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Title: Detached fragment of bone/cartillage
Post by: rkgirl on April 07, 2003, 04:38:13 PM
Hi I've had knee problems for about 6 years now. It started with a sharp pain at the back of my knee when I was going down some steps. The pain and stiffness settled down after rest and slowly seemed to get better. But every few months I still get a sharp pain in that place out of the blue. Its usually when I've gone down some stairs or walked a bit more than usual. I do not play sport so I am confused as to how my injury occurred. The pain is very very sharp and almost makes me jump. Has anyone else experienced this?

A few weeks ago I felt this same pain but my leg also froze in the straight position and swelled up. This had never happed before. After a few days I was able to bend it again. I have had an x-ray and seen an OS. He says I have a detached peice of bone/cartillage (not sure what) which is floating around, and getting stuck in the joint. He wants me to have an anthroscopy.

If anyone can help me with the following questions I would really appreciate it:
1. What is the recovery time after an anthroscopy?
2. Is it successful? I am scared because other people seem to have had this procedure more that one time, and I am also scared about it causing more problems e.g early onset of arthritis.
3. Has anyone else had this.

My email is [email protected] if you would prefer to reply that way.

Thankyou and hope my message wasn't too boring!

Title: Re: Detached fragment of bone/cartillage
Post by: Shazinoz on April 08, 2003, 01:27:50 PM
hey rkgirl,
Welcome to  knee geeks.
On your questions, as far as my experience has been
1. the recovery time depends on what they actually do while they are in there and how muach trauma they create while doing it
2. Is is sucessful, again this depends on what is being done and what they find while in there and also what they are able to do about it while in there. (they may plan to go in there to remove this "loose body" and when in there find out they need to clean up some bone and cartliage and repair ligamant damage (who knows, and a lot of tiomes not even the OS will know unilt they look) as to why some people seem to have had multiple "scopes" (me included) you must realise that "scopes" are used as a diagnosic tool (like an X-Ray or MRI, only more invasive) as well as a minor surgical tool to repair damage etc, so people with long term knee problems, those who play high impact sports or those like me who are VERY accident prone.
3. has anyone had what????? early onset Arthritis or multiple scopes or your specific injury????
I know this sin't a whole lot of help but I hope it does give you something to think about and maybe help to alay some fears (I hope), I have had about 4 "scopes" on my left knee (+ 2 ACL reconstructions) and 2 scopes on my shoulder as well. I would definately have futher scopes if they were deemed necessary to fix or diagnose a problem.
AS to your message being "boring" NO Way, and there is no such thing as a dumb question either so ask ANYTHING even down to how to get undies on when in a knee immobiliser or ANYTHING at all, I am sure that someone on here has been through it before, knows of someone who has been through it or has immagination on ways to think of trying to do "ODD" things  ;D