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Title: My Pre Op, what a ordeal.
Post by: bikersmurf on May 03, 2006, 03:26:22 AM

Well I went today to get the usual for op on Friday. I had to take a pill after I finally got out of there.
Well for one I almost fell apart. I did what they told me to ,worked very hard streighthing and I go in there and it was like a slap in the face. I can not believe this guy has no bed side manner and pretty much destroys your beliefs and hopes then smiles and walks out.  >:(
Any ways I am having the hardware removale and orif and scrapping and some muscle repair . I asked him about Quads and he said well atleast you have 60% use of them, nothing else can be done. Then 115 flex and 4 degress off, leg is not streight and I will have the small limp and give outs for rest my life.I ask about scar and he says well with some shrinkage they will have to reopen the hole thing and then some about an 8 " now. Staple me up come back in 2 weeks and then thats it unless a problem. Well not good enough I said. He then finally comes clean and says well what do you exspect the only thing that did not have some damage was hamstring. I just went blank for a min. So I ask why did you reconstruct it and not just give me a replacement? Why cause your to young. 33 and then he says estimate with in 6-8 years I will have to have one. Well that makes no sense. Proceeds to tell me I will not be able to run, kneal and 85% chance of rebreak to patella alone, just by bumping it hard or falling or stress break. I just started to let him have it. I said well do you consider this a sucess and he says yes unless we find something while were in there. I said No you just added this as one for your resume and just told me I will never run and play game with my kids and that at any time it will give out and probaly break it again and my leg will never be streight and I will limp and your just going to sew me up and wish me luck and no pt after. :'( Then I addded , and if I really did not have to get them out right now I would go to someone who cares. If you read any of my threads before they have been holding back on me on the injury and I would have to pry it out of him. I guesss I am just very upset cause I thought I would have more movement and things would get better less pain and more stable and it looks like I won't. I hit hime really hard. I am going through with the removale and then he really does not know me that well I will request a refereal right there when I go get staples out. I got all the med bills out and I have a 40 thousand dollar knee so far with out this op and I could of gotten atleast two replacements for that. ??? I'm sorry I guess I am venting , but it was very upsetting. Thanks for listening. I'll let you know how op went.
Title: Re: My Pre Op, what a ordeal.
Post by: Nettan on May 03, 2006, 06:37:19 AM
BS, so sorry to hear about the bad news you got. I know how hard you have struggled to get somewhere with this knee and really get help with it. If you have possibilities, but I know it's hard you should need more opinions on this then you really have. I mean if he says it has so high risk of rebreaking they must do something to make it better.Knees aren't fun.
Ohh..wish I could do something for you more then just being here.
I hope you feel better today.

Title: Re: My Pre Op, what a ordeal.
Post by: Doc79316 on May 03, 2006, 08:26:50 AM
Hey BS,

You need another opinion and an OS who cares not just about what he can do for you, but someone who cares about you as a person too. I think this is a quality all OS's should have.
You can't just give up like that. You have to live with your knee they way it is for now but you WILL get help and it WILL get better. You need to stay positive and decide for yourself that ou (with the help of a good OS) are going to get your knee sorted once and for all.
Anyone has a chance of breaking/fracturing their patella if the bump it or bang it. Maybe yours is a little weaker because of your injury, but that in itself shouldn't stop it from healing properly and one day I'm sure you'll be back to 100%.
Keep your chin up and keep fighting for your right to decent treatment and a well healed, well rehab'd knee.
Feel free to vent anytime. I hope you ahve a good day today.

Take care,

Laura x
Title: Re: My Pre Op, what a ordeal.
Post by: bikersmurf on May 03, 2006, 03:23:59 PM
Thanks, :)
 I am doing a little better this morning. I just think I am going to be in for alonger ride than I espectted. I don't understand why some people would rather see other suffer when they are able to help give releif. Os's are not gods but I thought they were understanding and there to help, not just ready to cut and then away they go until you have a problem. It is not easy living with these injuries and no matter how hard you work at them, you still suffer long term. I just am down cause I thought and hoped for so much more than what he told me. I am trying not to lose hope, but it seems that I am going to have to make more changes in my life again. I hope to be able to get into another OS's, I know that will have to wait for awhile. I am just not looking forward to op tomarrow than I was . I will go through with it not choice  and I think that is what bothers me the most I was given no choices. I am adult and no matter what age I feel they should of just replaced it instead of what they given me a unstable knee. I will not give up on it but I think for now I just will give it a rest for now. :-\
Title: Re: My Pre Op, what a ordeal.
Post by: rozzzie on May 03, 2006, 04:41:10 PM

Its hard enough to recover from a major accident, let alone have OS problems. Grrrrrrrr....

Sending ( and wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.