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Title: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: willp on April 13, 2006, 04:26:27 PM
Hi everyone - I had an arthroscopy to remove a hardened Plica yesterday. After over a year of problems I feel a huge relief that my surgeon found something when he went into my knee, and (hopefully) look forward to a return to athletic activity.

I have an active job (TV director) which involves me being on my feet a lot. Has anyone got any tips on how long I might be off work for. I'm scheduled to have the next week off, but hope to return after that.....

Thanks for any advice,

Title: Re: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: UKPete on April 18, 2006, 06:13:14 PM
Hi Will

I had a plica removed in September 05.  Recovery was a lot slower than I'd expected.  I could walk  immediately after the operation without crutches but if I did anything more than minimal walking the knee would be sore.  It was about 8 weeks before I could go up and down stairs without inflaming the knee.  I could run again after 7 months.  From what I can see, recovery from plica surgery is hugely variable.  Some people seem to be back to sport in 6 weeks, others take much longer.  The depressing thing for me was that the recovery seemed so slow I wondered if I would ever get better - but it's fine now (touch wood).  Unfortunately I need the other knee doing as well.  In terms of rehab, the advice seems to be:

(1) Take it easy - the more you try to hurry the recovery, the longer it takes - try things but be prepared to take a step back if it aggravates the knee

(2) Good hands-on physio seems important to prevent the formation of scar tissue.

Good luck!

Title: Re: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: Tanya71 on April 20, 2006, 02:47:18 AM
hi will,

 i had a plica removed 2/8/06 - and a partial meniscectomy (25-30% removed of my medial meniscus) which was the main reason i had the arthroscopy in the first place. the plica was discovered during the arthroscopy. i was told that because of the plica removal, recovery would take longer  >:( i am a production director at an arts center and freelance lighting designer - i know about being on my feet like you  ;D

i developed tendonitis during PT and was backed off exercises for 2 weeks while receiving iontophoresis and ultrasound treatments. this has been pretty depressing considering i had been progressing really well. i hope that you can be more patient than i have been with PT and not push yourself. trust your PT and listen to your knee. we all heal differently and everyone heals on their own time. your knees take a beating every day - take care of them!!!

i would be curious to know if you are experiencing any pain under your kneecap and what your recovery is like. keep me posted!
Title: Re: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: stillhurting on April 20, 2006, 03:06:50 AM
I had a Plica removed amd partial Meniscus removal on  2-21-06. I just recently started PT, the OS did not order PT until march 17th but it was not approved until march 30.  I have been going to pt since april 6th.  I still have alot of swelling and I am having medial burning. The pt says that the medial burning is not normal and feels that I should be improving by now.  I have learned alot from this forum and appreciate all of the advice that I have received.   Just remember that everyone is different.  I plan on continuing pt until they kick me out! I don't plan on giving up I want my knee back!!  Take care and good luck
Title: Re: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: lesleyjh on April 30, 2006, 07:31:41 PM
Hi, I had a plica removed last monday. I had an arthroscopy as the os thought i had a meniscus tear, he found the plica instead and removed it. I didnt expect it to be so painful.I was told a week to recover, but as today is day 6,I think it will be longer. It seems worse today, not sure if the pain is from before the op or because of the op.Hope your recovery continues. Good luck. Lesley
Title: Re: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: stillhurting on April 30, 2006, 08:33:02 PM
I was just released from pt. I have had absolutely no improvement still very swollen in my knee,leg and foot.  My knee and leg are very shiny and has a purplish red color to it, I have alot of burning pain on the medial side and front of my leg.  The pt mentioned that horrid word RSD!  I am to see my os tomorrow hopefully to get some answers. 

I wanted to apologize for my previous confusing posts concerning my surgery date. I had plica removed and a partial meniscus removal on 2-21-06. The pt feels that I should have improved by now I cannot bend my leg it is as though it is locked and I have had a catching sensation in it.  The pt also said that I definitely have an inflamed knee so maybe the os will just put me on some anti-inflamitory meds. I have researched this RSD a little and from what I have read it is a condition that is extremely painful and does not go away. I am trying to keep a positive outlook but sitting here watching my little girl learn to ride her bike and knowing that I may not be able to ever ride with her is so depressing.  I will post more after my os appt.

Hoping everyone is having a great afternoon
(here in wv we are enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon)
Title: Re: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: willp on June 06, 2006, 03:54:43 PM
Hey there,

Thanks to everyone who replied....I'm encouraged that the rates of recovery time seem to vary for everyone. I'm 8 weeks post op now, and I have to say I'm experiencing little improvement.

I am on my feet and walking, but I still have a lot of stiffness, aching on the inside of my knee and also on the outside left just beneath my kneecap. I live on a 6th floor walkup in NYC, so I'm not sure what impact that's having on things. My knee is also very hot to the touch most of the time.

My OS hasn't recommended PT. He just said "You're active, you'll be fine". I've been following a pretty dedicated quad building programme on my own, and seen my old PT a couple of times to get a workout programme, but I kind of feel that that I should have been given more guidance and also that I was led  to believe that this was much more minor surgery than it's turned out to be. The reason i had my surgery in April was so that I could have "an active summer". I had plans to do a sprint triathlon in August, but that's clearly not going to happen.

I hope you're all feeling better and that you don't have RSD, 'stillhurting'. Thanks for all your replies.
Title: Re: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: stillhurting on June 09, 2006, 08:21:32 PM
Thanks Willp for the concern,  unfortunately my os has said that he believes I have rsd and is going to refer me to a neurologist.
Does anyone know what I can expect on my first visit?

Thanks so much to everyone for their advice and support:)

Title: Re: Plica removal recovery time....
Post by: Cindysphynx on June 10, 2006, 01:24:57 AM
I had a partial menisectomy and plica removal in Sept. 2005, so it's been 9 months.  I gingerly returned to sports after about 2 months and developed chondromalacia patella.  More PT and things seem to be OK now.  I run and play tennis pretty much daily.  I'll get a mild burning sometimes, but nothing lasting.  (I need to pull out my foam roller and do some stretching to make sure I'm still tracking OK.)

Hang in there, and try not to rush.  There will probably be setbacks, but my knee has settled down to something I can live with, definitely.