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Title: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: henri on May 04, 2006, 01:57:59 PM
Hello.I had acl done 3 and half months ago.I was wondering which is better for my knee and also for building up muscles,is it:
i cycle without the brace but when rollerblading,i put on huge brace.Its like robot leg and stabilizes my knee:P.I was also wondering,if i really should put on that brace, i know that it is safer,but after my aclr doctor said not to put it on,because then my muscles would go bad/away faster.I am now 3.5 months and wondering,that if even after the operation i didnt have to wear a brace,than mabe could i start rollerblading without the brace.I am planning to buy a smaller brace,but have lost the paper,with what i can get discount and so probably have to make another appoitment to get the new brace.
Anyway,one more question:today i did some cycling outside and my knee kinda gave away,it like hyperextended but i didnt feel any pain afterwards.My question is,could i have done something to my new craft and also,is it normal to hyperextend after the acl has been put in?i suppose it isnt,and i actually thought 1 month after the operation,when i fell badlt on operated knee,that i had retored it,but doctor said(after he had done some tests) it is ok.After 3 months i also kinda hyperextended,while standing on snow and the snow suddenly went away under me and i felt pain at the back,but was able to pull the knee back after the pain.i didnt thought of that situtations much,because i was only standing on my bad knee and didnt feel much pain afterwards.So,any suggestions to a struggeling kid/man here:P.Any advice is more than welcome.
Title: Re: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: heather k from wales on May 04, 2006, 03:56:30 PM
Henri, if you want your newly reconstructed ACL to last, then Id keep off rollerblading until at least 6-8 months post op.  Cycling should b fine if gentle and no off-roading.  Seriously speak to your physio or OS about this to avoid injury.

Good luck,

Heather ;)
Title: Re: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: patpalloon on May 04, 2006, 05:10:37 PM
I agree. The reconstructed ACL is quite vulnerable at this stage. You'd best wait a few months for rollerblading.

Title: Re: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: henri on May 04, 2006, 06:10:03 PM
Ou my gosh.I have been rollerblading now for 3 weeks atleast for 20 km per day ???
Could i have damaged it too bad or what do you think,i have always been wearing huge brace,which should hold the knee in place i suppose,it starts almost from the hip, or little lower and ends near the ankle.It has like 3 straps under the knee and over the knee.Dam,i cant do nothing right:( ,whatever i do ,i always mess up,i took away the crutches too early,i fell on my knee too early, i started doing gym too early, i now started to do rollerblading too early and what an earth?dam!
that really sucks:(
I ,myself am thinking that while person rollerblades,he/she is not using his acl that much,especially if he/she is wearing kneebrace,which should hold the knee more,also i havent done tricks nor anything that much,if i make the turns,i try,atleast i try:p to use my good knee for that.I seriously thought that i am doing the "good" thing to my knee.If they are saying that person could start jogging,then i am quite sure ,that jogging is much more worse to knee than rollerblading,because i am practically like sliding along the road,not like bumping my knee on the ground,thought that happens also at sometimes,if there are some bumps on the road or some higher place,which just says your name and calls you to make a jump from there.I cant understand,why cycling should be better for knee.Can anyone explain more?
Any other suggestions?
Title: Re: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: soccerdoc on May 04, 2006, 07:15:05 PM
A recently retired FIFA referee (USA) I have worked with once told me a wise thing that probably applies to your situation, "expect the unexpected".  This has worked well for me on and off the pitch.  Perhaps it applies.

Think about the forces that occur when rollerblading and what it takes to stabilize the knee and the role the ACL plays in preventing the femur from sliding over the tibia, all done with full weight bearing.  Now think about cycling that is minimal weight bearing particularly if you use a cleated pedal system that enables a push -pull force between the ascending and descending legs, with no risk for sudden forward force change between the lower leg and thigh such as might happen if hitting a bump or small to medium rut in the road.  If you want to intensify a cycling workout you change the prm of your spin, and can add intervals for example.  My OSs have all advised me to avoid getting out of the saddle when riding which is a buggar as I live where it is a 5km hill from either direction, one with short switch-backs and the other a long gradual milder climb.  Took me a bit of pain and swelling to get the message.  Granted I have been lucky and never had an ACL problem.

I don't hink you always mess up it is just harder to moderate when things seem to be going well faster.

Best of luck............Jim
Title: Re: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: heather k from wales on May 04, 2006, 07:16:24 PM
Different muscles are used in different ways depending on what activity you do, likewise, depending on the activity you do, the ACL is stressed in different ways.  In my un-qualified opinion I would imagine that rollerblading would cause stress the ACL, whether using a brace or not.  A brace, no matter how good and expensive, is a support and does not guarantee to protect the ACL.  You can still damage it even when braced, although it can be a great help in protecting the ACL.
If I were in your shoes, I would only do what was agreed by my physio and/or OS.
You are way too early post op to be doing activities like this in my opinion.
You need that knee to last a lifetime, not just a few years.

Good luck,

Heather ;)
Title: Re: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: henri on May 04, 2006, 07:56:14 PM
Ok,i am going to avoid rollerblading and hoping not to mess up anymore.I am just hoping its not too late.I did alot of cycling when i didnt have my acl for 4 months or so,then i also used to paddle while standing ,thought most of the time i still sat and paddled.I tried different saddle heights,like sometimes it hurt to paddle,sometimes it didnt etc.Anyway,is 3.5 months really that early,i have read about people,one guy/girl took part at olympic in Torino 2006,being only 4 months after ACLR.I suppose it depends on a person.
And about the" expect the unexpected" is actually the thing,that if something is ment to be messed up,then its going to be messed up.You cant realize and think throw every situation.I have always been careful,atleast thats what i have thought,but i have messed up so many times,that its hard to keep track of my mess-ups:P
Anyway,atleast i asked this question now,if i would have asked it 3 months later,then things would have been much more worse.But on the whole,i suppose that brace still helps to give that "extra" stabilization to knee.
Title: Re: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: raquetball1 on May 04, 2006, 08:13:50 PM

Hi Henri,  At about four months post autopatellar aclr I was permitted to do "sliding" as shown above.  Similar to motion of rollerblading? If so, then rollerblading action in itself should not be bad for knee. Remember, however, that since my own patellar tendon was used, I had bone posts helping to anchor my new acl in tunnels. Also, I only used this sliding apparatus in a PT supervised facility.  My concern re rollerblading would be turns and unsafe surfaces that may cause you to fall or, like another poster mentioned, the unforeseen obstacle that may run out in front of you.

Your brace sounds more like a post-op immobilizing brace adjustable from zero flexion to full flexion than it does a functional acl brace.  I wore one of these locked at zero degrees flexion for one month post-op, taking it off for rehab exercises.  After that month I only wore it a few times, unlocked for full flexion, while shoveling snow or walking in deep snow with ice cover.  This brace is not a functional, made for sports activity brace.  

I wish you were having a better time of it, Henri.  My thoughts are with you.

Title: Re: cycling or rollerblading
Post by: henri on May 04, 2006, 08:39:06 PM
I started rollerblading 3 about 3 months post aclr.The rollerblading is indeed as shown on that picture,thought i make it much more(today i thought to ride over 30 km-s,thank god i didnt,thought i have been blading for like 200 km-s for now,too bad,eh?) as you did,i suppose, and also put some more pressure on it.As a young stupid boy i also did some like curves,or like not only riding but did some spins or so,but not much,mostly still just pure blading.Neither i had any PT along with me,while skating,only some friends,but they dont qualify as personal trainers,right?:D
Anyway,thanks for suggestions, trying to make it right for now and going to visit doctor as soon as i can,to get later suggestions from him.Mabe new operation,due to my stupid behaviour.
New question:how much is moderate cycling,how many miles or km-s?after 2 months i took in gym like 3 km-s of cycling and did this running machine for 10 mins or so.Is that moderate or too much?