting surgeon. Thanks a lot for your time and helpful tips.