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Title: ACI surgery in 2 weeks
Post by: wyattf on May 02, 2006, 11:33:35 PM

I recently found this board while researching my ACI surgery that I have scheduled in 2 weeks.
I am a 32 year old male with a grade III focal defect (1 square inch) on the femoral sulcus of my
left knee.  I had arthoscopic surgery last June to clean up scar tissue and while in there, the doctor
harvested some cartilage.  I've put off my surgery for almost a year, but finally decided to have it
done now.

I've found this board to be very interesting and informative, but it does make me a little anxious
as I read some of the non-success stories, however, I am still confident that this surgery will be
a success for me.

One of my favorite activities is cycling (mountain and road) so I'm not looking forward to giving
this up for 1-2 years.  Even though I would love to jump back to cycling as quickly as possible,
I know this procedure requires a lot of patience and PT.  I have read that the cartilage continues
to harden for 2-3 years, so I probably won't get back into cycling on a competitive level for 2 years.
In the meantime, I have considered purchasing a handcycle (arm powered cycle) to give myself
an activity to do (outside) as I recover.  Has anybody else used one of these after knee surgery?
What other cardio-type exercises have you found that is compatible with post-surgery knees?

I hope to post about my experiences and progress after the surgery when the time comes.

Title: Re: ACI surgery in 2 weeks
Post by: Jakem on May 08, 2006, 01:11:01 AM
Where and who is your surgeon?
Title: Re: ACI surgery in 2 weeks
Post by: Nick_Knack on May 24, 2006, 01:01:59 AM
Good Luck,

Have you had the surgery yet?

Yeah, I am scheduled for this next month, but get pretty depressed reading the stories on here.  So, I ignore it for the most part.

Title: Re: ACI surgery in 2 weeks
Post by: hathor65 on May 24, 2006, 11:07:09 AM
Hey Wyatt,

I too am a keen cyclist and now 24months post op left knee patella aci. I am only just back to racing but it took the last 9 months to get back into pre op shape (that includes the 3 months off I had for hitting the tarmac at 38mph in a sprint and breaking my collarbone just before Xmas)

I hit the same dilemma as you during the op stage and I think you need to be prepared to give up on the cardio for at least 9-12 months after the op which is when you can start riding with no or very little resistance on a stationary bike and building up over the following 6 months.

I took up weight training which is something I hadn't done before just to stop from going stir crazy. I worked on all my upper body only (which was well overdue anyway!!). The other 'low friction' cardio is working out on a Concept II rowing machine which I also used a lot in the stages where I could get leg bend but low quad strength...

Those are just my experiences but hope this helps a bit...good luck with the op.